3 Alarming Signs When Learning From Successful Entrepreneurs

Will anybody admit that their success was (not less than partially) based mostly on luck?. Overconfident consultants is not going to solely disagree, however they could additionally throw a pen at you (prefer it occurred to Taleb): “Who’re you to inform me that my success was as a consequence of some random occasion?”
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Biden Breaks His Campaign Pledge and Uses DOJ for His Political Aims!

During his campaign President, Joe Biden said that he would never use his Justice Department for his own political agenda. It was a backhanded swipe at President Trump, who the left believed used his DOJ to attack his enemies. However, Biden has broken that pledge and is now obviously politicizing the Department of Justice.

Mammoth-elephant hybrids could be created within the decade. Should they be?

A new startup co-founded by Harvard geneticist George Church wants to use cold-adapted elephants to remake the Arctic tundra—raising major scientific and ethical questions. Harvard geneticist George Church has co-founded a new company with an audacious goal: engineer an elephant that resembles the extinct woolly mammoth. The company, named Colossal, aims to use woolly mammoth DNA to make a hybridized Asian elephant that could thrive in Arctic climates.

How the Twin Cities became a hotbed for craft beverage unionizing

This article first appeared in the newsletter Fingers. L. Kling’s first job in a craft distillery will also be their first union job in a craft distillery. After working part-time making hand sanitizer in 2020 at Du Nord Social Spirits, a Minneapolis producer of small-batch liquors, they were hired full-time as a production lead this past February. By mid-June, Kling and their five coworkers had gone public with their union drive, and shortly thereafter, the company’s owners voluntarily recognized the workers’ right to bargain collectively. “I was just inspired by other union drives,” they tell Fingers. “It showed me that it was possible.”
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My summer commute

The afternoon sky seems to bleed forever as the highway traffic drives closer into its abyss. Cars race past me: 20 over the limit, determined to get to where they’re going. I take a sip of water, and I let my left hand slide down the steering wheel. Drinking more water seems like the right thing to do. I drink more water. Listen to more podcasts. I’m not really listening though. I switch between catastrophic daily news, philosophical food for thought and niche playlists made by my best friend from high school. Anything to keep me from forming a thought of my own.

Weekend Runway Round-Up: Proenza Schouler Was Quite Good This Season

There’s so much going on right now that I think we need to use our weekend days to bring you a few bonus fashion shows. Besides which, it’s a big anniversary today and shit’s still getting real in the world in other areas, so we all might need something else to read. There are some great coats in here, plus bright colors, funky shapes, and an overall vibe that I really appreciate even if every single piece isn’t on my wish list.

Truck driving companies holding the line

So, my husband is a truck driver and, I'm telling you to be ready for shortages. The owner of my husband's company sent out a message to all drivers today saying that not only will they not comply but, they are about to send a message to congress and the "president" that the trucking industry can shut this country down. You may order your shit from China but, that's not how it gets to your house! It arrives in ports and then, gets distributed by trucks and trains. If the USPS is exempt so should truck drivers, nurses and doctors, and every fucking walmart worker who worked this entire time.

Wack 100 Is Now Working With 6ix9ine, Helping Tekashi Renegotiate Contracts, Release New Music and More

It looks like Wack 100 is securing the bag for 6ix9ine. In a recent Clubhouse chat session that went viral on Wednesday (Sept. 8), Wack, who is The Game and Blueface’s manager, claims that he has $43 million worth of deals on the table for Tekashi. Though Wack hasn't labeled himself as 6ix9ine's manager, it appears Wack is in that position with the business deals he's making.

Lil Wayne Stands By DaBaby On Introspective New Single "Lonely"

Despite the backlash that he has received following his controversial Rolling Loud comments, DaBaby is not shying away from the spotlight anytime soon. After initially responding to the homophobic controversy with the contentious music video for "Giving What It's Supposed To Give," DaBaby may have actually made things worse with his defiant stand against cancel culture, as he went on to get dropped from several music festivals across the United States and around the world.

Tekashi 6ix9ine And Wack 100 Secure $43M in New Deals

Controversy sells 6ix9ine is not short on it. His recent exchange of words with Wack 100 sit down and more. Now those moments have reportedly brought the rainbow-haired rapper $43 million. After all of the fallout, 6ix9ine’s popularity has risen, leading to 43Ms in new business deals that cover concerts,...

Jhonni Blaze Is Missing After Sharing Troubling Post: Report

Jhonni Blaze, artist and star of Love & Hip Hop, is reportedly missing. Fans are worried for her safety after 21 Savage's manager, Mega Meezy, confirmed that she has not been in contact with friends or family for several days. This news comes four days following a very troubling post...