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What is Inspire for sleep apnea? What to know about the new treatment

Around 22 million Americans have sleep apnea. Traditional continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machines can be loud, uncomfortable, and have a pesky mask and hose attached to the device. For some, sleeping with a CPAP machine is impossible. Despite seeming like a minor annoyance that might keep your partner up at night, there are several serious side effects of sleep apnea if left untreated, including high blood pressure, strokes and heart issues.
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How To Keep A Student’s Sleep Regime Organized

Have you adapted to the endless school week? Have you resigned yourself to completing a million things before the weekend and switched to autopilot mode? Lunch on time? Do you exercise? What about sleep?. Tired from your worries and lack of sleep, your body is weakening by leaps and bounds....
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Earlier Bedtimes for Your Tweens? Inadequate Sleep Is Bad for Preteens' Brains, Study Says

They may be a big kid, but they still need more hours of sleep than you think. When we talk about sleep and kids, usually we’re focused on the sleep routines of babies and toddlers. However, a new study reveals that it’s time to get our tweens on a better sleep schedule because when they aren’t getting enough sleep– it’s more than just being grumpy and tired the next day. Your tween’s growing brain is greatly affected by not getting enough sleep and this could lead to issues well into adulthood.

Top 10 Best programmable humidifier Reviews

Smart & Large: Ultrasonic cool and warm (up to 140°F!) mist vaporizer for bedroom & essential oil diffuser. The 4L water tank works for big rooms up to 300 sq ft and ensures 20H of humidifying. 3 types of humidity control: auto mode, constant humidity & 3 speed levels (Hi/Med./Low) deliver the desired air quality in your room or office. Adjust the optimal humidity level between 40% to 90%RH. The 8H timer and an auto shut off allow you to save energy when you are not at home.

Biological Rhythms Outweigh Sleep Quantity Changes in Peripartum Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms

A recent study found an association between biological rhythms affecting sleep late in pregnancy and postpartum and depressive or anxiety symptoms. During the peripartum period—the 3-month period before and after giving birth—anxiety and depression can lead to lower quality of life for mothers. A recent study connected peripartum depression and anxiety to changes in sleep and biological rhythms in late pregnancy and postpartum.

5 Best Sleep Clinics in Portland, OR

Below is a list of the top and leading Sleep Clinics in Portland. To help you find the best Sleep Clinics located near you in Portland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list. Contents hide. Portland’s Best Sleep Clinics:. Portland’s Best Sleep Clinics:

How does PEMF therapy help in managing sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders contain a large group of conditions that affect the ability of an individual to sleep well. Various factors are responsible to cause sleep disorders in an individual. Men, as well as women, face this type of difficulty. Mostly, an individual faces a sleep disorder due to hectic schedules, stress, and certain outsider influences.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Shows Minimal Benefit in Elders With OSA

After adjusting for baseline scores, no significant correlation emerged between the changes on Epworth Sleepiness Scale and the number of hours of CPAP use. Post hoc data from 2 open-label, multicenter clinical trials showed that individuals with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) aged at least 70 years old had low adherence to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) with limited treatment effects observed. Investigators concluded that the findings do not support the use of CPAP in this age population.1.

Utterly Ridiculous “Study” Claims Minnesotans Get the Most Sleep

A recent study of Twitter trends claims that the average Minnesotan gets 8 hours 54 minutes of sleep every night -- more than any other state. There are certain studies that -- to be frank -- smell like a pile of s***. Like this one claiming that Minnesota's most popular Christmas cookie is a gluten-free Christmas cookie (seriously?). Or this study claiming that Minnesota's favorite holiday movie is Jingle All the Way (just because it's set in Minnesota doesn't mean it's our favorite holiday movie). Or this study claiming that Minnesota's favorite "trashy beer" is Coors Light (ever hear of Busch?). Or this study claiming that Minnesota eats less ice cream than every other state (analyzing how often we visit an ice cream venue is not an accurate study).

International Flavors & Fragrances $IFF Stock Gets Buy Ratings, Icahn Stake

On January 25, 2022, Stifel analyst Mark Astrachan upgraded IFF (IFF) to Buy from Hold with a price target of $160, up from $155. The analyst sees the company’s sales growth ahead of its peers for the first time since Q2 of 2021 and continuing during 2022. IFF’s recent appointment of Frank Clyburn as CEO – a former Merck (MRK) executive with P&L responsibility for about 90% of company sales – should also help to improve consistency of currency-neutral sales growth, Astrachan tells investors in a research note.

Good Sleep In Reality May Be All In Your Head

Scientists are finding that specific cells in mice’s brains may eventually enhance the quality of human sleep – especially for individuals who suffer from sleep problems. Dr. Seth Blackshaw of Johns Hopkins University identified cells that produce a gene called Lhx6 that is active only during sleep while working with mice.
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Future Opportunities Using One-Nightly Sodium Oxybate for Narcolepsy Treatment

Clete Kushida, MD, PhD: So, Lois, what do you think are some important next steps?. Lois E. Krahn, MD: Well, I really appreciate having this evidence to incorporate into my clinical practice. There are a number of new medications for the treatment of narcolepsy, and this will give me the opportunity to understand what my patients needs are, and then to select a medication that best reflects their needs. And for this medication, I do think that the once-a-night dosing is going to be something welcomed by many patients and their families. So just having more choices is very welcome. Now we have the opportunity to clarify in the clinical practice setting which medications are best for which patients. I do want to say 1 other thing that was pointed out in this paper, which I think is good practice for patients with any type of sleep problem. In order to help a person not have enuresis, remind them to be careful about their fluid intake at bedtime, and to empty their bladder before they go to bed is a good practice. I encourage that for patients with a variety of sleep disorders, but that was 1 point made in this paper to help with the side effects of enuresis that I will also pass on to all my patients with sleep disorders, but especially those on oxybate therapy.