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Shark Divers Face Prison Sentences After Freeing Nearly 20 Sharks From Controversial Longline

Two men are facing prison time after freeing nearly 20 sharks from a commercial fishing longline near Jupiter, Florida. In August 2020, a shark diving boat spotted the longline while taking passengers on a chartered trip. Captain John R. Moore Jr., 56, and his mate, Tanner Mansell, 29, gathered around three miles of the trap and rescued 19 sharks and one Goliath grouper. which is protected by the state.
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Local bands celebrate Emo Nite at RALT concert

On Saturday, Dec. 3, a concert was put on by the university chapter club Rowan Alternative Music (RALT) and hosted by Matt Stypa of the Riviera, a college-based venue for concert marketing. Emo Nite has established itself as one of the most popular, large-scale, and entertaining annual music events of the academic year, with the fourth Emo Nite occurring this past week.

Scientists Stumble on Shark Graveyard at Bottom of Indian Ocean

At the bottom of the Indian Ocean, at a depth of more than 17,000 feet, lies a shark graveyard. The elasmobranch cemetery, discovered in October by scientists aboard an Australian research vessel, contained more than 750 fossilized shark teeth, representing both modern and ancient sharks. The surprising find was made...

Critically endangered great hammerhead shark arrives at SeaWorld

ORLANDO, Fla. — SeaWorld’s 700,000-gallon shark habitat has a new boss. His name is Dutch! He’s a critically endangered, Great Hammerhead shark that just arrived from the Georgia Aquarium. “It is a completely unique-looking animal. With the cephalofoil, as we call it, that’s the rostrum or the...

'Shark Week' isn't diverse enough, 'overwhelmingly' features 'white men,' researchers claim

WASHINGTON (TND) — Researchers reportedly told The Washington Post that Discovery Channel's famous weeklong block of shark-related content isn't diverse enough. In an article titled "‘Shark Week’ lacks diversity, overrepresents men named Mike, scientists say," WaPo's Daniel Wu spoke with the leader of a team of scientists who examined hundreds of "Shark Week" episodes.