WATCH: Pastor Brian Cole’s Weekly Sunday Sermon - Jan. 29, 2023

Editor’s Note: Each Sunday, publishes Pastor Brian Cole’s Sunday Sermon from the previous week's message at the Oaks Community Church. "Join us as we continue our trek through the book of 1 Corinthians. Today we cover chapter 7:1-9 where Paul begins a new section of the book. In this section, Paul will be answering questions on singleness and marriage - and sexuality within the context of those."
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Massgoer lodges complaint after taking offence at priest’s sermon

One of the congregation at Sunday Mass in Sligo Cathedral walked out, saying he was offended by the comments made during the sermon, which he claims suggested Christianity is the superior religion. However, other members of the congregation say the priest’s comments on Jesus’ teachings were a true reflection of modern life.
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Seven Sentence Sermon: Are You a Pebble or a Rock?

Wandering outside the other day, I noticed something interesting in the parking lot. Every time I had walked across the area in the past, I ignored the layer of gravel and the differences in each piece of rock. After further review, I became aware that every small pebble in the...

Sermon of the week: The light is out

Hurricane Ian left a swath of destruction to our area. Along with the damage to our home I noticed something else that was affected. The streetlight in front of our house was knocked out.

FRIDAY SERMON: Redeeming suffering

He was godly, but not redeeming suffering caused him to question God’s purposes. Ted was driving down the road one day doing what he did best: visiting members of his church. Although he didn’t feel quite right that morning, he decided to work nevertheless. As he turned into the church’s driveway, things went black. The next thing he remembered was sitting in a ditch.

Some Timely Thoughts Shared Together

In this sermon allow me to speak of some timely thoughts shared in three separate conversations. May this message be one of encouragement and enlightenment at this time.
Milton Daily Standard

The haunting final sermon of Cardinal Pell

Cardinal George Pell had no way to know, as he rose to preach during a spiritual retreat in southern Italy, that this was his last sermon — opening with the biblical cry, “Repent, because the Kingdom of God is near.”. Catholics should stay focused on truths proclaimed during...

Two Updates to the AI Sermon Outline Generator

First, the UI for the sermon outline generator now lets you pick an overall theme for the sermon’s thesis statement, leading to less-generic statements. It’ll now give you some decently high-quality thesis statements, helping you brainstorm quickly. You can choose from about 160 themes (such as anxiety, discernment, healing, and forgiveness) drawn from popular topics on this site.

Friday Sermon Summary 27th January 2023: ‘Men of Excellence’

After reciting Tashahhud, Ta`awwuz and Surah al-Fatihah, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) said that he would continue mentioning details about certain Companions. Hazrat Abu Lubabah bin Abdil Mundhir (ra) His Holiness (aba) said that the first Companion he would mention is Hazrat Abu Lubabah bin Abdil Mundhir (ra)....

Does it Matter if Your Sermons are Too Long — or Too Short?

Not a surprise – pastors and congregations still don’t agree on sermon length. According to Lifeway Research, churchgoers are six times more likely than the preacher to report that a typical sermon at their church goes over an hour. On the other hand, preachers are twice as likely to say their sermons are less than 15 minutes.

Valentine Children's Sermon (Matthew 5:21-37) Object Lesson

Use this Children’s Message around Valentine’s Day. The theme is “What is Love?” and uses common Valentine’s Day props for a Bible Object Lesson. Download the teaching notes below, gather your supplies, and watch our Children’s Sermon example video. “What is True Love?” Children’s...

Moving Beyond Diversity to Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Lessons from a Sunday Sermon

Michele Lamons-Raiford is a hearing American Sign Language (ASL) and English teacher at Pinole Valley High School in the West Contra Costa Unified School District. She has been a High School teacher for the past twenty years, as well as an Adjunct Instructor at Solano Community College for the past fifteen years. She has a BA and MA in English from Cal State University Sacramento, and teaching credentials in English and ASL from Cal State University East Bay. She is a devoted wife, a mother of a beautiful Neurodiverse Son, and a lifelong Advocate for ASL, Deaf Culture, Students with Special Needs, Culturally Relevant, Culturally Affirming, Anti-Racist School Cultures, Climates, and Diversity in Educational Institutions and Organizations.

New Lenten Sermon Series on repentance now available for download

What does true repentance look like? That’s the focus of a new Lenten Sermon Series, “Honest Repentance,” now available from Concordia Seminary Press, the publishing arm of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. The series, authored by Dr. David Maxwell, the Louis A. Fincke and Anna B. Shine Professor...

R.I.P. Sermons Collectibles

Rippers have set up 13 R.I.P. Sermons at various locations in Oregon. They are tripods of dead tree limbs with a speaker at the top and a portable generator on the ground. You can hear them when you get close. Interact with the generator to shut each one off and unlock it's Collectible. You can select the Collectible in the Collectibles menu screen to replay the sermon and see a transcript.