Is Using Humor And Sarcasm Appropriate While Coaching?

A great way to have fun and bring a team together is by using humor. However, some coaches may think that they are using humor when they are using sarcasm. Sarcasm can be hurtful to players and destructive to the team, so it is important to be aware of the difference.
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Comic Kunal Kamra Says His Shows Cancelled, Adds “How To” Sarcasm

Popular comedian Kunal Kamra’s shows scheduled for the next 20 days in Bangalore have been cancelled, he informed in a Tweet from his official account. In a sarcastic post announcing the news on the microblogging site, he said the official reason for the sudden move was the denial of permission to seat 45 people at the venue, which he claims can accommodate more than that number. The other reason, he said, was threats made to the organisers that the venue would be shut down if he was ever to perform there. It is not clear yet who made these threats. “I guess this is also part of the Covid protocol and new guidelines. I suppose I am seen as a variant of the virus now,” he said.
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OKC Philharmonic brings whimsy, beauty to performance

A recent Oklahoma City Philharmonic concert, led by Alexander Mickelthwate, delivered an exciting, playful program of French and Russian works. The concert opened with Darius Milhaud’s absurdist ballet, "Le boeuf sur le toit, Op. 58." While the wacky, absurdist ballet made for a delightful opener, the somewhat reserved ensemble could have brought even more whimsy and fun to the performance.
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Facebook Seller Encounters Entitled Cheapskate & Trolls Her Hard

Who knew that unloading $35 worth of Victoria's Secret gear could result in such a roller coaster ride? Certainly not this poor soul. This Facebook seller thought she had a buyer - and then the cheap college student basically admitted she'd rather go out with her friends than pick up the clothes - just after asking that the seller offer her a payment plan. We understand it's tough to to pay your way through school, but this is clearly a case of shitty priorities than anything else. The frustrated seller seemed to agree, and took the opportunity to sarcastically offer to give the college princess the clothing for free. Unfortunately, stupid people don't really pick up on sarcasm, and things really devolve from there.
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Julia Manikk – OOH LA LA!

Julia Manikk delivers an instant smash on the new song “OOH LA LA! ”. The song doesn’t waste a single second to prove its value, with a big-time sound that’s hard to turn away from, as you get engulfed by the waves of the music. It marvels in the production, as well as the vocals that are amazing in its presence, to make you feel the writing to that righteous level on this incredible body of work. Along with a colorful-breathtaking music video, showing the artist’s versatility, talent, and style, Julia’s latest release is scheduled for November 5th.

Warner's Wife Candice Slays Critics With Sarcasm As Opener Bags Top Award & Fans Love It

Form is temporary, class is permanent. Australian opener David Warner proved the same in the just-concluded T20 World Cup. Not only did he play a key role in Australia’s maiden T20 World cup triumph, but also silenced his critics who wrote him off by bagging the ‘Player of the Tournament’ award for scoring most runs in this year’s multi-nation event.

Why machine-learning chatbots find it difficult to respond to idioms, metaphors, rhetorical questions, sarcasm

Unlike most humans, AI chatbots struggle to respond appropriately in text-based conversations when faced with idioms, metaphors, rhetorical questions, and sarcasm. Small talk can be difficult for machines. Although language models can write sentences that are grammatically correct, they aren’t very good at coping with subtle nuances in communication. Humans have much more experience in social interactions, and use all sorts of cues from facial expressions and vocal tones to body language to understand intent. Chatbots, however, have limited contextual knowledge and relationships between words are reduced to numbers and mathematical operations.

Alice Evans sends Ioan Gruffudd’s new girlfriend Bianca Wallace a sarcastic apology

Alice Evans has directed a sarcasm-drenched apology to her estranged husband Ioan Gruffud’s new girlfriend after sharing an image of the previous couple collectively. The actress, 53, informed her followers she was ‘sorry for hurting’ Ioan’s accomplice Bianca Wallace, 29, by posting the cosy snap of them collectively in happier instances on her Instagram web page final week.