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Millions in Punitive Damages Awarded to Restaurant Scrum Good Samaritans

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Four men who previously were collectively ordered to pay about $40 million to a brother and sister and a third man severely beaten after acting as good Samaritans outside a West Hollywood restaurant in 2015 were additionally directed to pay the trio millions of dollars more in punitive damages.
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5 Popular Free And Open Source Project Management Tools

New to Linux and the open source world? We have compiled a huge list of resources to help you go through Linux and its distributions. Visit the full Linux guide page right now. Subscribe to Monthly Newsletter. Once per month, you can subscribe to receive our newsletter that contains everything...
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Amazon India is hiring software engineers; apply here

Qualification - BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MS in computer science or with relevant experience. The strong data structure, Algorithm and Problem solving skills. 8 years of professional software development experience. Experience in seeing through a complete software life cycle and showing ownership. Excellent programming skills in object-oriented languages including C, C, C#, or Java.

What is a scrum master?

A scrum master may sound like something out of a Marvel movie, but it is an important job in software development. scrum masters are integral parts of agile development. They are responsible for managing communication between team members to keep projects on track and the scrum framework is followed. “Servant leaders” as the Scrum Guide puts it. Scrum is a software development methodology embedded in self-organization and adaptability in line with agile principles.

PSM Job Roles and Career Opportunities – Complete details

Scrum is an Agile framework that helps organizations and teams to develop, deliver, and sustain a project in complex environments. It is widely popular and is now being used in marketing, research, etc, apart from IT and software development. More and more companies are moving towards Agile methodologies as it has proved to give significant results. Some of the prominent companies that use Scrum are Google, Apple, Facebook, Adobe, Yahoo, Salesforce, Netflix, Amazon, Siemens, etc. Hence, it is obvious that you get to work in leading companies if you are a good Scrum Master. The measure of your value as a scrum master is reflected by a certification. While choosing a certification, the most important thing to consider is its value and what it promises to deliver. Therefore, the certification that is widely popular and globally recognized is the PSM certification awarded by Scrum.org.

What Is Scrum in Project Management?

The adoption of Agile has grown and advanced over the previous decade, as organizations search to adapt to altering trade wants and ship merchandise with increased high quality and better effectivity. Initially utilized in software program growth, Agile has now been adopted throughout all sectors and industries. As reported within...

4 Agile Scrum Ceremonies Explained by a Certified Scrum Master

A look into the powerful backbone that makes Agile development easy. No, not that type of scrum. Today we’re talking Agile development!. These four meetings, or “scrum ceremonies,” make up the powerful backbone of Agile development. Each one plays a critical part of the Scrum framework and simply must not be deviated from. In the following article, I will give an overview of each and explain the immediate benefits you will see by applying it to your software development cadence.

How To Define Features in Agile Methodology?

Agile initiatives are identified for his or her easy, iterative strategy to chopping via the complexity. Even essentially the most formidable of Agile initiatives is taken one step at a time and breaks down advanced work packages and duties into low-level subtasks. Options and capabilities which are wanted within the completed product are listed out, after which damaged all the way down to manageable chunks that are taken up and accomplished, one by one.

“Agile” in Scare Quotes

I’ve been ranting a lot about Agile recently, but I can’t help talking about it without using scare quotes. Why is that?. I’m not a software developer so my understanding of Agile is predicated on the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, opposed to specific implementations such as Scrum or SAFe, which are ostensibly intended to be applications of the principles as described in the manifesto.
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Gain a project management certification with these low-cost training courses

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Want to manage your team better? This $46 project management certification can help

In a workforce that has been radically altered by the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, not to mention the labor shortages and wage adjustments that came along with it, it's crucial for businesses everywhere to be as efficient as possible. For some teams and entrepreneurs, that looks like investing in project management to make the teams run better. But on a personal level, mastering project management can not only develop an in-demand skill set for your current job, but also make you irresistible to recruiters if you're on the hunt for a new job.

What is Scrum?

Though its origins can be traced to the rugby field, the word Scrum has taken on a new meaning, and purpose, in today’s professional workforce. Today, Scrum serves as a framework for getting things done. In the early days, the framework was largely applied to software development, but its use has become more common in Scrum project management and other sectors, including marketing, product development, and financial services.

Why the Lions bent the ear of scrum expert Mike Cron this week

Lions forward coach Robin McBryde has admitted he spent more than half an hour talking scrums this week to Mike Cron, the World Rugby set-piece consultant who coached the All Blacks in 210 Test matches before stepping away from that work with the Kiwis in 2019. The scrum was viewed as a huge area of the game for Warren Gatland’s tourists following the demolition job which the Springboks carried out on England in the World Cup final.