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Paddock Mall welcomes new CBD, selfie stores

Paddock Mall has been welcoming new businesses in recent weeks, including a CBD shop and a selfie store. Go Green CBD and Sensational Selfies both opened the doors on their new locations at Paddock Mall earlier this year. Sensational Selfies offers customers a chance to take self photos in front...
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According To Google, 24 Million Selfies Were Uploaded To Social Media In 2018

Thanks to social media and the smartphone, June 21st recognizes a form of self-portrait that couldn’t exist without them. It’s National Selfie Day!. On National Selfie Day, we are encouraged to take creative (appropriate) selfies and share them on social media. While the act of taking a selfie may predate...

Best body language for selfies

Today is National Selfie Day. Whether we’re inside or outside, we see people taking selfies almost everywhere we go. But have you ever thought about how to take a great selfie? How can body language improve your selfies?. When you grab your phone to snap a photo, you want to...

New research reveals why older Australians shy away from taking selfies

Swinburne researchers have collected unique insights that help explain why 50% of older Australia want to do more on the internet, but are reluctant to take selfies and share posts on social media. "Reluctant selfies: older people, social media sharing and digital inclusion' by Swinburne's lecturer in Media and Communications...

A Museum in Croatia serves the heads of its visitors on plates!!

Now anyone can present their head on a plate without shedding a drop of blood or take a picture of themselves walking on the ceiling, at a museum in the Croatian capital. Two friends opened the “Museum of Illusions” in 2015 in an effort to enrich the opportunities for cultural activities in the capital with the increasing number of tourists. The museum stimulates the brains of its visitors, and at the same time allows them to enjoy an entertaining time through dozens of tricks, optical illusions and puzzles.

Selfies: self-portraits to cherish 1

If you’ve visited the Uffizi in Florence, you’ll be aware of its unique collection of self-portraits of artists. Although many of these are exhibited on the walls of the Vasari Corridor, currently closed for renovation and only ever open to privately arranged tours, these are part of the Medici Collection, with self-portraits going back over four centuries. In more recent times, it has been a mark of recognition for any painter to be invited by the Uffizi to paint themself for inclusion.
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Best Omaha Selfie Spots with Your Mini Me

Have you ever wondered where is the best place in Omaha to take a picture with you and your little one?. For me, it started as we passed the fire station on 25th and L street. “Look, Mom,” my son said. “That wall is so cool! It says bomberos, which means firefighter in Spanish!”

5 Things Selfies Don't Say

Selfie culture has created and ubiquitized new types of smiles and gazes meant to convey nearly nothing. Camera lenses formerly pointed outward; now they point inward — revealing a major change in focus and philosophy. Studies show that the seeming self-confidence displayed in selfies often hides sad, secret truths. Until...
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Cosas: Arthur López’s 'Me, My Selfie and I'

An artist’s self-portrait depicts a moment in time. Whether drawn, painted, sculpted, or photographed, it shows an artist at a specific point in his or her life, as the artist appears at a certain age. For a brief time only, it represents “who I am,” and then it becomes “who I was.” The artist is always becoming.