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Marketer Interest In Search Continues To Surge, Albeit More For SEO Than SEM

For the fourth straight week, intent data shows “search engines” are the most-searched topic among brand marketers, according to Bombora Company Surge. Customer experience and SEO go hand-in-hand, which is especially true for companies that buy and sell products online. For ecommerce, a company’s ability to rank highly in search...
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Top SEO Keywords for Gyms (and How to Use Them)

As the owner or manager of a gym, you must attract new customers. To accomplish this, you need to make sure that when people search for a gym or fitness center online, your website is easily accessible to them. Getting people to find your website requires the proper use of SEO keywords for gyms throughout your website.
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Southwest Takes Legal Action Over Skiplagging Search Engines

Southwest is currently in legal battles with two skiplagging search engines. After the low-cost giant sued Kiwi.com in January, Skiplagged filed a preemptory case against the airline to make its case. Southwest is unique in that it does not advertise its fares on engines like Google Flights or Expedia, instead almost solely using its own website for bookings.

Get free traffic to your website

Every time we talk about making money online, we face the giant problem which is traffic and visitors. Well we can say it's not that problem if you know what to do and that's what I'm going to teach you. Today I will talk about bringing visitors directly from Google,...

5 Secrets of a Great SEO Strategy

Did you know that people make around 3.5 billion Google searches per day? Over the course of a year, that amounts to 1.2 trillion queries!. Because Google is the #1 way that consumers look for goods and services, it’s critical that you invest in a quality digital marketing campaign. Coming up with an effective and comprehensive SEO strategy is a huge part of this. Read on to learn how you can take your digital marketing strategy to new heights.
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SEO For Real Estate Made Simple: 2 Areas To Focus On

Optimizing your website for SEO can be a daunting task for a lot of agents — but it’s key to driving potential leads to your business. Here are two simple ways you can improve your site’s visibility. New to the industry? Get started with everything you need to know about...

How to Get More Website Traffic: Methods You Probably Didn’t Know

Are you struggling to draw consumers to your website? You’re not alone. In fact, 65% of marketers have the same problem. If you can’t generate website traffic, you’ll struggle to generate leads. Without leads, you can’t improve online sales. Instead, you need a plan of attack!. Here are seven methods...

Google says Microsoft is resisting flipping documents in antitrust battles

On July 29, 2021, the logo was displayed on the Google office in New York after announcing that the resumption of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Manhattan, New York City, USA, would be postponed in response to the updated CDC guidelines. Will be done.Reuters / Andrew Kelly July 30, 2021. Washington...

5 ways to increase your online customers with plumber SEO.

The way customers do business is changing—they prefer to do business online because it’s easy and convenient for modern, on-the-go consumers. The days of cold calling and going door to door have come and gone. People don’t want to spend time on phone calls, and they certainly don’t have time to chat with a business owner on their doorstep when they could just Google search plumbing companies. That’s why nailing down your company’s online presence is a must. And it all starts with plumbing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Brain Technologies raises $50M+ for the launch of Natural, a natural language search engine and ‘superapp’

The $50 million (which is actually described as “over $50 million” by the company, with an exact number undisclosed), meanwhile, is coming from a very interesting mix of investors — backers include Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective, Goodwater Capital, Scott Cook and WTT Investment, a list that underscores some of the attention that Brain has been getting, even before having released a single product.

Google Search Warns Users About Misinformation: Why It’s Good for Us

Search engines are one of the prime sources of information. However, they can also be a source of misinformation. During the pandemic, the public faces a new threat: a "pandemic of disinformation," as United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres described it. People are often attracted to sensational news that's either controversial...

Local SEO for Lawyers

Any potential client in your area who needs a lawyer is likely going to search the internet for attorneys in their city. An estimated 30% of all mobile search users are looking for a business in their location. However, 75% of users don’t navigate past page one of their search results. If your website isn’t set up for local search engine optimization (SEO), you are likely missing out on a large pool of clients in your own backyard. Local SEO for lawyers helps you find these customers.
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Semantic Search: What It Is & Why It Matters for SEO Today

Many things have changed since 2010 when SEO was more concerned with getting as many backlinks as you could and including as many keywords as possible. In 2021, the focus has shifted to understanding intent and behavior, and the context – semantics – behind them. Today, search engine understanding has...
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Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Local SEO

The local SEO strategy is based on marketing your products and services to local leads and customers. It puts your business in front of your target audience and helps you to maximize traffic and sales for your business. Optimizing your website for local SEO is essential since 46% of all...