‘Strange Horticulture’ Uses Strange Plants to Guide its Story

Strange Horticulture tasks you with finding the herbal solutions to peoples’ problems. What plants and flowers you use can change where this tale goes, though. You’re a talented horticulturist in the town of Undermere. Which isn’t a bad place to be if you’re interested in odd flowers, plants, and mushrooms. There’s lots of wild growth in the surrounding area. The kind of stuff that can give you wild powers and have all manner of effects when used just right. You just need to be very careful with the stuff and what you do with it. You also need to be careful while poking around the woods for it, too, as there is an eerie occult mystery to this realm. The kind of mystery where bad things happen to the people seeking answers.
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Interview: Talking About Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s Jobs and Characters

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an unconventional sort of Final Fantasy spin-off, albeit one with familiar characters, jobs, and trappings. Moreover, it’s an action game coming with input from Team Ninja, who created the Nioh series. To help better understand how it came to be and works, Siliconera spoke with Director Daisuke Inoue and Producer Jin Fujiwara about the title.
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‘dweeMIXED: Thwee Pack’ – Solve Icy Mysteries & Turn Friends Into Food

DweeMIXED: Thwee Pack brings a variety of surreal experiences, letting you live life as a shoe, unfreeze a city, or work with pals to make a delicious edible being. The package upgrades several past games from developer magicdweedo, master of the hilariously absurd. The first one is Ticket, a game where you play as a shoe that isn’t going to take it any more. I guess the world is in trouble, and the best way to solve its problems is to step on turtles. Which seems to mean that the world is collapsing in a very specific, strange way. I’m not sure if the turtles are involved in this global collapse, or if a turtle sacrifice is required. Anyway, you’re an upset shoe and you will be stepping on a bunch of stuff.
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‘You Will (Not) Remain’ Hides From an Unsettling Doomsday

You Will (Not) Remain sees you hanging around an apartment complex with your strange, surreal dog as the world collapses into otherworldly ruin all around you. A vibrant horror fills the skies outside of your apartment complex. If you stay inside and keep anyone and anything from coming in, you should stay safe, though. But how safe do you feel when you can see that purple light creeping further and further throughout the city? When you look at the sprawling beast that grows near? When you can hear the walls of your own home whispering some strange things to you? It certainly doesn’t feel like anywhere is safe, but for now, your home will have to do. Lonely as it is.

Nintendo warns of fake websites selling discounted Switch consoles

Nintendo is warning online shoppers of fake websites selling discounted Switch consoles. In an update shared to Nintendo's Japanese website (thanks, Siliconera), Nintendo singles out one website in particular for reportedly using its iconic logo illegally and pretending to be official. The fake website has apparently been selling Nintendo products, like the best-selling Switch console, at "significantly discounted" prices. Nintendo doesn't link to the website or include any details about its URL or homepage other than the supposed infringements, instead sharing a link to the real Japanese Nintendo website.
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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fighting Game's Trailer Highlights Fights

Atlus began streaming on Thursday a new trailer for Arc System Works' Persona 4 Arena Ultimax fighting game on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam. The video highlights the game's fights. The game will launch on March 17. The release will feature the game's ver.2.50, which was an arcade...

‘Christmas Massacre’ Aims to Stealthily Slay All of the Naughty Folks

Christmas Massacre sees you going on a killing spree because your Christmas tree told you to. Just don’t get caught while you you’re doing it. I love that the Steam page for this game asks “But whose side is the tree really on?” As if a Christmas tree that tells you to kill people COULD be legit, but maybe something is off about this one. Anyway, your favorite holiday decoration wants you to go out and chop people’s necks off. Because they’re naughty. I guess you’re taking over for Krampus these days. At any rate, your character feels this is a perfectly legitimate request and sets off to start hacking folks to death. He’ll just need to be very careful about it, as the people in the game world don’t really appreciate your killer antics.

