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Thick wildfire smoke blocks sun, turns Bay Area sky orange

Just when Bay Area residents thought the world outside couldn't get stranger, the sky Wednesday dimly glowed a pumpkin orange color you'd expect to see on Mars. With wildfire smoke high aloft in the atmosphere, the sky was a sickly yellow on Tuesday, but today a thicker blanket of toxic air is traveling overhead and the color turned an even stranger, richer hue.
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San Francisco Officials ‘Strongly Discourage’ Halloween Trick-or-Treating, but Won’t Ban It

San Francisco is a town that’s always gone big for Halloween, especially for a seemingly child-deficient city. On October 31, our streets are suddenly flooded with costumed little ones, all seeking sugar from local merchants and residents as they roam, door-to-door, for hours on end. But this year, SF officials say that they’re hoping that citizens will resist the urge to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, as they say that practice — and most other Halloween activities — present risks of COVID-19 infection.
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California's Bay Area looks like Mars during the wildfires

(CNN) — The Bay Area in California awoke Wednesday to a scene straight out of Mars. Orange and even red skies blanketed San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, and ash rained down, with wildfires raging far in the distance. "When the smoke and ash get even thicker close to the wildfires,...
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Advocates Gear Up to Make Caltrain Awesome

Note: GJEL Accident Attorneys regularly sponsors coverage on Streetsblog San Francisco and Streetsblog California. Unless noted in the story, GJEL Accident Attorneys is not consulted for the content or editorial direction of the sponsored content. Advocates with the San Francisco Transit Riders, Friends of Caltrain, Seamless Bay Area, and other...
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Ikea Coming to Downtown San Francisco

Ikea’s takeover of the 6x6 mall, a long-empty glass box on Market Street, is a big moment for the beleaguered corridor. Say hej, San Francisco. No longer will West Bay residents need to get lost in Emeryville — as your humble narrator did approximately 24 hours ago — to browse absurdly cheap furniture and eat Swedish meatballs.
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California's raging wildfires: Bay Area skies turn an eerie orange

San Francisco Bay Area residents awoke to darkened orange and yellow skies on Wednesday morning, as smoke from fires raging across California and the West rose into the upper atmosphere and blotted out the sun. This tweet from the National Weather Service explains what's happening:. Contributing to the smoke was...
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Smartphone cameras struggle to capture San Francisco's orange sky

The apocalyptic orange sky in San Francisco Wednesday was the talk of the town — and well beyond. However, many people found their efforts to capture the surreal images stymied, as their iPhones "corrected" the smoke-filled sky to a more natural hue. The big picture: Smartphone cameras do a great...
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San Francisco Shouldn’t Expect Indoor Dining Until ‘Mid October,’ Maybe Later

Though dining rooms in the Bay Area are starting to welcome visitors in the region’s northern and southern bits, not every county that’s been allowed to reopen indoor service plans on doing so in the near future. San Francisco, for example, has had the green light from state officials to serve food indoors since August 31, but when city officials announced its new roadmap to reopening, restaurants weren’t even on the list. According to the head of the city’s restaurant lobby, talks with San Francisco officials are ongoing, but she doesn’t expect any changes to the current plan for six weeks, maybe more.
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Twitter seeks subtenants for its SF HQ, as its own employees stay home

Twitter has listed 104,850 square feet for sublease at its San Francisco headquarters after adopting a permanent work-from-home policy amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company is offering space that includes 878 work stations on the third, sixth and seventh floors at 1 10th St., which is attached to Twitter’s main building at 1355 Market St., according to marketing materials reviewed by The Chronicle. The space is available starting in December for two to five years.
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14 Photos Of San Francisco Landmarks Under a 'Bladerunner 2020' Orange Sky

Hey! The entire city is lit up Giants orange! JK. Too soon?. As discussed earlier, Wednesday is shaping up to be an especially dark — literally — day in San Francisco's recent history. The cause is massive amounts of smoke being pushed into the atmosphere high above us from multiple wildfires in Northern California and Oregon, which is blocking out the sun.