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How do dolphins learn to live along the coast?

Ocean-dwelling dolphins have repeatedly adapted to life in coastal areas throughout history. In a world that is constantly changing—perhaps faster than over multiple generations—it is important to learn more about how different species adapt to new conditions. How can dolphins adapt to life in a new environment on...
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55 of the World's Most Beautiful Destinations

What is the most beautiful place in the world? To compile the world's most beautiful places is an inherently subjective and impossible task, but we'd like to think that this list at least scratches the surface of some of the extraordinary beauty the world has to offer. Focusing largely on national parks, mountains, beaches, deserts, and other natural wonders, our list is sure to inspire your next dream destination. Join us for a journey to some of the most beautiful places in the world, from temple ruins on the slopes of the Andes to mountains with dizzying colorful layers to glorious coral reefs.
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Family finds their ‘forever home’ after eight years at sea

The Phillips family had to drop anchor and drop plans to circumnavigate the world after Covid restrictions stranded them in Samoa. So, after eight years of living on a 53-ft., 28-ton sailboat, they sold their boat and searched for a home in the states. House deals in West Virginia, Georgia, and Holiday Island fell through before they found the home of their dreams in Eureka Springs.

Russia completes closure of secretive whale jail

An infamous ?whale jail? discovered on Russia's Pacific coast in 2018 has been dismantled, officials announced last week. It drew the ire of activists when dozens of sea mammals were found locked up there in tiny enclosures. The collection of pools used to house the animals has now been completely...

Killer Whales Invading Newly Melted Arctic Ocean

Killer whales are spending more time in the newly melted portions of the Arctic Ocean. Considered by researchers to be an attempt to expand their hunting grounds, the whales are doing so despite the increased risk of being trapped by the re-freezing of water into ice. BACKGROUND: ARCTIC SEA AND...

Sea Of Thieves Fireworks Guide

Sea Of Thieves Fireworks Guide, The latest Patch 2.4.0., as of the time of this article, has finally arrived in Sea Of Thieves and just in time for the Holidays. With the Patch, a lot of new Items were introduced and one of those being the Fireworks. Fireworks are collectible and usable resources found in Sea Of Thieves. So to explain what they are, where to get them, and how to find them; I have made this Sea Of Thieves Fireworks Guide.
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Mystic Aquarium treating six rescued sea turtles

Mystic — Mystic Aquarium announced Wednesday that it is treating six critically endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtles that were rescued Dec. 2 from a beach in Wellfleet, Mass., on Cape Cod. The turtles, which were found "cold-stunned" or suffering from hypothermia, initially were brought to the National Marine Life...

SEALIFE AT MALL OF AMERICA | Explore a Rainforest This Winter!

Explore a tropical 2 story rainforest full of Caiman, Piranha, Poison Dart Frogs and more this winter and spring! Minnesota’s Biggest aquarium offers amazing adventures through the vines and beneath the waves no matter the weather! Reserve your group outing before space fills up!. Special discounted pricing available to all...

How a Native American tribe on Long Island is losing its land to rising seas

The Shinnecock Indian Nation is fighting to save what's left of its land as climate change prompts sea levels to rise and eat away the shoreline in Long Island, New York. European settlers, and later the U.S. government, for centuries have forcefully relocated Indigenous tribes onto marginal lands more vulnerable to climate hazards.

Can algal engineering help to tackle sea lice?

A Scottish startup has received £125,000 from the Seafood Innovation Fund (SIF) to explore the benefits of using natural kelp structures as hides for cleaner fish on salmon farms. KelpRing, which is based on Skye, has also secured additional input from the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC), salmon producer Loch...

A Billion Sea Creatures Cooked to Death

This article was originally published by High Country News. During this summer’s stifling heat wave, Robin Fales patrolled the same sweep of shore on Washington’s San Juan Island every day at low tide. The stench of rotting sea life grew as temperatures edged toward triple digits—roughly 30 degrees above average—and Fales watched the beds of kelp she studies wilt and fade. “They were bleaching more than I had ever seen,” recalls Fales, a Ph.D. candidate and marine ecologist at the University of Washington. She didn’t know if they would make it.