Achilles: Legends Untold Full Release Date

Achilles: Legends Untold is the brand new souls-like hack and slash game that features a greek mythology setting, unique combat mechanics, and countless hours of gameplay. It tells the heroic tale of Achilles, a Greek hero who is on his journey to end the conflict between gods and conquer his fate with difficult trials that lie ahead of him. Dark Point Games are currently developing this game and is adding new features and content as we speak.
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Revomon guide: How to make money in the play-to-earn crypto game

VIRTUAL Reality (VR) gaming is starting to take the world by storm. Revomon is a free-to-play open-world game created in the universe of blockchain technology. Revomon is an online monster trainer Metaverse that players can access through their virtual reality headsets. Within the open-world game, there are wild creatures which...
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Expeditions: Rome — Olympian Sidequest Walkthrough & Riddle Answers

You'll go from wrestling to riddles in the Olympian sidequest in Expeditions: Rome. Conquer it with this walkthrough guide. The Olympian sidequest is just one of many missions that you can complete in Expeditions: Rome. It starts in the Temple of Apollon. Just west of the entrance area, you'll find a lone NPC named Boethus, and he's got a problem with Syneros, one of your companions. Oh, and you'll need to solve some riddles.
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Hot Wheels-Inspired VR Game Stunt Track Builder Out Now

Build your own over-the-top stunt tracks with realistic toy-car physics. Available now on Quest and PC VR headsets, Stunt Track Builder is a new VR game for Quest and PC VR headsets that lets you relive those fond childhood memories of building intricate stunt tracks for your favorite toy cars. Brought to us by developer Lemon Chihuahua, the Hot Wheels inspired-game offers access to a wide range of tracks to build with, from straightaways and turns to boost pads and loop the loops.

How to Complete the Talisman Hunt Sidequest in Shin Megami Tensei V

Right from the very start of the game, Shin Megami Tensei V gives players a decent amount of freedom, letting them explore around in search of secrets and sidequests. While optional, completing these sidequests is highly recommended, as you can get some very nice rewards for doing so, such as Talismans that unlock additional Magatsuhi Skills.

Latest Quest 2 PTC Update Includes First Look At Horizon Home, Guardian Walls

The latest version of Quest 2’s software available on the Public Test Channel includes a brief glimpse of the promised social Horizon Home feature. A short introduction demo for Horizon Home is included in Quest v37, which is only available to those that have opted into the Public Test Channel via the app. It doesn’t actually let you invite other friends into your Home space yet, but it does show you everything you can do with others inside Horizon Home and how you’ll add friends into spaces too. We’ve got a quick glimpse of the demo below.


Help build a sidequest for Final Fantasy 7! (modpack) Zombie and Skeleton Horses and other rare mobs. JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE STAND MOD! (NEW STAND: HERMIT PURPLE) (BUG FIXES) 1.14 New Content Mod. 104.1k 13.9k 311. x 7. How to get Custom Damage Weapons (CDW) Tutorial Blog. 53.5k 7. x 1.

How to Complete the Cursed Mermaids Sidequest in Shin Megami Tensei V

In Shin Megami Tensei V, you will often encounter demons that will ask you for their help solving their troubles. Helping these demons and thus completing sidequests is not required to complete the story at all, but it’s always a good idea to do so, as you will get some very nice rewards that can make upcoming battles much more manageable.

3 Best ‘Legend of Zelda’ Paper Sidequests in ‘Skyward Sword,’ ‘Oracle of Ages,’ and More

The Legend of Zelda series has one of the most original and extensive fantasy worlds. Part of the charm comes from just how strange Nintendo is willing to get as Link battles Ganondorf to save Princess Zelda. One of the most memorable Legend of Zelda sidequests starts when players find a hand sticking out of a hole begging for paper in Majora’s Mask. And this sidequest was not an isolated case. Nintendo has included enough Legend of Zelda ‘paper sidequests’ to consider them their own special kind of mission from Skyward Sword to the Oracle games.

TUTO Quest Games Optimizer : optimize your games and your headset natively !

Modifying the graphics performance of the Meta Quest via SideQuest, a chore ... If you've ever fiddled with SideQuest, you might have tried changing the settings on your Meta Quest one day. To do this, you must connect your headset to your computer or to your Android smartphone via the USB cable and / or authorize wireless debugging, then go to the « Device settings & tools » as in the screenshot below.


Silhouette is a maid who was imprisoned in Balduq prison because of her suspicious mask. Adol first encountered her in the prison covering her face during a sidequest. She would ask the party to find a very important item for her. The item turned out to be her mask. She would be too frightened to see anything without the mask because of her innate ability to see the Lemures of Grimwald that ordinary people cannot see.