BNP top brass asked to shuffle committees

The policymakers of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party were urged to reconstitute the expired and inactive organisational committees across the country before announcing any movement targeting the next general election. The demand came from a number of central and grassroots leaders of the party in its recently-held series meetings between the...

CS:GO Shuffle : Xizt announces retirement and Xerison joins VP.Prodigy

The former is a legend in the CS:GO scene with NIP while the latter rose up from trials to join the academy team. Two shuffle news has emerged in the world of CS:GO – a legend will be leaving while a newbie will be joining. Xizt, who was with Ninjas in Pyjamas, has announced that he will be retiring from the sport at the age of 30. Xerison meanwhile is an up-and-coming player that has passed the trials to join the VP.Prodigy roster.

Shuffle: The Late Summer Holiday Playlist

This year along with millions of others, we’ve had to think differently about the kind of holiday that we will be going on. Normally we unthinkingly (well there is a bit of thought about where we are going) get on a plane and go somewhere nice and relax for a couple of weeks. For these trips, during the plane ride, I’m reading a book and listening to music through headphones/earbuds – no need for me to think about creating a playlist, I can listen to whatever I want. Usually, I do create a playlist of new stuff that I’m trying to catch up on. This year we are holidaying in the UK, we’ll be going to Wales and then up to Scotland, we’ll be driving a lot of hours. I’m not so anti-social that when I’m driving I will wear headphones and we have an agreement that whoever is driving gets to choose the music and as I’ll be driving most of the time it would be supremely selfish of me to expose my wife to hours of, what she would characterise as, ‘just noise’. So I am curating a playlist that we can both listen to whilst I drive.

Stream Shuffle with MC Fixer

Gaming is in MC Fixer's blood. His grandfather introduced him to games and his father fixed consoles for a living, so it's no surprise that he's dived into gaming too. Join Fixer for today's Stream Shuffle, where he'll be playing a very popular First-person Shooter, as well as a horror classic that he's never played before.

Dolphins’ Brian Flores to shuffle offensive line in Week 3 matchup with Raiders, per report

Some changes might be made by the Miami Dolphins on the offensive front, and as early as this week, as they ready to take on the red-hot Las Vegas Raiders. With quarterback Tua Tagovailoa now nursing a rib injury that Flores lists as day-to-day, even if the former first-round pick is able to take the field on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium, it’s a foregone conclusion he won’t be 100 percent — protecting him from pass rushers being that much more paramount. To that end, a shuffle on the offensive line is potentially in play.