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Follow..Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, its specifications and price in Saudi...

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Samsung has announced its new phone Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to join the series Control of it may extend into the midterm elections, with all the political and economic devastation that could be The Note has high specifications and capabilities and a high-quality camera that competes with phones Huawei .
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Samsung Galaxy tab S7+ review: A premium Android tablet that outperforms the iPad pro

Launched in late 2020, the Samsung Galaxy tab S7+ is the best Android tablet you can buy today.Designed to rival the newest iPad pro in terms of raw performance, display and build quality, the Samsung Galaxy tab S7+ marks a high-point for the growing Android tablet market.The luscious 12.4in screen is a Samsung-made OLED panel with bright, popping colours and deep contrast between areas of darkness and light. The 120Hz refresh rate gives a silky smooth scrolling experience throughout, and the 16:10 aspect ratio (nearer to widescreen than the rival iPad) is better suited to watching movies and TV....
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2021's best foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G – a great device for geeky CEOs

If you think the Galaxy Flip 3 — which I reviewed previously — was cool, the Galaxy Fold 3 will blow you away and turn heads with what seems to be a 7.6-inch rectangle-ish glass screen that can vertically fold in half to save space and comes with no camera notch. But it's not for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review: Best of both worlds, now in the palm of your hand

Two years ago, Samsung set out to put the best of both worlds in the palm of your hand with the Fold in a way others wouldn’t even dare to imagine. Four generations later, the product has finally met its intended purpose. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 makes the best possible case yet for folding devices which is to say, it’s ‘safe’ to buy one now although if you’re someone who did not buy into the whole construct before, there’s very little that this review or even Samsung can do to change that.

Google lists Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in the AR core support list

More than a month has passed since Samsung’s Unpacked conference in August ended. At this event, Samsung announced new foldable products, smart watches and new earplugs. It was also expected that Samsung would announce the Galaxy S21 FE (fan version), but this did not happen in the end. Samsung has...
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Save $120 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 at Best Buy today

If you’ve always wanted to take advantage of tablet deals, but you’d like an alternative to iPad deals, then you should be looking at Android tablet deals, with Samsung Galaxy Tab deals highly recommended. Samsung’s tablets look great and provide powerful performance, and that holds true for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Best Buy is selling the 128GB version of the device for just $530, after a $120 discount to its original price of $650.

Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

After the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series including the Galaxy S10 Plus, the competition is about to get fierce at the top, with Apple’s own iPhone XS Max. Will the iPhone XS Max get outdated so easily? Well, we need to find out in our in-depth comparison between the two phones.

Samsung 43AM70A Smart Monitor review

Samsung’s 43AM70A Smart Monitor comes close to satisfying every visual want, but falls short for serious gamers. The Samsung 43AM70A smart monitor provides the freedom of choice by letting the user link wirelessly with a phone and stream content from 450 entertainment apps. Samsung’s smart monitor works just as well connected to a computer, tablet or phone as it is viewing programming directly via Wi-Fi.

Google lists 'Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition' on AR Core support site

It has been more than a month since Samsung's August Unpacked event where it announced a couple of new foldables, new smartwatches, and new earbuds. It was also expected that Samsung was going to announce the Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) but that didn't end up happening. Samsung has yet...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 review - Is this the tougher, lighter, thinner and more powerful foldable display smartphone you’ve been waiting for?

Design - Yes, it is thinner, stronger yet lighter. At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 looks smaller than I initially expected but perhaps that’s because I’m too used to phones with larger than 6-inch displays. At 6.4mm thin when unfolded, the Galaxy Z Fold3 is actually thinner than the 6.9mm thin Galaxy Z Fold2 but this also somewhat explains why it is also lighter at 271g. Like the Galaxy Z Flip3, the Galaxy Z Fold3 has a tighter hinge, IPX8 water resistance and an improved 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X Cover display with 120Hz refresh rate and somewhat narrow 25:9 aspect ratio.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is available for only £577 at the present time (£122 off)

Samsung released a set of high-end Android tablets recently with two models, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is “a visually breathtaking experience”, and it’s a fabulous gadget (however not without its own pitfalls). Presently it’s on sale on Amazon in the U.K. for just £577, an incredible £122 off, and its most reduced cost at this point.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Malaysia: Everything you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is officially announced in Malaysia. This is Samsung Malaysia’s new tablet that aims to offer fan favourite features including the S Pen from under RM2,000. As an early bird promo, you can get additional freebies and premiums worth up to RM811. Pricing and availability.

Grab a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ for just £577 right now (£122 off)

Samsung released a set of high-end Android tablets earlier this year with two models, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+. We called the Galaxy Tab S7+ “a visually breathtaking experience” in our review, and it’s a fantastic device (though not without its own pitfalls). Now it’s on sale on Amazon in the U.K. for just £577, a whopping £122 off, and its lowest price yet.

Samsung: up to € 700 immediate discount (TV, PC screen, smartphone, etc.)

Until September 18, Samsung is also offering you a helping hand for your return to school, thanks to Design Days. It's time for the famous Korean brand to offer you its most design and innovative products, with interesting promotions, and sometimes with very big discounts: up to 700 euros on a 4K TV or on a latest smartphone. ultra high-end cry, you can't refuse. As the start of the school year is often the occasion to equip apartments, rooms for growing teenagers, or quite simply the moment to renew its household appliances, Samsung therefore offers you offers on various products, with 4K televisions, freezers and refrigerators, or still smartphones and connected watches. Follow the guide!