PvPvE shooter Scavengers launches in early access via Twitch Drops

Freezy survival-ish battle royaler Scavengers launches today in early access. Although we've got more than enough squad-based royale 'em ups in every flavor right now, Scavengers seems to lean into the "environment" bit of PvPvE enough to have caught my attention. It's caught plenty of other folks' attention too, it seems. Scavengers is entertaining over 100,000 viewers on Twitch at the moment, though it surely owes a good chunk of that to the fact that it's currently handing out early access keys exclusively through Twitch Drops. It will be openly available free to play in early access "in the near future".
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Free to play PvPvE shooter Scavengers enters early access this week

Upcoming PvPvE shooter Scavengers is just about ready to head out into the storm. The battle royaler has your squad of three dropping into a frozen wasteland where you'll try to escape on a drop ship without being killed by 57 other players, the cold, or a ton of different enemies. It sounds like this competitive survival game leans pretty well into its PvE side, which I personally welcome. It's launching into early access free-to-play this Wednesday, April 28th.
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Scavengers is a showcase for Midwinter first, SpatialOS second

2019 was an eventful year for cloud computing company Improbable and its SpatialOS networking technology. On the one hand, three of the highest-profile games using SpatialOS got the axe, as Bossa Studios' Worlds Adrift and Spilt Milk's Lazarus were abandoned in pre-release testing and the 1,000-player battle royale Mavericks: Proving Grounds was lost when developer Automaton Games shut down.
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Scavengers is a brutal and bitterly cold multiplayer survival game with a great slide

After playing Scavengers for a couple of hours, I felt cold. Like, to the bone. I'd frozen to death a few times from an impromptu storm that had caught my teammates and I on our heels. My character, arms wrapped tightly around themselves as I ran as fast as my limited stamina would let me to what I hoped was shelter, simply couldn't take the cold any more, and died. We were inches away from a fire. Such is the harsh world of this new game.

PvPvE Battle Royale Game Scavengers Is Now Live In Early Access With Twitch Drops

Scavengers, a battle royale game that leans into the PVP and the PVE elements of gaming, has launched into Early Access today. Scavengers is a squad and class-based battle royale title, seeing players not just take on each other, but overcome the environment in a PvPvE battle royale. The game itself also has some survival mechanics, world bosses and more to contend with amongst the players trying to make their way to the top of the leaderboards.

Skip the line: we're giving away 5000 keys for Scavengers

Scavengers, a competitive sandbox shooter that mixes PvP with PvE in a frigid open world, is out in Early Access tomorrow and you should really give it a shot. We dug it in our latest hands-on, and we're mega curious about its experimental 9000-player mode ScavLab, where you can do anything from reenacting Braveheart scenes to hitting the slopes on your butt with thousands of other real players.

GIVEAWAY! 4,000 Steam Early Access keys for PvPvE shooter Scavengers

Scavengers launches today in Steam Early Access, and you may not have to wait for a key. Scavengers, the new shooter from former Halo developers, is finally available. Scavengers is among a new breed of games mixing PvE and PvP in a single match. It’s a third-person shooter for three-player...

Scavengers could be the next surprise hit of 2021

VIDEO: Scavengers hands-on preview, how it plays and what we think, also available on YouTube. A telltale sign of a good PC game? You're laughing when things go horribly wrong. Scavengers is the first game in a big battle royale scale environment to pack all the juicy, chaotic variables of an open world game in, ensuring that most outcomes, failures or not, are funny or surprising.

Scavengers research and crafting guide

Scavengers, the brand new sandbox survival shooter, is out now...sort of. If you watch 30 minutes of it on Twitch, you get instant access to the Steam Early Access version. But it's worth the wait—you're in for a good time. Scavengers is about much more than just killing an entire...

16 tips for getting started with Scavengers' clever spin on battle royale

Scavengers might look a lot like other games you've dumped dozens of hours into, but this isn't really a battle royale. Wrapping your head around how its points-based ranking system changes the flow of a match ain't easy for anyone conditioned to perfect their K/D ratio above all else. Sure, you've got weapons to loot, shields to upgrade, characters with unique tactical abilities, and circles slowly closing in on the map, but Scavengers is going to take some adjusting to.

The best settings for Scavengers

While almost all developers strive to keep their games in top shape, it’s the competition that drives them to be better everyday. Updates of rival games or new features that are discovered by competitors are all reasons to keep pushing forward in terms of developing and maintaining a game. As...

Scavengers Early Access Date is Next Week

Scavengers, a free-to-play strategic shooter where players form squads of three to survive and fight for dominance, will be launching its Early Access next Wednesday on April 28, 2021. Midwinter Games, the developer of Scavengers, announced the news on Twitter yesterday, along with the interesting tidbit that players who either have a Steam key or register via the official Scavengers website will be able to play immediately on the 28th. It was also announced that in order to start off their Twitch community, those who want to access Early Access after the game launches will be able to do so by watching Twitch streams and getting a Twitch Drop.

Manistee County To Participate In Great Michigan Scavenger Hunt

Manistee County is participating in the Great Michigan Scavenger Hunt next week, which celebrates national travel and tourism week. The Great Michigan Scavenger Hunt aims to get people excited about travelling in Michigan and locally. Residents of Manistee have the chance to find thirty gift certificates that have been hidden...

History Scavenger Hunt held at Phelps-Tavenner House

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) -The first day of the Spring History Scavenger Hunt was Wednesday at the historic Phelps-Tavenner House in Parkersburg. The Parkersburg and Wood County Library partnered with the Wood County Historical and Preservation Society to host the event. The scavenger hunt is a fun way for participants to...
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Scavengers Early Access Launch Date Scheduled for Next Week

Scavengers is launching into its early access period next week, with the free-to-play PvEvP shooter’s release date set for Wednesday, April 28. If you’re an interested player without a Steam key and you’ve not participated in the game’s previous playtests, developer Midwinter Entertainment encourages you to register on its website for immediate launch access. Keep in mind, though, that registration will close on April 26 at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET, so you have until then to register.
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Vital to a clean world, scavengers left to plead for vaccine

NEW DELHI — The scavengers wait patiently for a dump truck to tip the trash on the summit of the landfill outside New Delhi. Armed with plastic bags, they plunge their bare hands into the garbage and start sorting it. Every day, more than 2,300 tons of garbage is dumped...

Scavenger hunt raises money to help kids achieve dreams

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Frontier Field transformed into "home base" for a scavenger hunt over the weekend. The Dream Factory of Rochester organized a scavenger hunt fundraiser for the community Saturday. Members hid clues across downtown, so families could find hidden gems and visit local businesses, all while competing for some fun prizes.