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Solar flair: Sun-powered cars pass through Golden Belt

Golden Belt roadway travelers might have glimpsed a unique sight around the noon hour Wednesday. The blink-and-you-missed it opportunity included a caravan of college students as they raced their solar-powered vehicles through Kansas, road-rally style. One person watching the cars go by a 10th Street business in Great Bend said...
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Pioneer Bluffs presents Santa Fe Trail history

Beginning in 1821, the Santa Fe Trail was actively in use for almost 60 years. How could a relatively short-lived highway of commerce have a legacy lasting two hundred years? A Prairie Talk at a historic Flint Hills ranch will explore this subject. At 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21, Steve...
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Santa Fe Trail 200th Anniversary: Leander Herron's Medal of Honor

For the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail the Dodge City/Fort Dodge/Cimarron Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association is spotlighting sites along the trail in Ford and Gray Counties. This week we are highlighting Leander Herron and the battle on Coon Creek. This storyboard was...
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American Solar Challenge teams start journey in Independence

Teams of college students in the American Solar Challenge left Tuesday morning from the Independence Square, bound for New Mexico. The teams are scheduled to reach New Mexico on Saturday in their solar-powered vehicles. They were scheduled to reach McPherson, Kansas, by the end of Tuesday, as they traveled the approximate path of the Santa Fe Trail to commemorate the trail’s bicentennial.
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Students to drive the trail for the 2021 American Solar Challenge

As local historians continue to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail this year, other entities have put together events to mark the occasion as well. According to the National Park Service, college students will be taking the 900-mile trail from Independence, Missouri, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in solar-powered cars for the 2021 American Solar Challenge.
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The Santa Fe Social clubhouse in Yucca Valley will distribute free surplus food tomorrow (August 4) from 3-5 p.m. The food is distributed first-come, first-served. There will be drive-through and walk-up distributions. Please stay in your car until your turn; the walk-up line is for people who do not have a vehicle. You must be able to pick up your own food box; staff will not be available to bring food to your car. Everyone is required to wear a mask. The Santa Fe clubhouse is located at 56020 Santa Fe Trail, Suite M, in Yucca Valley. For more information, call Phebe at 626-684-0560.
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Taos Historical Society shines a light

The Taos County Historical Society announces the return of its monthly public programs to the Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Boardroom at 118 Cruz Alta Rd., Taos, on Aug. 7, 2021 at 2 p.m. Speaker Christine St. Vrain Fischahs will present "Shedding Light on the Santa Fe Trail's 1839 Mysterious Female Traveler." Admission is free for current members of the Society with a $5 suggested donation for non-members.
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Las Vegas calendar: What's coming up

1. New Mexico-Santa Fe Trail-1821-2021 Bicentennial Commemoration; 2. 2021 American Solar Challenge - Las Vegas, New Mexico (Day 1); 3. Golf Tournament; 4. Release Negative Energy + Raise Your Emotional Vibration with ThetaHealing®; 5. PECOS NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK FLY FISHING PROGRAMS;
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Learn about crossing on the Santa Fe Trail 200 years ago

The Quivira Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association is hosting a free event on Aug. 14. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., visitors can walk around the Little Arkansas crossing, where the wagons crossed the river on the Santa Fe Trail. The 200th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail...