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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Dress as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen After Engagement: ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

Spooky season in full effect! Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got in the Halloween spirit a few days early, dressing up as punk icons Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum, 42, shared photos of the duo’s look via Instagram on Friday, October 23, just days after the couple got engaged. “Till death do us part,” the Poosh founder captioned the carousel of black-and-white photos.
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Preview: Hudson & Rex returns for Season 4 with a new look and feel

I like Hudson & Rex for a few reasons. First, its cast is top-rate. From John Reardon, Mayko Nguyen, Kevin Hanchard and Justin Kelly to Diesel vom Burgimwald on down, everyone on the call sheet is enjoyable to watch. Secondly, the writing team is truly gifted. Led by showrunner Peter Mitchell, they craft stories that are believable, have real dramatic stakes and a pinch of humour thrown in. And third, that stellar Newfoundland setting and the crew that works it. Every episode is a love letter to that part of Canada, no matter how dark the crime may be.

Keni Has Something to Say About Love in 'Sid and Nancy'

Relationships aren't always perfect. Ask rising pop singer Keni, who knows just how one-sided they can be. Her new music video for "Sid and Nancy," out now, uses a pig-headed doll to show a love affair in need of some serious help. "When I wrote 'Sid and Nancy,' the only...

40 Years After Her Death, Why Sid and Nancy Are Punk's Anti-Romeo and Juliet

“What Charles Manson did for the ‘60s, Sid and Nancy did for the ‘70s.” —Legs McNeil, journalist and author of “Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk”On the morning of Oct. 12, 1978, 20-year-old Nancy Spungen was found stabbedto deathinside Manhattan’s landmark Chelsea Hotel.Police immediately turned their attention to her boyfriend, former Sex Pistols bassist and punk’s resident bad boy Sid Vicious. He was charged with Spungen’s murder but died of an overdose before he got a chance togo to trialand defend himself.So what really happened between them? Forty years later, that night remains one of the punk scene’s greatest mysteries.

Now that's Vicious! First glimpse of TV punk drama shows Sex Pistols rocker Steve Jones in a clinch with bandmate Sid's girl Nancy Spungen

They set out to offend the world – but clearly didn’t mind upsetting each other. Shooting for a drama series about the Sex Pistols includes this scene where guitarist Steve Jones sneaks off with Nancy Spungen, bandmate Sid Vicious’s girlfriend. Jones has admitted he slept with the peroxide blonde American,...
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Flashback: Nancy Spungen Found Dead at Chelsea Hotel

In 1975, a 17-year-old Philly girl named Nancy Spungen dropped out of the University of Colorado and moved to New York City. She pushed her way in with the emerging punk crowd – meeting seminal rockers like Johnny Thunders and Cheetah Chrome. Spungen quickly established herself in the punk scene as a new kind of groupie, as punk journalistLegs McNeiltoldNew YorkMagazinein 2008 – and she embodied the nastiest parts of the scene. “We were tired of being nice. It was like, fuck you,” McNeil said. “The left… invented that political-correctness stuff. Punk was supposed to piss off everybody and make people think.”

‘Who Killed Nancy?’ Ponders Whether Sid Vicious Really Murdered His Girlfriend Nancy Spungen

In the fall of 1978, New York City’s tabloid media was abuzz with the news of Nancy Spungen’s death, allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend, former Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious. In a world where punk rock was still an alien oddity, Vicious symbolized all the mainstream’s fears and prejudices about the genre; it was gross, stupid and violent. To many, Spungen’s demise and Vicious’ death from a heroin overdose four months later seemed preordained. “Sid is no longer vicious. He’s dead,” WABC news anchor Roger Grimsby says with detached parental condescension in archival news footage at the beginning of Who Killed Nancy, the 2009 documentary which is currently streaming on Hulu.
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Sid Vicious is still punk’s biggest mystery, 40 years after his death

Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious was found dead in New York City on 2 February 1979, 40 years ago. It was less than four months after the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen – and Vicious stood accused of murdering her in the bathroom of their suite at the Chelsea Hotel. But four decades on, what really happened in Room 100 still remains unclear.

Criterion Discovery: Sid and Nancy

Background: After a long hiatus of being out of print, Alex Cox's punk-rock cult hit Sid & Nancy (Spine #20) returns to the Criterion Collection. The film was Cox's first to be included in the main collection, preceding Walker (Spine #423) and Repo Man (Spine #654). Story: After a fateful meeting, Sex Pistols bass player Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) and American junkie Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb) begin a star-crossed, mutually destructive romance. As the two plummet further and further into the grip of heroin addiction, Sid sets out with the Pistols on their disastrous American tour, becomes a solo act, and vanishes into pathetic semi-obscurity. Despite repeated attempts to get clean, Sid and Nancy plummet into a downward spiral of emotional abuse and self-destruction. Their story ends when Sid "accidentally" stabs Nancy to death while staying in New York City's Hotel Chelsea. The Film: "Remember: junkies don't go to heaven." That's how director Alex Cox signs off from his commentary track on the new Criterion Blu-ray release of his widely despised, widely celebrated underground hit Sid & Nancy. This rather blunt dismissal comes during the film's hallucinatory ending where a seemingly resurrected Nancy Spungen appears out of the ether in a yellow taxi cab to embrace her lover/killer Sid Vicious, the two cuddling in the backseat as the unseen driver sets off for parts unknown. Cox makes no secret of his disdain for the ending and the film's reception by critics and audiences as some kind of tragic romance, admitting that in hindsight he wishes he had ended it with a shot of Sid lying in a pool of his own vomit dead of a heroin overdose.

Sid and Nancy and me

Thirty-eight years ago today, on Oct. 12, 1978, Nancy Spungen-girlfriend of the late Sex Pistols frontman Sid Vicious-was murdered in Manhattan's Hotel Chelsea. She was 20 years old at the time of her death, primarily known for being a groupie and a heroin addict. And if that were really all she was, no one would remember her. But she was more than that: She was the patron saint of anyone who has ever felt that their existence on earth was God's terrible mistake. And that is a great many more people than anyone is comfortable admitting. There are several theories about the circumstances of Nancy's murder. Most believe that Sid Vicious (ne John Simon Ritchie) stabbed Nancy during a drug-addled fight. Others say that Nancy was one-half of a murder-suicide pact in which Sid committed the murder part, but neglected to follow through on the suicide. Sid himself died four months later, in February 1979, from an overdose while awaiting bail pending his murder trial. He had made the unbelievably tacky move of writing letters to Nancy's mother, Deborah Spungen, after Nancy's murder, including one that concluded: "Thank you, Debbie, for understanding that I have to die. Everyone else just thinks I am being weak."Bad plumbing is the explanation for most of world history, actually This year marks the 40th anniversary of two seminal events in the history of the United Kingdom. The first is the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer having to ask the International Monetary Fund for a bailout loan in Sep. 1976, largely considered modern Britain's most financially embarrassing moment pre-Brexit. The second is the Sex Pistols' release of their first single, "Anarchy in the UK," in Nov. 1976. The two events are not unrelated.