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Rotimi Releases New Visual For “Don’t You Ever”

Singer/songwriter Rotimi takes viewers back to the 1960’s on a Martha’s Vineyard passage along the Atlantic sea in his latest visuals “Don’t You Ever.”. Coming off the success of his debut album All Or Nothing, the multi-talented creator is bringing back his signature visuals that highlight the beauty of women and love. Directed by Damian Fyfee, the music video begins with an aged Rotimi sharing with his grandson the story of the moment he fell in love with his grandmother. Featuring captivating visuals of the Atlantic sea and a sailing yacht, the “Don’t You Ever” visuals will have viewers wishing they can also go coasting with their significant other as summer turns to fall.
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5 Patterns to Knit for Your Significant Other

If you knit for any length of time, you will run across the curse of the boyfriend sweater. Also known as the sweater curse, the superstition runs that after you give your significant other a sweater (or during the knitting of it), your relationship will end. Although I’ve never had this happen to me, I have never knitted my husband a sweater. I have, however, knit him many other items, such as the scarf below.

Build Your Own Proposal – San Francisco

Are you on a time crunch but still hoping to give your significant other the proposal of their dreams? We are so excited to announce the launch of our Build Your Own Proposal Packages in select cities! After all, San Francisco is a city for lovers- so what better place to get started with these packages than with an iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background?

These Splurge-Worthy Hoodies Will Ease You Into Fall With Style

Don't keep stealing your significant other's hoodies - it's time to buy a comfy new one of your own this fall. Hoodie season is right around the corner, and with the athleisure trend still in full force, this transitional piece is as much of a wardrobe staple as ever. You can cozy...

Significant Other glides through quiet streets in Pendant

An eerie snapshot of New York City under lockdown, as well as a prescient reminder of the absence so many still live with. During the early stages of the pandemic, producer and sound artist Significant Other found himself taking to the empty streets of his base of operations in Brooklyn, New York in an attempt to combat the intense loneliness of those first terrifying months of extreme isolation. “As a respite from being alone in the house, biking became a nightly ritual,” he explains. “I started to film some of the rides, it seemed worth documenting – I had never experienced the streets so empty and on edge.” It was from this documentation that became the inspiration for artist mon in creating the visual accompaniment to ‘Pendant’, a track taken from Residuum, his forthcoming album for DJ Lyster’s consistently brilliant YOUTH imprint. Combining this footage with video taken during the morning after the first CLUB NIGHT CLUB event that took place after the pandemic, a party that the artist runs along side Only Child, the video zeroes in on a tangible sense of loneliness that pervades the melancholy, reverb-heavy loops of ‘Pendant’.

Here's What to Expect When You Go on Vacation With Your Significant Other's Family

Meeting your significant other's family for the first time is no easy feat, but once it's over and done with, the rest is a breeze. After getting over the initial awkwardness, you finally have the opportunity to get to know them. And if all goes well, they'll like you and your charming personality. From birthday dinners to holidays, and sporting events to beach days, there will be plenty of face time with your partner's fam. If the chance has arisen to go on a family vacation with them, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Keep scrolling to find out what to expect when you go on vacation with your S.O.'s family.

How to Work at Home with Your Significant Other According to Relationship Therapists

In the past two years, many couples have had to quickly navigate becoming co-workers. Now, this is not ideal for many reasons, but today on the blog we are focusing on how to move forward. If you find yourself still sharing a workspace with your partner, then this is for you! We have enlisted help from relationship therapist Elizabeth Wellington, and we have to say her tips do not disappoint. So, without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s how to work at home with your significant other!

How often would you prefer your current/future significant other wait on you hand/foot?

I think once in a while is okay. But other than that, don’t bother me daammit 😂 I always witness my grandpa expecting my grandma to bring him his plate of breakfast/dinner, etc. She cusses the mf out but then gives in and does it anyways. She’s a better wife then I’d be cause Nahh, that doesn't fly with Desi. He tried that shit a lot with me, and I’d always respond “Does it look like I’m headed to the kitchen? I love you but I’m not ya wife.” Plus, if you bring him his food he goes “Wait, you forgot the fork, spoon, knife, napkin, salt, pepper, soda, ketchup, mayo, etc.” He does this no matter who’s house he’s at, no matter what he's eating. So whenever I’m the one in the kitchen, the fam would try to tell me, “Fix your grandpas plate.” Lmao i do not know how to fix a plate for a man y'all. I either put too much or not enough. So yea, if I’m in the kitchen atm, i’d fix his plate. Then i’d walkout, sitdown and eat my own plate. About 5 minutes in, I’d say, “PawPaw your plate is in the microwave, you can go get it.” Lmao this boy ain't bout to play waittress with me. Gotta set that azz straight 🤣 #FeelFreeToList.