What does Nvidia's PhysX engine actually do?

PhysX is essentially a physics engine. Simple, you can leave now. Although it's more than just that. Still in development by Nvidia, the PhysX API gives game designers a cheaty, GPU accelerated way of simulating realistic, dynamic objects in 3D environments. It's one of the most popular ways to simulate...
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Appcues nabs $32.1M for analytics and no-code tools to fix user onboarding

Appcues — one of the startups building technology both to identify onboarding issues and then provide low-code, non-technical solutions to fix them quickly — is today announcing a $32.1 million Series B round. The funding is a sign not just of the demand in the market for more tools to address all of this, but of Appcues’ traction in doing so.
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HERE, Goodyear enable predictive tire maintenance

HERE Technologies announced that its location services are being integrated into Goodyear Total Mobility fleet management solution. The fleet management solution combines data from Goodyear’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with HERE location services. With HERE location services, fleet operators and Goodyear service providers can localize a vehicle in need of a service or road assistance intervention within a few meters. In addition, Goodyear has been using HERE software development kit (SDK) to provide a mobile application for commercial drivers.

Dieschburg to fix law after waste contract sparks anger

Environment Minister Carole Dieschbourg will create a legal basis for a 100 million euro contract four years after the government awarded it to a waste disposal company in a controversy that lawmakers have grilled Monday. A law governing the SuperDrecksKëscht (SDK) – under which Luxembourg paid Oeko-Service Luxembourg (OSL) nearly...

RISCV SDK with RUST support

Hello everyone,am trying to build SDK for RISC-V which supports RUST lang,so i can cross compile a file from my x86-linux-machine to RISC-V board(). Am a Newbie,can i get some help please??? i tried to add rust binary and trying to build SDK with rust support. but i couldn't accomplish it.

German startup HeyCharge facilitates EVSE installation in parking garages

BMW i Ventures, the BMW Group’s venture capital firm, has invested in German startup HeyCharge, which is on a mission to install EV charging stations in locations such as apartment complexes and office buildings. “HeyCharge enables EV charging without an internet connection, which is a key enabler to cover...

Anonybit Raises $3.5M for its Decentralized Biometrics Infrastructure Solution

The pandemic has exponentially increased the number of digital interactions. The unprecedented, rapid, and massive shift to remote work introduced new security vulnerabilities. Companies were forced to ensure that identity management and private data was protected just as it was in a traditional office setting, introducing new challenges to address the new reality. 55% of business leaders recently surveyed indicate that their companies made investments in new identity security capabilities since the start of the pandemic. Anonybit is a provider of biometrics infrastructure solutions that allow security and identity solutions providers and enterprises to decentralize biometric data into anonymized bits that reside in a peer-to-peer network. Available as an SDK, Anonybit is a lightweight, easily integratable solution that is versatile enough to serve the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market in the enterprise and also consumer-facing needs such as password/account management for user accounts. With sensitive data now spread across the network, companies become less prone to attacks from hackers and data becomes more secure as there isn’t a central database to serve as a target.

Top 9 Software Testing Companies to Address in 2022

If you’re interested in a third-party software testing company that can increase the quality of your product, the options reviewed below should be right up your alley. You’ll particularly appreciate this information if you've already tried looking for top-tier testing solutions but came up short. The provided list...

Newsletter - January 2022

In this month's newsletter, learn about expanding coverage for customer authorizations, as well as our upcoming Tech Talk with Plaid CEO Zach Perret on January 24 at 9 a.m. PT , where we’ll discuss the latest fintech trends and predictions. Product highlights. Coming soon: Automatic update to the Account...

Broadcom’s WiFi 6/6E AP and Mesh Solutions Now Support WiFi Sensing Applications

Aerial Technologies, the pioneer and leader in WiFi Sensing, has announced the availability of its award-winning WiFi sensing intelligence applications on Broadcom's Residential 6 GHz WiFi access point (AP) and mesh Solutions. WiFi sensing, at the most fundamental level, enables an active WiFi network to concurrently serve as a ubiquitous...

Accessing public and private B2 S3 buckets in Rust

The AWS S3 Storage API is ubiquitous and has been picked up by other 3rd party storage vendors like Backblaze B2, Minio, Wasabi, Storj, and IDrive. This is excellent for developers and sysadmins as it facilitates integration testing and experimentation with cloud storage providers. There is an AWS SDK available for 10 languages so chances are you can use the official SDK and connect it to a non-AWS endpoint.

Reductress » The Best Sports Merch to Protect Yourself From Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

There may be a deadly pandemic outside, but coronavirus isn’t the only danger lurking about. There are also hate crimes! If you’re ever worried about harassment and assault, you may want to cover up, and signal to racists that you “belong here.” If you need to step outside and are Asian, we’ve got the perfect U.S. sports merch to help you ward off anti-Asian violence and show off that team spirit!

A sample url shortener app to test Keploy integration capabilities

A sample url shortener app to test Keploy integration capabilities. git clone cd test-app-url-shortner go mod tidy. To add the keploy the SDK we need to wrap the dependencies of the url-shortner app, here, dynamodb client and webgo router. See complete instructions to integrate Keploy Go SDK at keploy/go-sdk.

Possible to create a plug-in for Autocad/Bricscad to hot-link SketchUp file?

I’m an architect, not a developer, although I have some programming experience from many years ago. I use SketchUp in my architectural practice for 3d design but do my 2D work and construction documents in Bricscad (a clone of Autocad). I’m not interested in switching to Layout as it does not provide the CAD capabilities that I need.

New Data Sheet, New Errata Document, New SDK

The Ambiq website indicates that there is a new version of the Apollo3 Blue data sheet. Sadly, you now have to fill out a form to download it. Even more sadly, when I fill out the form the site won't let me click on 'submit'. Has anyone been able to...

Alibaba Cloud Market SDK for Go

It’s necessary for you to make sure your system have installed Go environment which version greater than 1.12.0. If you use go mod to manage your dependence, you can use the following command:. Issues. Opening an Issue, Issues not conforming to the guidelines may be closed immediately. Usage. Changelog.
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What does “open” really mean to you?

In the world we live in today, almost every announcement has the word “open” in it. Unfortunately, it feels like there are as many definitions of what “open” means as there are announcements mentioning it. Sometimes it means “we have documented our closed-source SDK from our 100 percent proprietary product”, but nothing more. Allow me to give you my definition. Plus, you can sign up for a free digital event to learn more about Microsoft's commitment to Open Source.

ConnectionAssist Device Onboarding

Excellent Wi-Fi service starts with a great onboarding experience. ConnectionAssist is a powerful suite of software and services offering identity management, network policy management, device profile provisioning, and software development kits (SDKs). PROFILE MANAGER SDK. The Profile Manager SDKs for iOS and Android simplify the user onboarding experience in applications.

VinFast taps HERE to accelerate in-car navigation for its smart electric cars

HERE Navigation provides VinFast with a highly customizable and upgradeable navigation experience throughout the life cycle of its smart electric cars. HERE SDK offers users a seamless driving experience via VinFast’s mobile application. CES 2022 / Singapore – VinFast, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles and the first Vietnamese...