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Rob De Luca Calls SEBASTIAN BACH ‘One Of The Best Live Performer’; Wants To See Him Back In SKID ROW

In a recent conversation with Chuck Shute, UFO, Spread Eagle and Skid Row’s bassist Rob De Luca talked about Sebastian Bach and shared his opinion regarding the singer. “He’s just the way he is. He’s intense. He wears everything on his sleeve. [If] He’s, really into something, he’s very passionate about it. And, if he’s not, he’s very clear about that. But he also has a lot of energy.

Skid Row community members devastated after LA's homeless shelter ordinance was shot down by appeals court

LOS ANGELES - This would have been a billion-dollar effort to put people on the streets and in tents into shelters and housing along Los Angeles’ Skid Row. That, in response, to a lawsuit filed by the LA Alliance for Human Rights. But, now all of that has changed. That housing was a dream of single mom Ashley. She asked we not give her last name.

U.S. Court Order to Homeless LA Skid Row Overturned

Los Angeles – Thursday’s 9th U.S. Court of Appeals overturns a radical order by a federal judge that demanded that the city and county of Los Angeles quickly find shelter for all homeless people living in downtown Skid Row. bottom. The Court of Appeals has found a widespread error by...

Popular 80s Band Vandelyn Kross Ready to Part This Weekend at Fall Fest

Vandelyn Kross, a popular 80s cover band, will take the stage on Saturday for Concordia's Fall Fest Celebration. This free event will begin at 8 pm at the Broadway Plaza in downtown Concordia, part of the 2nd Annual Concordia High School All-Class Reunion. Several alumni groups have announced plans to attend this weekend's event, including the graduating classes of 1975, 1980, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006.

Appeals court reverses order requiring LA to house all of Skid Row’s homeless

An appeals court reversed a lower court judge’s order from April that required Los Angeles to house all of Skid Row’s homeless by the fall. The appeals panel said in an opinion issued Thursday that District Court Judge David O. Carter’s “order was largely based on unpled claims and theories,” according to the Los Angeles Daily News.