ITV Reveals First Look at ‘Romulus 2,’ Launches Global Sales (EXCLUSIVE)

ITV has revealed a first look at “Romulus 2,” the second season of Cattleya’s innovative Rome origins skein enacted in archaic Latin. The outfit is also launching global sales on the series, which has just wrapped shooting and is being touted as more “fast paced and in your face” than the first instalment, as Lisa Perrin, the company’s chief of international productions, puts it. The first season of the lavish Sky Italy original produced by Sky and Cattleya — which is owned by ITV Studios — in collaboration with show runner Matteo Rovere’s Groenlandia shingle, has now attained cult status, if not stellar...
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IVE Leeseo Goes Viral Following Music Show Performance — Here’s Why

IVE member Leeseo goes viral following a clip from a music show performance. Keep on reading for all the details!. IVE Leeseo Goes Viral Following Music Show Performance. IVE is proving themselves to be one of the hottest rookie groups at the moment. Besides the popularity brought about by the two former IZ*ONE members, Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin, the other members are all gaining attention for their stunning visuals and young age.
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“The Red Sleeve” And Its Stars Continue To Dominate Most Buzzworthy Drama And Actor Lists

MBC’s “The Red Sleeve” continues to sweep this week’s rankings for the most buzzworthy dramas and actors!. For the fourth consecutive week, “The Red Sleeve” topped Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of the dramas that generated the most buzz. The company determines each week’s rankings by collecting data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media about dramas that are either currently airing or set to air soon.

Jang Ki Yong Reignites the Spark Under Song Hye Kyo as SBS Romance Now We are Breaking Up is Watchable Solely for the OTP Scenes

Okay, I am ALL CAUGHT UP on SBS Fri-Sat drama Now, We are Breaking Up and boy do I have thoughts! That’s good because a drama that makes me feel an opinion whatever it is makes me remember it in the long run. I still remember Blood just as vividly as I do Goblin in completely different ways haha. I feel like the reception is primarily negative for this drama through 8-episodes, and the falling ratings belie that. I thought I would fall into that camp because the first 2 episodes while not bad for me also didn’t hook me and I went three weeks without catching up until now. To my surprise I actually like it, not the full drama because the fashion stuff and the workplace stuff and even the friendship stuff, that all bores me to tears in this drama, but I actually like the OTP. Yes, I’m surprised at my own reaction too lol. It’s like a different take on Encounter (Boyfriend) and perhaps that why Song Hye Kyo is being criticized because she’s basically playing yet another cold, emotionally closed off, successful career woman.

Sharp Electronic’s Business Systems names SVP for sales, service ops

Joe O’Malley will serve as senior vice president of direct sales and service operations for Sharp Imaging and Information Co. of America’s Sharp Business Systems, the company announced Dec. 6. In his new position, O’Malley is responsible for all aspects of the direct sales business and will report directly to...

Airdate: Iggy & Ace | TV Tonight

WA-primarily based drama Iggy & Ace, which has earlier screened at SBS on Desire, is receiving a Free to Air screening tonight on SBS VICELAND. The 6 x 10 moment series starring Sara West and Josh Virgona as LGBTQI very best friends dealing with alcoholism, will screen as a one block.

Former DINA Agent Living in Australia Is One Step Closer to Facing Justice in Chile

With Rivas one step closer to facing the Chilean courts, pressure should be ramped up for further disclosure on Australia’s duplicitous role, and how it might be contributing towards the oblivion and impunity enacted by Pinochet. Chile’s dictatorship operated over 1,200 detention and torture centres, yet Cuartel Simon Bolivar was...

[Photo] As Christmas approaches, medical staff are 'all day and night'

The ward for critically ill patients at Bakae Hospital, Pyeongtaek, a hospital exclusively for COVID-19, is lit up brightly. Christmas tree and ornaments placed in the critically ill ward of Bakae Hospital, Pyeongtaek. View larger image. View larger image. Medical staff in the critically ill ward of Pyeongtaek Parkae Hospital...

Sharp names O’Malley senior vice president of Sharp Business Systems

Joe O’Malley has been appointed as the new senior vice president of Sharp Imaging and Information Co. of America‘s direct sales and service operations, Sharp Business Systems. In this role, O’Malley reports directly to SIICA CEO and President Mike Marusic and is responsible for all aspects of the direct sales business for SIICA.

Small Business Saturday: Why Should You Shop?

While you could be thinking about shopping at big-box retailers, you could do with small business Saturday- with the current pandemic situation. To be fair, in a time which has been marked with disruptions in the supply chain along with inflation, most of the small businesses deserve our attention. And...

Choi Yena Personally Responds to Malicious Rumors about Her Involvement with Jaesan Holdings Chairman

Choi Yena has spoken up about the malicious rumors involving her and the chairman of Jaesan Holdings through an official statement. On Nov. 30, SBS released private messages between celebrity "A," who debuted as a singer, and Jee Jae Hwan, the chairman of Jaesan Holdings and younger brother of CJ Group's chairman Lee Jae Hyun. Some netizens speculated that the celebrity is Choi Yena, but the idol's celebrity Yuehua Entertainment shut down the rumors by announcing that they will take legal action against malicious rumors about their artists.