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RTX 3050 stock live blog - where to buy Nvidia's latest graphics card

Entry-level graphics card launches today for $249 / £239. Today is the launch date of the RTX 3050 - Nvidia's latest graphics card in 30 Series. As the cheapest in the range with an RRP of $249 / £239, it's expected to be a popular pick for those who are looking for a budget-friendly entry-level card that supports some of the latest DLSS and RTX tech for 1080p and 1440p gaming.
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Nvidia RTX 3050 live blog — latest stock updates

Follow where to buy the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 live. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 has been released today, bringing in a new budget entry to the GeForce RTX 30-series. (Make sure to check out our RTX 3050 restock guide for updates on retailer inventory). With a $250 MSRP, it's...
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Nvidia launches RTX 3050 - here’s where to find stock

RTX 3050 has launched and is available at all major retailers. We’re not sure as of yet as to how many units are available in both the US and UK, though, it’s looking like it will be just as limited with RTX 3050 stock as the rest of the RTX 30 series. If you’ve had your heart set on the newest Ampere GPU today, then you’ll have to act quickly. Below you can find specific models that are on sale in both countries, but they will not be around for long.
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Just Like That, Nvidia's RTX 3050 8GB Is Out of Stock Everywhere

Today marks the official launch date of Nvidia's entry-level GeForce RTX 3050 8GB graphics card, and as expected, retail availability is proving nearly impossible to find. Just a few hours in and all RTX 3050 GPUs are out of stock from the select few retailers that are selling RTX 3050s in the United States. Even if you did manage to find a card in stock, there was a good chance it was priced well above Nvidia's baseline MSRP.

The Morning After: NVIDIA’s RTX 3050 GPU has landed

Graphics cards are fetching prices normally reserved for limited-run sneakers — even what you might have paid for the rest of your PC. Beyond gamers and power users, cryptocurrency mining has meant unprecedented demand. Coupled with a global chip shortage and supply chain issues, GPU scalpers and resellers are having field days every time a new card appears.

likely release time, links, and best tips to order one

NVIDIA is set to launch its budget-friendly GeForce RTX 3050 on January 27, and video card hopefuls and PC gaming enthusiasts are on the hunt. Priced at just $249 MSRP, the hardware is cheap enough to put in nearly any gaming PC. Getting one, however, will be a challenge of its own. To beat the bots and real-time buyers, here’s all you need to know about the 3050 including its likely release time, pre-order links, and five tips for a speedy purchase.

Launching This Week: NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3050 - Ampere For Low-End Gaming

First announced as part of NVIDIA’s CES 2022 presentation, the company’s new GeForce RTX 3050 desktop video card is finally rolling out to retailers this month. The low-end video card is being positioned to round out the bottom of NVIDIA’s product stack, offering a modern, Ampere-based video card for a more entry-level market. All of this comes as PC video card market still in chaos due to a combination of the chip crunch and crypto miner demand, so any additional cards are most welcome – and likely to be sucked up rather quickly, even at a MSRP of $249 (and higher).

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 review

We're essentially looking at Nvidia taking away the 'GTX' prefix and giving us an RTX 1660 Ti. That makes it a good 1080p GPU, though the addition of DLSS support is far more tempting a proposition, especially at this level of GPU, than the promise of 1080p ray traced gaming. Fingers crossed it stays in stock at a reasonable price.

RTX 3050 vs. 6500 XT: Can they handle God of War and more?

Nvidia and AMD have each launched mainstream graphics cards to kick off the new year. The GeForce RTX 3050 and Radeon RX 6500 XT are both available now — as long as your definition of “available” is flexible. These video cards are both ideal for gamers who are still using 1080p 60Hz monitors, and they are priced to match. The 3050 starts at $250 while the 6500 XT is $200. The price and the stats, which I’ll get into, emphasize a difference in strategy for Nvidia and AMD. For gamers, however, the old wisdom holds true: you should spend as much as you can on your GPU.

Dell G15 RTX 3050 GPU gaming laptop falls to $685 for a limited time

The Dell G15 RTX 30 gaming laptop offers a great value for the price. If you're bargain hunting a gaming notebook under $700, you might find interest in this deal. For today only, you can get the Dell G15 Gaming Laptop for just $685. That's $400 off its usual price of $1,085 and one of the best RTX gaming laptop deals you can get.

Daily Deals: $50 Off Oculus Quest 2, Dell G15 RTX 3050 Ti Gaming Laptop for $699, Genshin Impact Code

If you've missed out on the Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals, there's another one today. Amazon is offering a "renewed premium" Oculus Quest 2 with a 1yr manufacturer's warranty for $249. Chances are it's probably like new direct from Oculus (Meta). In other deal news, save big on Dell and Alienware gaming laptops with RTX 3050 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 video cards, get some free mora, books, and ores in Genshin Impact, pick out a cheap TV for Super Bowl LVI, and score the lowest price ever on an Apple Watch Series 7.
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Nvidia announces new RTX 3080 with 12GB of memory

Nvidia is launching a new 12GB model of its RTX 3080 today. Revealed initially in Nvidia’s latest GeForce drivers, the new 12GB model goes on sale today from select board partners and offers 2GB more memory than the original 10GB RTX 3080. A memory bump is welcome, particularly as...

ASUS' ROG Flow Z13 is a gaming tablet with NVIDIA's RTX 3050 Ti

After delivering an ambitious gaming convertible notebook last year, the svelte ROG Flow X13, ASUS is taking that concept even further with the Flow Z13 tablet. Think of it like a souped-up Surface Pro: the Z13 packs in Intel's new 12th-gen processors and up to NVIDIA's RTX 3050 Ti all in a sleek slate. Weighing in at 2.43 pounds, it's clearly not meant to replace smaller tablets like the iPad. Instead, ASUS sees it as a way to bring your PC games everywhere — say a cramped airplane tray table — without the bulk of a laptop.

This Lenovo gaming laptop with an RTX 3050 is only $749 right now

Lenovo sells some of the best gaming laptops around, even if you’re not looking to spend a ton of money. The IdeaPad 3 is one of the company’s budget options, and now one model with a Ryzen 5 processor and RTX 3050 graphics card is on sale for $749.00 at Walmart. That’s a savings of $100 from the original price.

Acer Swift X Alder Lake Laptops Rock Intel Arc, RTX 3050 Ti

Despite the lack of a meaningful in-person showing from industry heavy-hitters, CES 2022 is shaping up to be quite the event, filled with exciting and fresh hardware. Acer is among the companies embracing new hardware from Intel and NVIDIA, including new additions to its Swift X family of consumer laptops.