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Language I/O Launches AI-Powered Machine Translations

Concept: Wyoming’s startup Language I/O has developed AI-powered software for real-time, company-specific language translations. It claims to provide text-to-text translation in over 100 languages for customer care departments of companies in multiple industries globally. The software is focused on translation across all e-support channels including email, articles, chat, and social messaging among others.
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Why Non-Arab Speakers Should Take The Opportunity To Learn Arabic

Why Non-Arab Speakers Should Take The Opportunity To Learn Arabic. There are certain languages that can be relatively easier to learn than others based on similarities with other languages already known by the learner. If you happen to know even one of the Romance languages, then you’ll likely find learning Arabic to be easier than most other non-Arab speakers. If you don’t know any of these languages, however, you may still be in luck because it is still possible for anyone willing to put in the effort to learn Arabic. By learning Arabic you can become a part of a rapidly expanding community, while also gaining impressive cultural knowledge and insight into a new perspective on life.
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New Free App Aims to Preserve and Promote African Languages

A new app is looking to change the way people think about and learn the many languages spoken on the African continent. Mandla, an innovative black-owned language learning app, gives learners a free option to explore African languages while also serving as a critical cultural preservation tool. The app is currently available for iOS and will launch for Android in 2022.
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Roanoke tackles language barrier

About 95,000 of the 100,000 people who live in the city of Roanoke speak English well enough to work, attend school, receive health care, interact with government, use the transportation system and access the other necessities of life. A language barrier inhibits that engagement for the other 5,000. The city...

Earn While You Travel: Teach English Overseas

Beth is a qualified teacher and university lecturer. She believes that education and learning will help you make the most of life. Are you looking for a change, or maybe a better life-work balance? If your mother tongue is English, you can travel overseas, and help others at the same time, by teaching English to non-native speakers. You help them to improve their written and spoken English language skills, and in return you’ll usually receive a small payment, and basic accommodation. It’s a good way to experience other cultures for virtually no outlay.

Italian for Beginners | How to Learn Italian in 3 Simple Steps

The Intrepid Guide contains affiliate links. These commissions help reduce the ever-increasing costs of keeping this site active. Thanks for reading!. One of the biggest challenges in taking the first steps in learning Italian is figuring out how to, well, get started! How hard is it going to be? How do I approach learning it? What are the best and most important things to learn first with? How do I push past plateaus and continue to develop my Italian language skills?
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Rosebud Program Will Teach 7 Tribal Members Lakota Language

RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) — Seven members of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate tribe will have a paid opportunity to learn the Lakota language this spring. The Rosebud Economic Development Corporation is rolling out a new language preservation program, Lakolya Waoniya, which roughly translates to “breathing life into the Lakota language” in the coming months.

14 Spanish/English Bilingual Picture Books for Kids

Best for ages: 0-2 Indestructibles books are made of a woven material that is rip-proof, waterproof and lightweight. They are designed to be chewed, investigated and well-loved by babies and toddlers. Three books from the series – ¡Hola, granja!/Hello, Farm!, Bebé, vamos a comer!/Baby, Let’s Eat! and Te amo, bebé/Love You, Baby – have been translated into Spanish-English bilingual editions for readers in both languages.
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Cumberland County students learn about a new culture by learning new languages

Students in Cumberland County Schools are gaining beneficial insights through the World Language Program, according to teachers and a program specialist. Carmen Villalobos, a curriculum specialist with the program, is originally from Puerto Rico. “First-hand, I know the importance of language,” she said. Villalobos, who has been working for Cumberland...

The school principal in Gällivare rejects the criticism at Sjöparksskolan: "Surprising"

Two former teachers have written a letter to the administration to give their version of why teachers chose to leave Sjöparksskolan in Gällivare. The teachers write, among other things, that there are several shortcomings such as fewer student resources, special educators, special teachers and still no Swedish such as second language teaching or study support in the mother tongue.

the project for the most brutal and effective language learning technique

- "The project for the most brutal and effective language learning technique" (c) Alex Kay. The langflow project was created especially for language learning by using the most direct way. A method demands to work passionately and regularly. The main idea of the method is constant recall by students writing sentences in language which he would like to improve!

American Husband Does Not Want His Child to Learn Wife’s Asian Language

The man confessed that he had no intention of teaching their child his wife’s native language. The father was born in America and married an Asian woman, whose native language is Urdu. The father doesn’t agree with his wife’s desire that their child learns English and Urdu. A Reddit user...

HWS Debate 8th in World in ESL

After qualifying for the quarterfinal round at the World Universities Debating Championships 2021, Sarim Karim ’22 and Sreyan Kanungo ’23 became the eighth place English as a Second Language team in the world. World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) is considered the most prestigious debate tournament in the world. The 2021...