Rust Developer Made More Than $1 Million In A Day Twice This Week

Rust's resurgence in popularity is proving to be lucrative for developer Facepunch. Despite having released all the way back in 2013 through Early Access, the PC survival game Rust is enjoying a new lease on life recently after numerous streamers started playing it again. This uptick in attention has led to a huge spike in sales and revenue, according to Garry Newman of developer Facepunch.
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Rust Might Be Releasing On Consoles Sooner Than You Think

Multiplayer survival game Rust was announced for consoles in 2019, but it took until December 2020 for developer Double Eleven to confirm that the port would only be releasing in 2021. Despite the delay, the release might not be too far off. The ESRB has published a rating for Rust...

Rust January Update Reveals Twitch Drops for Pokimane, xQc, Shroud, and More

Facepunch Studios has released a new update for Rust, and players should be pretty happy with the results. The developer revealed that the game's January 7th update will add new Twitch drops, a Blueprint wipe, server save backups, increased server capacity, and more. Additionally, the update includes a number of fixes, changes to the game's weather patterns, and the disabling of the Christmas event. While some of these additions won't be terribly exciting for players, they should be helpful for the overall game, and make for a better experience. A full change list straight from Facepunch Studios can be found below.

XQc shares his RP plans for the new OTV and Friends Rust server

The server goes live on Jan. 7. After a week full of highlights and content provided by xQc and other streamers on the recent OTV and Friends Rust server, the former Overwatch League pro is planning to take a new approach on the server’s next iteration. During his recent stream,...

Rust Looking to Keep Growing as Player, Leader

If Bryan Rust takes his game to another level around the end of May, don't be surprised, as that's when the Penguins winger and his wife Kelsey are set to welcome their first child. "Maybe when the baby's born I'll get a little bit more Dad strength," Rust joked. Impending...

Tokio Rust runtime reaches 1.0 status

Tokio, an asynchronous runtime for the Rust language, has reached 1.0 status. Designed for writing stable network applications, the runtime includes asynchronous APIs for TCP and UDP, timers, and a multithreaded, work-stealing scheduler. Available on GitHub, Tokio 1.0 arrived on December 22. First introduced more than four years ago, Tokio...

Rust-Oleum recalls aerosol paint due to injury hazard

VERNON HILLS, Ill. — Rust-Oleum is recalling 10,000 cans of aerosol paint. One person has been hurt by the Vernon Hills-bases company’s professional bright galvanizing compound spray. The bottom of the 20-ounce can has been detaching in some cases. Consumers should stop using the paint and contact Rust-Oleum for a...

‘Rust’ reaches new peaks on Twitch and Steam

Multiplayer survival game Rust might be seven years old, but the popular title managed to reach new heights on both Steam and Twitch over the weekend. The game hit a new peak viewership of over 1million concurrent viewers on Twitch on Sunday (January 3), thanks to a new private server featuring a number of popular streamers. Shroud, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Sodapoppin, Myth and many more have been playing together on a server set up by OfflineTV.
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Nature Biotechnology publishes research on wheat resistant to rust fungal diseases

The most effective and environmentally benign way to control wheat rust is through the use of genetic resistance. Courtesy photo. Nature Biotechnology has published research — partially funded by The 2Blades Foundation — on the development of a new wheat variety that shows exceptional resistance to wheat stem rust. Stem...