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The Right To Self Defense: The Case Of Chrystul Kizer

The right to self-defense is perhaps the most sacred right we have. Between that, and freedom of speech, I am not quite sure which one takes the top spot…. Chrystul Kizer was allegedly raped and sex-trafficked by Randy Volar at the age of 16. In response to this she allegedly killed Volar, set fire to his house, and ‘stole’ his vehicle in order to escape.

Is This Self Defense? Father Shot To Death By Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend During Visitation Argument

Is This Self Defense? Father Shot To Death By Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend During Visitation Argument. A Texas woman has sent out video of her spouse being fatally shot by his ex-wife’s boyfriend during a visitation fight. She argues the video shows that her husband was murdered, but the shooter’s lawyer says it shows his client was acting in self-defense.

Self Defense or Not? Biden Dips into Oil Reserves!

Claims of self defense have been much in the news with the Rittenhouse and Arbery murder trials, and now we have such a case in Central Florida that's getting national attention. A relatively minor traffic crash in Volusia County has led to a man on a motorcycle shooting and killing a female librarian who may have been pregnant and claiming he fired in self defense when she pointed a gun at him. How is this case likely to play out? We hope you'll join the debate!

Wednesday Writs: Self Defense And The Birth Of The Allen Charge in Allen v United States

WW1: Our setting is Arkansas, in May of 1892. A group of teenage boys who had previously argued met one another near a farm where one of the boys, roughly 14 years old Alexander Allen, worked as a farmhand. Allen and the son of the farm’s owner, James Marks, had encountered 17 year old Phillip Henson and a few of Henson’s friends a few days prior, when Henson’s group allegedly pursued Allen and Marks, throwing sticks at them and declaring their intention to “kill that n*****” (referring to Allen, who was black.) They vowed to return to settle the score on the following Saturday.

‘It was probably self defense’ – DuPage Dem Lemanski under fire for insensitive tweets

Former Downers Grove Clerk candidate Mary Lemanski is under fire after a series of tweets about the recent vehicular attack on a holiday parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Critics have accused Lemanski of minimizing the deaths and injuries of innocent bystanders to make a political point. Lemanski responded to the criticism with a self-involved tweet.
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Man claims self defense in Falls Church grocery store shooting, police say

A 33-year-old man has been charged with two felonies for the shooting Saturday evening inside the Food Star, 5521 Leesburg Pike in the Falls Church area. Officers were called to the store at 6:43 p.m. by Harvey Coleman, of Arlington, after he reported to have shot someone in self-defense, Fairfax County police said in a news release.