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City Council Conducts First Reading on Emergency SB9 Ordinance

The City Council on Monday successfully conducted the first reading on an emergency ordinance pertaining to the construction of multiple dwelling on single-family zoned parcels pursuant to SB 9. According to the ordinance, SB 9 requires that local agencies must ministerially approve certain subdivisions of one single-family residential lot into...
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In Part II of this series about SB 9, I stated that the Terner Center Report miscalculated how ordinary homeowners would respond to the bill’s “by right” lot splitting provisions and see it as a wealth-building tool. I also suggested that private interests would start approaching homeowners with new schemes to encourage them to split lots. It didn’t take long for evidence of this to emerge.

We Get Letters: Speak Up on SB 9

Help shape Pasadena! Please share your opinions with the City for two hugely important meetings this week that will have permanent impacts on our city. On Monday, December 6 at 4:30 PM, the City Council will consider an interim urgency ordinance pertaining to the construction of multiple units on single-family zoned parcels pursuant to State Senate Bill 9 (SB 9). This City ordinance could define various development standards for SB 9-related projects.

The End of Single-Unit Zoning? Understanding and Implementing SB 9

Please join APA California in conversation with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to review one of the most discussed (and misunderstood) bills from 2021: SB 9. Billed as the end of single-unit zoning in California, SB 9 creates new approval processes for multi-unit development statewide. Our panel will discuss what the law requires and what planners can do to help facilitate smooth implementation of the law at a local level.

Alabama DOL Publishes Emergency Rules for Handling Appeals to Employers’ Denials of Vaccine Exemption Requests

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey recently signed into law Senate Bill (SB) 9, which restricts Alabama employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment. SB 9 directs Alabama employers to “exempt vaccination as a condition of employment for any employee who has completed and submitted [an] exemption form” and “liberally construe [an] employee’s eligibility for an exemption in favor of the employee.”

[COMMENTARY] Americans Worried About Climate Change Should Follow California’s Example and Support Housing Built Near Public Transit

California is a leader in tackling climate change. The science is firm: the earth is getting hotter and we humans are largely the cause. Most Californians support policies to address climate change, including the need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to a recent study by the Public Policy Institute of California, among others. However, in order to meet the state’s GHG reduction targets, Californians are creating housing in areas that are well served by public transportation.

UPDATE: San Jose officials suggest dropping Opportunity Housing

A San Jose commission is asking the City Council to abandon a controversial local housing initiative in favor of a similar state law. And they’re looking for ways to ensure the law would open the door to more affordable housing. The Planning Commission voted 8-2 Wednesday to approve several staff recommendations for how to implement... The post UPDATE: San Jose officials suggest dropping Opportunity Housing appeared first on San José Spotlight.

Poll: Majority of LA County residents support duplex law

A majority of Los Angeles County voters support a California law that will allow duplexes in most single-family neighborhoods statewide. A poll of voters by the L.A. Business Council Institute and L.A. Times found 55 percent of respondents support Senate Bill 9, which will take effect January 1. The poll...

California Senate Bill 9’s Unintended Consequences - To A Hammer, Everything’s A Nail

It purported to be a definitive assessment of the impacts of SB 9. The Terner Center was founded by real estate developers and its financial partners. Normally, this might be neither here nor there, but in this case it’s worth noting. Some of The Terner Center’s major funders, such as the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Facebook), have been consistently using their do-gooder organization as a marketing arm to promote a self-interested housing agenda that is solidly pro-development at any cost.

Cities Finding Ways to Resist State-Mandated Upzoning

Liam Dillon reports for the Los Angeles Times on the methods California cities are using to resist the mandates of Senate Bill 9, a statewide upzoning bill approved earlier this year. According to Dillon, "Cities across the state, from Los Altos Hills and Cupertino in the Bay Area to Pasadena...

SB 9 for Affordable Housing? No.

The SB 9 bill allows large developers from any state to buy up single family homes in any town, then build an eight-story apartment on the same property or butt up another home next to the existing. These homes will not be affordable, and SB 9 is no solution to affordable housing, it is just the opposite. This bill will only benefit big developers who have the money to buy up single properties and then build additional, expensive apartments or homes on the properties.

Public Hearing Regarding Lot Splits and Residential Projects in the Single-Family Residential Zone District

On Monday, December 13, 2021, at 6:00 p.m., the Goleta Planning Commission will conduct a virtual public hearing to consider a resolution recommending to the City Council adoption of Urgency and Non-Urgency Ordinances related to implementation of Senate Bill 9 of 2021 (SB 9). SB 9 requires cities to both (a) allow a single-family lot to be split, roughly into halves and (b) allow up to two single-family dwellings to be developed on each single-family residential lot.

San Jose Spotlight: San Jose Commission To Consider Dropping Opportunity Housing Initiative

San Jose lawmakers will soon weigh recommendations on how to implement a controversial state law that changes residential zoning. On Wednesday, the Planning Commission will discuss recommendations for how to implement SB 9, a new law that effectively ends single-family zoning by allowing homeowners to divide residential properties into two lots that can accommodate multiple units, provided the property meets lot size specifications.