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Salt and Sacrifice shows online cooperation

Salt and Sacrifice takes over from Salt and Sanctuary and will allow online cooperation, so as not to suffer alone in the face of ruthless bosses. Ska Studios and Devoured Studios deliver a new trailer which is dedicated to him and which also presents Mage hunts (Mage Hunts). These hunts...
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Windows 11 will bring back the blue screen of death

Windows 11 was released at the beginning of October, and as Microsoft rolls out more updates, such as improvements and bug fixes, it has announced that it will revert the black error screen to the nostalgic blue. Microsoft revealed in their latest blog post from November 12 that it would...
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Salt and Sacrifice Gets Gameplay Trailer

Ska Studios and Devoured Studios released a new trailer for side-scrolling action RPG Salt and Sacrifice, their upcoming follow-up to Salt and Sanctuary. The two-minute video features a look at the game’s Mage hunting, crafting, and multiplayer elements. Salt and Sacrifice takes place in the Altarstone Kingdom, where criminals can...

Salt and Sacrifice offers fresh look at mage hunting and more in new dev diary

Developer Ska Studios has offered up a fresh look at some gameplay from its upcoming Souls-inspired platformer Salt and Sacrifice. Creator James Silva takes us through a few minutes of the game, which sees you play as a marked Inqusitor. They’re a prisoner trying to earn their freedom by hunting Mages, corrupted souls who harness the power of elemental energy.

‘Salt and Sacrifice’ developer diary shows off multi-stage bosses

Salt and Sacrifice developers, Ska Studios, released a new dev diary that shows off Mage Hunts, a multi-stage style of boss fight new to the series. In the sequel to Ska Studios’ critically acclaimed 2D love letter to Dark Souls, there will be a new style of boss and method of boss fight. Bosses are now called mages, and instead of fighting them in one location, these Mage Hunts will take place over multiple parts.

Salt and Sacrifice - Crafting and Online Co-Op Gameplay

During this past weekend's The MIX Next 2021 event, Ska Studios showcased new gameplay for Salt and Sacrifice, highlighting crafting and online co-op gameplay. The quick video can be found below, along side a game description, via Ska Studios. Salt and Sacrifice was originally announced this summer. multiplayer features were...

Salt and Sacrifice Trailer Showcases Mage Hunts, Online Co-op

Salt and Sacrifice, the 2D Souls-like action RPG from Ska Studios and Devoured Studios, has received a new trailer (courtesy of Gematsu) which showcases a few new features. The first is Mage Hunts that see players hunting a boss target across several previously explored regions. Check it out below. Defeating...