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Kopstein receives U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Ina Levine Invitational Fellowship

Jeffrey Kopstein, UCI political science professor, has been awarded the 2021-22 Ina Levine Invitational Fellowship to continue his research on social scientific approaches to the Holocaust. During his in-residence fellowship at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., he will work on his new book, Three Pogroms: Anti-Jewish Violence from Antiquity to the Holocaust, a close comparative study of three communities that fell victim to deadly riots in different eras and under significantly different international orders and cultural contexts. The book explores the continuities and changes in the sources, meaning, and processes of exclusionary violence over the past two millennia.
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Passing joy of Russian language and culture to the next generation

It’s easy to be nostalgic for favorite storybook tales from childhood. That’s true for Natalia Tsvibel. She clearly remembers the good old days of Russian “Vinnie” the Pooh. And she wants to pass that joy to new students of the Russian language, notably the Bay Area children of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union.
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‘Search for Hu #1’ (review)

Search for Hu wastes little time. The basic premise follows Aaron Tse, a Chinese-American Army veteran who returns home to San Gabriel, California, to his family and is working some late-night security. His parents, who own a bar, are attacked in a drive-by, and his mother gives a hospital bed...

William Kapell: Honest American Pianist of All Time

There are hundreds of great pianists from all parts of the world. But depending on their performance and composition, some are at the top of the game. Among the renowned American pianists, William Kapell tops the list. In his professional career, Kapell seemed to have the combined qualities of greatest older contemporaries like Artur Schnabel, Arthur Rubinstein, and the rest.

A Writer Reckons With the Fact That ‘People Love Dead Jews’

Horn’s view is that Anne’s phrases are inspirational precisely as a result of her perspective just isn’t solely incomplete but additionally false. We take the straightforward method out reasonably than plumbing the depths of evil. We search for common classes in lieu of attending to the precise persecution of Jews. Horn desires us to not be inspired by what appears to be the proliferation of those types of remembering, a proliferation spawned by an idealized, sleek perspective that has as its purpose to reaffirm the values of the very tradition that, despite all of it, shattered so many Anne Franks.

Brandon Call Bio

Brandon Call is an American actor who is now retired. He is popular for his roles in Step by Step, Santa Barbara, The Charmings, and more. At present, he works in a gas station which is owned by his parents. Brandon Call- Age, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, Education. His birthdate is...
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3 Indie Authors Exploring Family Histories

Family biographies can add new information and texture to the historical record, animating what we thought we knew about the past. The following editors’ picks from Indieland unearth fresh facts about interesting eras: We learn about the tattooing history of Boston via the Liberty family; agricultural life from a fourth-generation Wisconsin farmer; and immigration and Prohibition from the descendent of a bootlegging grandma.

Chris Pine height : How tall is your favorite actor? Read this to know more about this Star Trek’s Star

Are you a big fan of Star Trek? Obsessed with Star Trek’s actor Chris Pine? You all must be wondering why I am obsessing over Star Trek all of a sudden? In this article, we discuss all Chris Pine height, weight, Wikipedia and much more. To begin with, Chris Pine is well known for his role in Star Trek. He has breathtaking blue eyes with attractive physical appearance. Pine has given several hits in a row. His significant roles include Jack Ryan, A wrinkle in time, Wonder Women, Unstoppable, Into the woods etc. The actor started his career with The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. The film did not get good critical reviews. However, the film earned $134.7 million in total.
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Red Army private Luba Rosenova in the Soviet zone, Berlin, 1945 (via

"È difficile ridurre all’obbedienza chi non ama comandare". Haydee Tamara Bunke Bider, better known as "Tania" or "Tania la Guerrillera," was an internationalist who joined the Cuban revolutionary movement and later took part in the unfortunate guerrilla expedition to Bolivia called Operation Ghost. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 19, 1937, the daughter of Erich Bunke and Nadia Bider. Her father had been a member of the Communist Party of Germany since 1928 and her mother was of Russian Jewish ancestry. They fled Nazi Germany in 1935 to avoid persecution and eventually settled in Argentina, where they immediately joined the Argentine Communist Party. In 1952, they returned, to help build socialism in the then newly-founded German Democratic Republic, in the Eastern part of Germany. They settled in Stalinstadt, later renamed Eisenhüttenstadt, where her father continued working as a teacher. From a very young age, Tania became involved in communist activities in Argentina and East Germany. Her work as a Spanish translator for Latin American leaders visiting East Germany on behalf of the international relations department of the Free German Youth (the Communist Party youth organisation) enabled her to gain firsthand knowledge of political events occurring in Latin America. After meeting Che Guevara in Leipzig in December 1960, Tania moved to Cuba where she participated in the Cuban Literacy Campaign, among other revolutionary efforts, working for the Ministry of Education, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, and the Federation of Cuban Women. In 1964, she was selected to participate in Che's Bolivia campaign. Her loyalty to the struggle was unwavering despite having to cut almost all ties with her friends and family in order to safely complete her mission. After working clandestinely for over two years in La Paz, Bolivia, and then fighting in the ranks of the Ejército de Liberación Nacional de Bolivia (ELN), Tania was machine-gunned to death in an ambush at Puerto Mauricio on the banks of the Rio Grande by members of the CIA-backed Bolivian army on August 31, 1967. Tania and the rest of her comrades were secretly buried in unmarked graves by the Bolivian military. After a long campaign by the Cuban government, their remains were eventually taken to Cuba for burial in 1998. In East Germany, many collectives, youth brigades, schools and kindergartens bore the name of Tania. But in reunified Germany, her name fell prey to public oblivion.

Dara Horn on a world that only teaches about ‘dead Jews’

If you keep walking past the Jewish cheder, the Jewish-owned hotel and the Jewish-owned ice cream shop, you’ll reach the Old Synagogue, with a bimah and images of the Twin Tablets and stands to hold prayer books. You’re not in New York, or Jerusalem. This is Harbin, China, a city...

Who is George Clooney’s ex-wife Talia Balsam? Wiki Bio, net worth, kids

Born on 5th March 1959, in New York City, USA to actors Martin Balsam (of Russian Jewish descent) and Joyce Van Patten (of Italian, Dutch and English descent), Talia Balsam (now 60 years old and a Piscean on the astrological chart) is an accomplished American film and television actress in her own right. She was previously married to George Clooney, then 10 years ago married John Slattery, both spouses being famous actors. It is apparent that acting is in her blood and her life evolves around this entertaining profession. Talia is known to be one of the most dedicated and hard working actresses in the industry, and has appeared in a multitude of shows since 1977.
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Finding Our Fathers

I stood frozen in CVS picking out a Father's Day card for the first time in 40 years. The last time, I was a teenager, and my dad was dying. Now at 59, this was the first card I'd be giving to my biological father, Larry. Recently I'd sent Larry...

Mazkeret Batya: The Inspiring Story of an Early Jewish Settlement

The background to the late 19th-century Jewish settlements in Israel was a wave of pogroms in Russia in 1881. This made most of Russian Jewry realize they had no future there. Of the two million Russian Jews who left Russia over the next few decades, 90% came to America. But a small portion went to Israel.

Passing of Prof. Rosemary Horowitz

H-Judaic mourns the untimely passing, from cancer, of Prof. Rosemary Horowitz (1952-2021), Professor of English and Holocaust Studies, and former director of the Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. The Center has published the following necrology:. "With the greatest sorrow, the Center...