Tamarya Sims Is on a Quest for Land

Sims (she/they) is a Black farmer, ecologist, and land steward whose dream is to acquire farmland where “folks can come to heal and learn without judgment.” When they’re not helping manage ecosystems at the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy and teaching at their 140-acre Community Farm, Sims stewards their own LLC, Soulfull Simone Farm. In a backyard space smaller than a soccer field, they grow flowers for their local community-supported agriculture program and a formidable collection of herbs that they process and sell for medicinal purposes. Yarrow, motherwort, hibiscus—everything they’ve cultivated has come from a place of reclamation and healing. Right now Sims is leasing their land, but they hope one day to acquire 60 acres. To achieve that goal debt-free, Sims is pursuing alternative methods of raising capital, ones that rely on community and reciprocity, like a GoFundMe.
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The Sims 4 Update Shall Renovate Several Popular Non-Playable Characters

Electronic Arts recently unveiled the initial concept images put together for a bunch of Sims 4 non-playable characters (NPCs) that will be renovated and presented in a new avatar in the near future. For the uninitiated, NPCs are those characters that a player cannot engage with during the initial portions...
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Workz Launches New Biodegradable SIM Card 'EcoSIM'

SIM card provider, Workz, has introduced a new biodegradable SIM card to its product range to help mobile network operators reduce their environmental footprint. The SIM card, titled EcoSIM, completely biodegrades at the end of its usable life, either in landfill or compost conditions eliminating its plastic waste. Workz is...

Workz launches eSIM cloud

Dubai. 29 November 2021 – IoT solutions provider Workz has expanded its eSIM subscription management solution to offer a GSMA certified cloud-based platform in the US. The platform, which is certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) and hosted at Microsoft Azure’s Virginia, USA site enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to remotely manage consumer and M2M/IoT devices.

How many people are using SIM from ID card, find out from this website

Many times it also happens that we do not even know how many SIMs have been issued from our Aadhaar Card. It can be traced. learn how. SIM is also issued to people through Aadhaar Card. Many times it also happens that we do not even know how many SIMs have been issued from our Aadhaar Card. It can be traced. For this you can take help of a website of Department of Telecommunication.

Europe’s largest independent IoT connectivity company, Wireless Logic, acquires Nordic cellular IoT SIM partner Arkessa

The Arkessa brand will now benefit from its parent company’s relationship with more than 750 mobile networks and 8 million SIM subscriptions across the globe, plus even more seamless single-platform interoperability, roaming, billing, and services management. Nordic Semiconductor today announces that one of its nRF9160 System-in-Package (SiP) cellular IoT connectivity...

Tamaria Sims wants land

Sims is based in Asheville, North Carolina for land construction. Rooted in the land of the eastern Cherokee band and the Uchi ancestors, Asheville, as local historian Roy Harris says, embodies “all the worst and all the best.” Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains countryside, Asheville has attracted more than 10,000 people in the last decade, following the urban redevelopment movement that began in the 1960s, and is almost monopolized, like many in the country. Eradicated the black and brown areas. .. The movement demanded 500 acres of urban land and moved the once bustling community to public housing. In the color community, local businesses, grocery stores and primary schools have been closed in areas with gentrification.

Starbucks exec joins the board of video game company EA

Video game and digital interactive entertainment company Electronic Arts Inc. has appointed Starbucks executive Rachel Gonzalez to its board of directors. She also will serve on EA’s nominating and governance committee. Gonzalez is executive vice president, general counsel for Starbucks Coffee Company, where she oversees legal and regulatory affairs, global...


Where: The Ellen Stewart Theatre, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. Why: Conceptual artist and activist John Sims has been working on the multimedia project Recoloration Proclamation for two decades; it is now ready to be unveiled at La Mama, where the Detroit native is the 2021 artist-in-residence. From December 1 to 5, Sims will present six programs hitting on topical issues involving race, slavery, the Confederacy, police brutality, and inequalities that came to light during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Molly Sims in Bathing Suit Says Hi From "Paradise"

Model and lifestyle maven Molly Sims is no stranger to showing off her incredible figure. One of Sims' most recent photos is another incredible photo. Sims posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit in Miami, with the caption: "Blending in quite nicely. I will miss this slice of paradise." Read on to see 5 ways Molly Sims stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!

The construction of the Palace of Versailles by a Sims 4 player took an entire year

It took a Sims 4 player a year to complete his or her incredible reproduction of the Palace of Versailles, which he or she posted on Reddit with the rest of the world. This week, a Sims 4 user released a work of enormous proportions: a reproduction of the Palace of Versailles that took more than a year to complete and depicts the entirety of the famed French royal residence.

How to Install Mods

The Sims 4 has many unofficial mods and Custom Content that you can install to expand upon or improve gameplay, such as texture mods, new hairstyles and eye colors, custom houses, and more. This page teaches you everything you need to know about How to Install Mods in TS4 and where to find CC on PC and Mac.

2021 ‘ASTORS’ Award Winners & 9/11 Spec Guests Honored (Part 4 SI-Gvt)

The 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon was an exclusive event featuring two hundred representatives of law enforcement, public safety, and top industry leaders who came together to honor the selfless service of those who stand on the front lines, and those who stand beside them – providing the capabilities and technologies to create a safer world for generations to come. (Continued)

The Sims 4: How To get A Loft

Searches continue to occur in The Sims 4 and this makes it necessary to explain how to get a loft. This game has for us things to do in such a way that today it is necessary to know how to get a loft, only that before fully entering into it we must consider that these are nothing more than raised rooms, these are a kind of open space, In addition, we are allowed to build them, it is a task that is usually quite easy and that in one way or another it is necessary to manufacture it, this is nothing more than a tiny house option that has the quality of saving space.
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Michigan health, business leaders closely tracking new COVID variant

Michigan health and business leaders are closely tracking a new variant of COVID-19 and concerns over its potential to spread have state officials renewing their calls for precautions. Although there is "no evidence at this time" it is in Michigan, said Dr. Matthew Sims, director of infectious disease research for...

Data Manager - West London - starting January

Responsible for the Efficient Leadership, Development, Management and organisation of School Data. · Carryout thorough in depth analysis throughout the year of data(Using resources such as SIMS analyse school performance , FFT , ALPS , DfE tablechecking , ShowMyhomework, internal assessments and associated external and internal systems)and present findings to senior leaders and teaching staff in a Variety of Ways.

The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Xbox One Version Full Game Free Download

The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Xbox One Version Full Game Free Download. Make the most of the year-round climate, from the white snow to unbearable heat. All worlds are affected by seasons in unique ways. Create a winter story with ice skating, make friends with a magical scarecrow in the fall harvest, date in the spring rain or have a summer party at the pool.

Blake Sims signs autographs for loyal fans in Athens

For some Alabama players, the love is never lost. That is the case for former SEC champion starting quarterback Blake Sims, who took the reins of the Tide's offense in 2014, leading Bama to a College Football Playoff berth in its first year of existence. Sims stopped by in Athens...