West Virginia University hires new Athletic Director

West Virginia University has hired a new athletic director. According to Sports Illustrated and AP, WVU has hired North Texas Athletic Director Wren Baker. Baker will be replacing Shane Lyons after he was let go from WVU on November 14. Baker has been at North Texas for six years. The North Texas program has won […]
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Dawning of the Quantum Computer Age

Huge announcements in Quantum Computer Technology have been recently made and there is a clear and active path to 4000 by 2025 and 16000+ qubits by 2027. 70 error-mitigated qubits with over 50 step layers of algorithmic capability is believed to be the point where quantum computers will surpass exaflop supercomputers for cracking big problems.

Hugh Freeze denies SI report he agreed to turn over social media accounts, but confirms someone else has been running them

One strange dimension of the many around the Auburn Tigers‘ hiring of Hugh Freeze is the discussion of his social media accounts. That discussion involves many levels, but it’s perhaps especially notable for the unsolicited and critical Twitter direct messages he sent a sexual assault survivor who was blasting Liberty‘s athletic department (and AD Ian Read more... The post Hugh Freeze denies SI report he agreed to turn over social media accounts, but confirms someone else has been running them appeared first on Awful Announcing.

Son of former NFL journeyman QB jailed on child porn charges

If Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson declares for the NFL Draft, much of the chatter out of Gainesville would be around Jalen Kitna, son of former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna, starting for the Gators behind center in their bowl game. Now it’s unclear if the younger Kitna will even be on UF’s roster come the postseason, as he was arrested on Wednesday according to the Alachua County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office. Per TMZ Sports, Kitna was put in jail on five different charges — three counts of possession of child pornography and two count counts of distribution of child exploitation material.

2023 Chevy Silverado HD Gets Price Increase In November

The 2023 Chevy Silverado HD introduces only minor changes and updates compared to the preceding 2022 model year, with the nameplate receiving a full model refresh for the following 2024 model year. Now, however, GM has increased pricing for the 2023 Chevy Silverado HD during the month of November, 2022.
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Outside The Confines: A baseball icon is taking a farewell lap

We are coming to a point in baseball where it is hard to say what players might be capable of achieving the same kinds of feats that those who are taking their final bows were able to manage. I think most of us would be hard-pressed to name the next player likely to hit 700 home runs like Albert Pujols did in 2022.

The relative role of the subsurface Southern Ocean in driving negative Antarctic Sea ice extent anomalies in 2016"“2021

Communications Earth & Environment volume 3, Article number: 302 (2022) Cite this article. The low Antarctic sea ice extent following its dramatic decline in late 2016 has persisted over a multiyear period. However, it remains unclear to what extent this low sea ice extent can be attributed to changing ocean conditions. Here, we investigate the causes of this period of low Antarctic sea ice extent using a coupled climate model partially constrained by observations. We find that the subsurface Southern Ocean played a smaller role than the atmosphere in the extreme sea ice extent low in 2016, but was critical for the persistence of negative anomalies over 2016"“2021. Prior to 2016, the subsurface Southern Ocean warmed in response to enhanced westerly winds. Decadal hindcasts show that subsurface warming has persisted and gradually destabilized the ocean from below, reducing sea ice extent over several years. The simultaneous variations in the atmosphere and ocean after 2016 have further amplified the decline in Antarctic sea ice extent.

Enhancing the Australian Gridded Climate Dataset rainfall analysis using satellite data

Rainfall estimation over large areas is important for a thorough understanding of water availability, influencing societal decision-making, as well as being an input for scientific models. Traditionally, Australia utilizes a gauge-based analysis for rainfall estimation, but its performance can be severely limited over regions with low gauge density such as central parts of the continent. At the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the current operational monthly rainfall component of the Australian Gridded Climate Dataset (AGCD) makes use of statistical interpolation (SI), also known as optimal interpolation (OI) to form an analysis from a background field of station climatology. In this study, satellite observations of rainfall were used as the background field instead of station climatology to produce improved monthly rainfall analyses. The performance of these monthly datasets was evaluated over the Australian domain from 2001 to 2020. Evaluated over the entire national domain, the satellite-based SI datasets had similar to slightly better performance than the station climatology-based SI datasets with some individual months being more realistically represented by the satellite-SI datasets. However, over gauge-sparse regions, there was a clear increase in performance. For a representative sub-domain, the Kling-Gupta Efficiency (KGE) value increased by"‰+"‰8% (+"‰12%) during the dry (wet) season. This study is an important step in enhancing operational rainfall analysis over Australia.