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LG launches Second Life drive for unwanted clothes

LG Electronics USA has announced that it is taking its ‘Second Life’ campaign on the road. Visiting four cities along the East Coast, the company plans on collecting unwanted clothing for recycling. The campaign aims to encourage visitors to reduce their fashion footprint, and collect 5,000 pounds of unwanted clothes in the process. The clothes will be cleaned in LG washers and dryers, thus giving them a “second life through donations to community organizations and responsible recycling.”
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Art Mask – Spread art, not virus by Backbone Branding

“Spread art, not a virus” summarizes the whole message of the new “Art Mask” project. The gloomy and dark reality are the consequences of the Pandemic. We decided to look at them from another angle: find the source of inspiration which will encourage people, reminding them that life is still wonderful.

Second Life Student Wins LGBTQ Scholarship

Gulfport’s LGBTQ Resource Center granted its second annual educational scholarship to Christine Grossman, a gay woman who returned as a student at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus (USFSP) in her 30s. “Christine’s devastating experiences in a private rural high school only strengthened her resolve to create safe,...

Why Farfetch is bringing its handbag resale business to the Middle East

To receive the Vogue Business newsletter, sign up here. Designer handbags have always been a popular luxury buy for consumers in the Middle East, but pre-owned goods are another matter — they’ve tended to be viewed with a heavy dose of caution. Now luxury online retailer Farfetch is seeking to bring the two together by extending Farfetch Second Life, its handbag resale service, into the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Where to Donate Your Children’s Clothes to Give Them a Second Life

Can we talk about how quickly kids grow during the first few years of life? I know, everyone warns you that as a new mother, you will blink and your baby will suddenly be a toddler, but it’s truly one of those things you have to experience to really grasp how insanely fast it happens. With that being said, one thing that experienced parents don’t often warn you about is how this affects the lifespan of your children’s clothing. Suddenly as your baby continues to grow, there’s a revolving door of clothes, and the next thing you know, you’re overwhelmed with kid’s clothes in all different sizes! So, I started Googling where to donate children’s clothes to find out how I could give them a second life.

Have You Started Living Your Second Life Yet?

We all have two lives. The second one begins when we realize we only have one. Eugenie was telling me how wonderful she felt. This was unusual and unexpected because she was in her early 70s and had several health challenges, but on this day she told me:. “Something has...

Second Life Destinations: Laurel's Halloween Nightmare

Explore the haunted theme park at Laurel’s Halloween Nightmare, with 19 horror movie scenes from classics like Frankenstein to modern horror like Saw. Scares lurk around every corner in this dazzling monument to all things frightful. Creator Laurel Bradders (a.k.a. Baby Ghoul) is a Halloween fanatic, telling us “This is...
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Spare parts artist gives thrown out parts a new life

Annie Becker is a self-taught artist who is gaining a national reputation for her creations. She calls herself a 'SpareParts Artist', meaning she takes thrown out pieces and parts and creates amazing joyful sculptures. Fox 8's Kristi Capel learned more about Annie's passion for giving items a second life. To learn more about Annie Becker and her art visit:

Ryan Schultz : BURN2: Celebrate Burning Man in Second Life, October 8th to 17th, 2021

"Once upon a time, a man named Philip Rosedale went to Burning Man…and the rest is history. Some say that it was Philip’s experience at Burning Man which inspired him to create the still-thriving virtual world of Second Life. And so it seems very fitting that, as the real-life Burning Man festival has been cancelled for the second year in a row due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we gather in Second Life for a virtual Burning Man festival."