Connor Brown Gets His Fourth Goal Of The Season

5 hours agoOttawa Senators winger Connor Brown scored his fourth goal of the season in Saturday's 4-2 loss to the Kings, finishing with three shots in total and two hits in nearly 22 minutes on the ice. Brown was one of the hottest goal-scorers in the league during the second half of last season, but he hasn't carried his form over to 2021-22. With that said, Brown has scored three of his goals in his past five appearances, so he's improved his sharpness in front of the net and could be ready to go on a goal-scoring surge.--Taavi Pailk - RotoBaller.

Managing Grinding Forces and Abrasive Sharpness

Taqwa Gilani, Senior Corporate Application Engineer, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives. Sharp grinding wheel grains are essential for removing material from a workpiece. Understanding the microscopic and macroscopic interactions in the grinding zone is essential for fully optimizing the grinding process and eliminating quality issues. This article will discuss these interactions, as well as methods for maintaining grinding wheel sharpness and optimal performance.
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Sharpness-aware Quantization for Deep Neural Networks

Network quantization is an effective compression method to reduce the model size and computational cost. Despite the high compression ratio, training a low-precision model is difficult due to the discrete and non-differentiable nature of quantization, resulting in considerable performance degradation. Recently, Sharpness-Aware Minimization (SAM) is proposed to improve the generalization performance of the models by simultaneously minimizing the loss value and the loss curvature. In this paper, we devise a Sharpness-Aware Quantization (SAQ) method to train quantized models, leading to better generalization performance. Moreover, since each layer contributes differently to the loss value and the loss sharpness of a network, we further devise an effective method that learns a configuration generator to automatically determine the bitwidth configurations of each layer, encouraging lower bits for flat regions and vice versa for sharp landscapes, while simultaneously promoting the flatness of minima to enable more aggressive quantization. Extensive experiments on CIFAR-100 and ImageNet show the superior performance of the proposed methods. For example, our quantized ResNet-18 with 55.1x Bit-Operation (BOP) reduction even outperforms the full-precision one by 0.7% in terms of the Top-1 accuracy. Code is available at this https URL.

PyTorch implementation for "Sharpness-aware Quantization for Deep Neural Networks".

Sharpness-aware Quantization for Deep Neural Networks. 2021.11.23: We release the source code of SAQ. conda install pytorch torchvision torchaudio cudatoolkit=11.3 -c pytorch pip install tensorboard pip install prettytable. Data preparation. ImageNet. Download the ImageNet 2012 dataset from here, and prepare the dataset based on this script. Change the dataset path...

Golden Sword of OP Sharpness

Makes golden swords be enchanted with sharpness level 1000 when in main-hand without sharpness enchantment. You can use it to kill zombified piglins with 1 hit, which zombified piglins would not attack you when insta-killing one of them. Just be aware because since it is a sword and if your not careful, one of those may get hurt and not insta-killed and all of those will get aggressive toward you. Another reason to be aware is that since it applies to all entities, when one of the zombified piglins attack you, then your dead.

Review: ‘Trouble in Mind’ issues a sharp critique of the theater industry

Or rather: much, much better late than never. As a pre-show announcement at the American Airlines Theatre makes clear, it took about 66 years for the pioneering Black playwright Alice Childress’s comedy-drama “Trouble in Mind” to make it to Broadway. Originally produced Off Broadway in 1955, the play was scheduled to transfer uptown — at least until the producers tried to pressure Childress into rewriting the play to soften the sharp points it makes about the racism prevalent in both American culture and the theater.

All The Sharp Stars from the “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” Premiere

The stars turned out in sharp fashion for the premiere of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” in New York City this week. Though stars like Paul Rudd stuck to the traditional suit-and-tie set, others took a grungier approach in slick all-black outfits. Still, celebrities like Jake Lacey added a casual twist to their suiting basics with pieces like bomber jackets and beanies. On the footwear front, most of the men on the carpet stuck to classic black brogues and loafers. Several elevated their darker monochrome outfits with matching sneakers. Still, others—like Questlove—went the casual route in tie-dye rainbow Crocs. And, coincidentally, all of the...

DALSTRONG Ulu Meat & Herb Knife

Meet the DALSTRONG Ulu Knife: a 6.5″ rocking, mincing, and slicing meat & herb knife that lets you prepare your food like a pro in the kitchen. It has a single piece of Japanese high-carbon solid AUS-10V steel construction. 🍚 You may also want to check out:. This knife has...

Analyze This: Hardened wood can make sharp steak knives

An age-old material has gotten a hardcore makeover. Researchers have modified wood to make a renewable substitute for plastic and steel. Carved to make a knife blade, the hardened wood is sharp enough to easily slice through steak. People have built with wood for thousands of years, making houses, furniture...