Animus: Revenant is a Souls-Like Slasher, Out Now for Android

If you’re looking for a deep and gloomy action RPG that’s going to challenge you at every turn, then you could do a lot worse than checking out Animus: Revenant. It’s the third game in the Animus series, following in the footsteps of Stand Alone and Harbinger. There’s a story about blood and memories and ancient curses pushing things along.
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David Cronenberg Discusses His Newest Onscreen Role In “Slasher: Flesh & Blood”

‘s SLASHER is returning to Canadian screens this month with FLESH & BLOOD, starring legendary director David Cronenberg as a wealthy patriarch who pits his family against each other in a cruel game of life and death as they’re stalked by a mysterious masked killer. The eight episode event series features cast members from previous installments including Paula Brancati, Jefferson Brown, Patrice Goodman, Sabrina Grdevich, and Christopher Jacot. Alongside Cronenberg, new additions to the cast include Rachael Crawford (Heartland), Jeananne Goossen (The Walking Dead), Sydney Meyer (Departure) and Alex Ozerov (The Americans). Rue Morgue caught up with the “King of Venereal Horror” to discuss his surprisingly lengthy onscreen resume, what he learned working under COVID protocols, and how SLASHER: FLESH & BLOOD puts some meat on the titular subgenera’s bones.

4 Year Old: “I Love You Michael Meyers”

Hmm. I’m wondering how popular it is to have Michael Meyers make an appearance at your preschool age child’s birthday party. Well here’s proof that only an innocent child can see the best in everyone. Since his first appearance in the "Halloween" slasher films beginning in 1978, Michael Myers has...
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Fantastic Fest 2021 Review: THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE sleekly updates the 90’s slasher template

Everyone’s after original content these days, and Netflix in particular seems to be cultivating a horror content niche. After the huge success of Stranger Things, the streaming giant has gone all-in on the concept, from in-house originals like Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting Of series, to acquisitions like Fear Street trilogy, the upcoming K-horror Hellbound, and more.

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Review: Netflix Slasher Attempts to Put a New Face on Fear

The someone’s coming from inside the house in Netflix’s latest horror offering, a masked-killer slasher with a clever enough twist: said killer’s masks are crafted to resemble each victim’s face. Based on Stephanie Perkins’ novel of the same name and counting Shawn Levy (“Stranger Things”) and James Wan (“The Conjuring,” “Malignant”) among its producers, Patrick Brice’s “There’s Someone Inside Your House” stands alongside fellow Netflix release “Fear Street” and the small-screen version of “Scream” as successful, if minor, entries in a genre still trying to re-create the phenomenon of its 1980s heyday.

Bizzare 'Lone Wolf' promises fursuit slasher/sewing action

If you felt fursuit drama Bitter Lake lacked action, or were looking for more of a horror vibe, High Octane Pictures' Lone Wolf may be the pre-Halloween therian fursuit slasher flick for you. Charlie, a professional cosplayer that specializes in dressing up in Furry Animal costumes decides to go to...

There's Someone Inside Your House Review: A Slasher For A New Generation

After the smashing success of the "Fear Street" trilogy, Netflix continues its train of slasher films for today's young adult audiences with the gory teen scream "There's Someone Inside Your House." Based on Stephanie Perkins' romance-with-a-sprinkle-of-murder novel of the same name, "There's Someone Inside Your House" just celebrated its premiere at Fantastic Fest. Taking inspiration from '90s and '00s slasher films and combining them with the sensibilities of today's more socially conscious youth, "There's Someone Inside Your House" is an advantageous slasher perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.

Fantastic Fest 2021 Review: THERE'S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, A Slasher with Smarts

Secrets. We all have them. To keep them safe, we hide them behind masks to appear “socially acceptable”. There’s Someone Inside Your House from Creep director, Patrick Brice explores this idea under the clever guise of a 1980’s style slasher. We recognize this familiar and comfortable territory immediately in the opening sequence of the film when hot shot Osborne High School football star, Jackson Pace (Markian Tarasiuk) is being terrorized by an unknown intruder in his home.

There’s Someone Inside Your House: Spoiler-free review of Netflix’s latest teen slasher

Netflix seems to have cornered the market on teen slashers with the recent Fear Street trilogy, and now There’s Someone Inside Your House, both based on popular books. There’s Someone Inside Your House is adapted from the book of the same name by Stephanie Perkins. The new flick is a humorous and somewhat self-aware slasher with a vicious streak, resulting in a few surprisingly bloody and inventive kills.

Fantastic Fest 2021: ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ screams Wes Craven as the teenage slasher flick makes a comeback

Stephanie Perkins YA novel comes to life with the new Netflix adaptation of “There’s Someone Inside Your House” which just debuted at Fantastic Fest 2021. Sydney Park (“The Walking Dead”) plays Makani Young, a high school senior who just moved from Hawaii to a small town in Nebraska to live with her grandmother. As graduation looms around the corner, a serial killer runs rampant exposing each victim’s dark secret to the community in this fresh take on the 90’s teen slasher “Scream.” A talented young cast, a corn maze, and bloody chills make this the perfect fall flick to get you in that Halloween spirit.