‘An Outcry’ – An Eerie Experience in Getting Locked Out

An Outcry sees you navigating a surreal night in your apartment complex after accidentally locking yourself out. At least there’s some talkative crows around. The Unnamed lives on the fourth floor of an apartment complex, simply trying to exist despite the challenges of poverty, anxiety, and most of all, their casually-hateful neighbors. When they get locked out one night, they’ll have to endure the nasty, cutting comments that seem to spill out of these folks’ mouths endlessly, all while they try to find a way to just get back into their place. Thankfully, the talking crows that hang out around this place seem pretty cool. I mean, they kill folks, but at least they don’t always say horrible things when they talk.

Naoki Yoshida: New Info Coming for Final Fantasy XIV in February That Will Lead Into Update 7.0

When it comes to Final Fantasy XIV, things have been pretty busy of late. But the team is still looking ahead and director and producer Naoki Yoshida is now hinting at what's to come. According to a new broadcast in Japanese, (as noted by Siliconera), new information will be coming late next month that will begin to set up future updates eventually leading to the release of Patch 7.0. That update has no approximate release date, but with the successful launch of Endwalker, FFXIV is definitely looking forward and bringing some of the expansion’s memorable characters with it.
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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Game's Overview Trailer Previews Environments, Captures

Nintendo began streaming an overview trailer and commercials for the Pokémon Legends: Arceus Nintendo Switch game on Friday. The video previews gameplay, including the environments, riding Pokémon, capturing Pokémon, and the Pokédex. Pokémon Legends: Arceus will launch worldwide for Switch on January 28. The game...
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E3 Game Show Cancels 2022 In-Person Event

2022 dates never announced for event usually held in LA weeks before Anime Expo. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced on Thursday that it has canceled this year's in-person E3 event due to "health risks surrounding" the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). In addition, entertainment news source IGN confirmed with the ESA on the same day that the trade association does not yet have plans for a digital/virtual event for E3.

The Breakers will share the universe with Xenoverse 2

The well-known franchise of Dragon ball, has already had several installments throughout its trajectory, many are the games that have been launched under its name throughout its years, where its main focus is usually fights. Act by which we find it difficult to think of a recent declaration of Bandai...

Hideo Kojima is working on two new video games | Gaming

Hideo Kojima claims to be working on two new games, one big and the other “challenging”, as well as wanting to break into the entertainment industry. Hideo kojima is working on two new video games, and although we have to wait to see them, he has already given some clues. Has been in Famitsu, a Japanese video game outlet that has interviewed many Japanese creators, including the creator of Metal Gear and Death stranding.
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[UPDATE] Hideo Kojima Hints At Working On Two Upcoming Games

Hideo Kojima ended up tweeting his 2022 plans a week after the release of the Famitsu's New Year's ambitions feature, only this time he's clarified some of what he may be working on. Kojima Tweeted this on January 1, saying, "This year, I'm going to start a new work in earnest, and move to the next level of experimentation with a radical project. I'm also hoping to get the video team going. And I may start doing something like a radio project?"

Masahiro Sakurai reaffirms that it might be better to forget about him for a while

Masahiro Sakurai recently participated in a quick interview where he was asked a few questions by 4Gamer. Translations of what was said have been provided by Kody NOKOLO. It's not too surprising to hear that it might be a while before we hear about Sakurai's next project. Sakurai even seems to suggest that it might be better for fans to just forget about him for the time being.

Siliconera’s Most Anticipated Games of 2022

It’s a fresh new year, full of promise! But what are the most anticipated games of 2022? The Siliconera staff made their picks below. Share yours in the comments!. When Square Enix unveiled Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin? It didn’t interest me at all. While Team Ninja’s involvement had piqued my curiosity, the initial trailer had me feeling lukewarm. Now my opinion has completely shifted on the game after seeing a clip on Twitter regarding the second demo that released during Tokyo Game Show 2021.