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'Single All the Way' is a necessary queer fantasy

Washington (CNN) — A version of this story appeared in CNN's Race Deconstructed newsletter. To get it in your inbox every week, sign up for free here. The excitement for Netflix's first gay holiday-themed romantic comedy has focused largely on its radical joy. "Single All the Way" is, in crucial...
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Inside Single All the Way's magical ending

Warning: This article includes spoilers about the Netflix holiday film Single All the Way. Single All the Way's heartwarming ending was always the plan. Nick (Philemon Chambers) gifts Peter (Michael Urie) the plant store he's always dreamed of before the pair share I love you's and decide to leave L.A. for New Hampshire. Writer Chad Hodge shares that Peter's love of plants was inspired by his fiancé, whom he started dating around the time he began writing Single All the Way.
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‘Single All the Way’ review: Warmed over holiday movie tropes with a twist are still warmed over holiday movie tropes

Maybe it’s meaningful that straight people don’t have a lock on pleasantly dull holiday movies. I’m kind of serious when I say that! The freedom to be mediocre is underrated. And the warmed-over tropes in Netflix’s “Single All the Way” have the right kind of coziness to them, in this story about two guys who realize they’re in love. A subpar script shouldn’t really matter when we’re talking ...

‘Single All the Way’ Makes the Yuletide Gay in Netflix’s Cheesy Holiday Rom-com

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a gay man in possession of a television in December, must be in want of a cheesy Christmas movie. Whether cinephile, theater lover, or “Drag Race” connoisseur, everyone enjoys something silly to half watch while wrapping presents — and no gay can resist the divine decadence that is Jennifer Coolidge. Enter “Single All the Way,” a cheesy new holiday rom-com debuting on Netflix. Gayness isn’t some problem to be concealed, fretted about, or made fun of here, it’s merely part of the given circumstances. Nor is gayness window dressing, cliche-ridden, or milked...

‘Single All the Way’

Cancel all your plans because you are staying in tonight and watching the best holiday romcom of 2021: Single All the Way on Netflix. Michael Urie stars as a guy who’s totally unlucky in love—so unlucky that he convinces his roommate Nick (Philemon Chambers) to spend the holidays with his family just to get them off his back about not having a boyfriend. This being a Christmas movie, you know that plan falls apart fast leading to a whole lot of holiday hijinks! This movie has everything you want from one of these movies: it’s legitimately funny, legitimately romantic, and it gives icons Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Coolidge a whole lot of screen time to do what they do best. This movie is a straight-up Christmas miracle.

Next Big Thing: Philemon Chambers on Starring as First Black Actor in an LGBTQ Christmas Rom-Com

It didn’t unfold at a counter at Schwab’s Pharmacy, but Philemon Chambers has a seemingly-out-of-nowhere discovery story, too. Chambers (his first name is pronounced “phil-LEE-mun”), 27, had been struggling to make it as an actor since 13, with only a few small roles on TV series like Criminal Minds and All Rise on his résumé. But in late 2020, after surviving a nasty bout of COVID-19, Chambers stumbled upon an opportunity to audition for a Netflix Christmas movie called Single All the Way. “Two weeks after I got better from COVID, that’s when the audition came,” he says. “And I remember having this...

You'll Want to Get Familiar With Philemon Chambers, aka Nick in Netflix's Single All the Way

Philemon Chambers is making history with his first feature film debut in Netflix's Single All the Way. The film, which premiered on Dec. 2, is the streamer's first gay holiday rom-com. Philemon plays the role of Nick, who's best friends with Michael Urie's character Peter. The two go home to visit Peter's family for the holidays and try to pretend to be a couple to keep his family off his back, but eventually, they find themselves stuck in a tricky love triangle.

What to Watch Thursday: ‘Annie’ is live on NBC and a new Christmas movie on Netflix

Single All the Way (Netflix) - In this new Netflix original movie, Peter (Michael Urie) is desperate to avoid his family’s judgment about his perpetual single status, so he convinces his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to join him for the holidays and pretend that they’re now in a relationship. But when Peter’s mother (Kathy Najimy) sets him up on a blind date with her handsome trainer James (Luke Macfarlane), the plan goes awry. This instant classic also stars Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Sandy.

Houston Native Michael Urie Stars in Netflix’s New LGBTQ Holiday Film

Some of us first fell in love with Houston native Michael Urie when he played the lead character in Brian Sloan’s movie adaptation of his play WTC View, about a gay man’s search for a roommate in the wake of 9/11. Many others first laid eyes on him in the popular ABC sitcom Ugly Betty in which he played Marc, the put-upon assistant to fashion magazine creative director Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams).