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How to Support Mental Health in Winter: Tips and Tricks for Self Care

Originally Posted On: The winter season is a difficult time for many people. The cold weather combined with a lack of sunlight can contribute to SAD (seasonal affective disorder). At the same time, the holiday season can bring about feelings of loneliness or isolation, especially for those who are grieving a loss during this time.
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Self Care Tips: How To Cope Up With Anxiety | Follow These Important Self Care Tips

Self Care Tips: How To Cope Up With Anxiety | Follow These Important Self Care Tips: Feeling anxious or overwhelmed is a very common feeling. Be it due to stress or overthinking. But your mental health is in your own hands. And taking care of mental health is of utmost importance. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious here are 5 tips that you can follow for your self care.
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7 Gifts For Every Type of Self Care

Mizuba’s Daily Matcha is habit forming, and it’s easy to see why – this Portland-local & woman-owned tea company’s matcha is direct from small farms in Uji, Japan. Their matcha is of the highest quality and is the smoothest you’ve ever tasted. Bonus: it’s easily found at local markets & coffee shops. Grab a few tins for gifts all season long! Take 15% off with code: WWMATCHA online. Shop now!
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I hope you enjoyed this relaxing routine with me. ゜Renpho Eye Massager -⌑. THEN I MET YOU RENEWING RICH BEAUTY CREAM'. EM Daydream Cushion “ Gentle Light “ EM SO SOFT BLUSH " Ventian Rose " EM SO SOFT CONTOUR " Terra " EM SUNSCAPE...

Best Tips for a Self Care Routine

Having a self care routine takes care of your body and can also improve your mental health. Self care routines can include all types of activities to help you feel more relaxed, confident, and productive. When creating your routine, make sure to consider your mind, body, and soul. Read on to discover some of the best self care routine tips from seasoned experts.

December 2021 Horoscopes For Self Care (Sun & Rising!)

These December 2021 self-care horoscopes for each of the 12 zodiac signs are based on the upcoming astrological transits, (the movement of the planets around the sky), and some of the general themes that are going to be activated for you in the coming month. As a witch, I’ll be sharing some insight and inspiration on how you can most effectively nurture yourself and practice self-care this month based on the cosmos.
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Sasha Exeter Makes Self Care A Priority

Her new Tetley blend is all about stillness. Sasha Exeter is busy. But in the early mornings, she’s putting in a different kind of work. The Canadian content creator is more than just an influencer: She’s a single mother, entrepreneur and brand collaborator, counting Activia, Vichy, Indigo, BMW and, of course, Tetley as partners. A retired athlete (and the national face of Joe Fresh Active), Exeter’s health and wellness journey is at the core of her online presence.

Smelling the Scent of a Candle – Self Care | Lifestyle

There is something about smelling the scent of a candle in a clean house. It just feels so good to sit down and relax to smell one of your favorite scents. This is something that I love to do in the Fall and Winter seasons. It helps me to feel...

CBD Self Care Keep in touch – Lavender

The “CBD Self Care Box” has all the tools to help you take the time to show yourself some love. Self Care is an important part of any wellness routine. These CBD bath and skin care products can be used individually or together to give you a full at home spa experience. Available in Lavender scent.

Self care if you have a toddler - is it ever possible?

My son is 17 months and I'm currently SAHP full time. Obviously I don't get much time for myself during the week, but I'm now at the point where I'm starting to really crave it. In particular I'm wishing I had more time to look after my self through doing exercise I used to do before baby - yoga, strength training, walking etc. I feel I need all the strength I can get with the physical work of having a (very heavy and stubborn) toddler, abs lugging round the buggy etc, but ironically my body is the weakest it's ever been as Ive no time to keep up with this stuff. After DS goes to bed around 8 I catch up on housework /dishwasher / cleaning etc and then by 9/10 I'm absolutely exhausted. Also, whilst it may sound shallow, I'm feeling ready to spend and more time in looking after my appearance as that has all had to slide with having a baby obviously. But now as an older mum I'm starting to really feel my age and look like the lack of sleep has taken its toll, and just scraping my hair back each day, chucking on the same old jumper, doing minimal make up, and having permanently chipped nails is contributing to me feeling a little bit depressed and lacking a certain feeling of energy about myself - if that makes sense.

'Tis the season to give your skin some self care with Plexaderm

Give yourself a holiday gift by giving your skin some self care with Plexaderm!. With all the vacations, graduation parties, BBQ's, block parties, and more filling up your schedule, you’re going to want something that works fast and efficiently.  Plexaderm  works in minutes to reduce some of the key signs of aging.  A Lifestyle Consultant  shares the secrets of this amazing new technology and change the way you see yourself in the mirror.