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Natural Sightings: The buck stopped here

Patrick Nance took this photo behind his house in Stallion Springs of a California Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus californicus) buck laying in the shade. At the time this photo was taken on Sept. 13, this buck still had some velvet left on his antlers. This is the fuzzy, vascular-rich tissue that helps their antlers grow so fast. In late summer and early autumn when the antlers are done growing, the velvet grows thin and dries out, and the buck removes it from his now-hardened antlers by rubbing and polishing his rack against trees and shrubs.
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Fox sightings alarm Warren residents

A few weeks ago, residents in the Warren neighborhood near Cousino High School began reporting sightings of a strange looking hairless animal. One morning, a resident discovered the same unusual beast sleeping in their backyard doghouse. Pictures and video posted to the Warren and Center Line Residents Facebook page were...
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Social Sightings: Crowds Show After Viral TikTok and More

Monday mornings are tough. But this new series isn't. Social Sightings is your quick look at interesting food tidbits that we've spotted recently. It goes down as easy as your first cup of coffee, and should whet your appetite for the week ahead. After a Vietnamese Cajun seafood restaurant in...
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411 'paranormal sightings' reported in Suffolk

With Halloween just around the corner, new figures have shown that people experience high levels of paranormal activity in Suffolk. Data by showed there were 411 instances of paranormal sightings in Suffolk, placing it 8th nationally in the rankings. Essex also ranked highly in fourth position with 499 sightings.

Sightings — Oct. 17

Pickings are slim in the fall when all the young birds are going off on their own, trying to learn how to find food. This juvenile turkey vulture was doing his best to fend off some crows that kept swooping in at his meal. As he turned his attention to the main group, an enterprising juvenile crow came sneaking in behind to steal a few bites of the delicious dead squirrel.
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Ghost sightings around Mooresville predate Lake Norman

I have never seen an actual ghost. It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in them, but I have not been privy in this life to have experienced anything remotely paranormal. What is irritating about that factoid is that I am not afraid of spirits or the paranormal and I welcome a visit from some restless apparition. I have a good hundred questions that I would ask them about life in the other dimensions, the very nature of death and “passing on,” or continuing with life in the afterlife, so to speak. Did they see heaven? Can they see what the past was truly like as opposed to the bunkum history books say? What did it feel like to move on from this world to the next? Was it peaceful, aside from the initial terror and pain that seems inevitable unless you die in your sleep like Sean Connery?

GTA Online Event Adds UFO Sightings

Rockstar Games has released a minor Halloween update for GTA Online that's given players a chance at seeing some UFOs in the sky. The unidentified vessel can only be seen in one place in GTA Online at the moment and can only be seen during certain times, but there's reason to believe that it'll be moving around the map in the future. It's expected, too, that this is only the start of GTA Online's Halloween festivities and that more will come in the future.

Illinois top state for ghost sightings

CHICAGO - If you hope to meet a ghost, you are likely in the right place!. A website called "Cards Chat" has been tracking reported sightings since 1972. Based on the number of ghost sightings and current state populations, Illinois is where you have the best odds to see one.

Elk Sightings Reported in Northern Iowa’s Kossuth County

(Lu Verne, IA) — Conservation officials in Kossuth County are getting reports of a large elk being spotted in the area. The elk was caught on video last week near Lu Verne. Kossuth County Naturalist Billie Willie says the elk was first seen several months ago by many people. She says they are found in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, but these sightings of a wild elk don’t happen very often. Willie says the best thing to do if you spot the elk is to leave it alone. It is illegal to hunt the animal in the state of Iowa.