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The NFT scammers are here

Last month, Jeff Nicholas popped into the Discord channel for OpenSea, the popular NFT marketplace, looking for help with a royalties issue. Within minutes, someone by the name of “Pascal | OpenSea” responded, inviting him into a separate Discord called “OpenSea Support Server.” There, he was greeted by “Nate | OpenSea,” given a queue number, and eventually started talking through a resolution process with the two agents. Pascal is the name of OpenSea’s customer support lead, and Nate might have been Nate Chastain, its head of product at the time.
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Abba's Bjorn Ulvaeus launches campaign to fix £500m music royalty problem

Abba star Bjorn Ulvaeus has launched a campaign to ensure musicians don't miss out on millions of pounds in royalties. Called Credits Due, the scheme aims to ensure all songwriters and musicians are correctly identified when a song is recorded. At present, missing and incomplete data means that about £500m...
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The Weeknd Accused of Plagiarizing 2018 Song 'Call Out My Name'

According to the lawsuit -- which was filed Sept. 17 -- the two tracks have the same time signature and similar tempos. The “Vibeking” writing duo also claims that even though the songs have different key signatures, they have otherwise identical hook melodies based on their scale degrees. (This is heard as The Weeknd sings “so, call out my name” and other lyrical variations of such hook.) The rhythm of these hooks are also identical, the lawsuit claims, and are played or sung over top the minor first and minor fourth chords of their respective key signatures. (It should be noted that popular music commonly uses the first, fourth and fifth chords in a scale.)
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Major record labels could face competition inquiry

The UK's major record labels could face an inquiry into whether their practices are distorting the music market. The government has written to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) asking it to consider an investigation into Sony, Warner and Universal Music. It has also asked the watchdog to consider YouTube's...

Market debut of Universal Music Group is a smash hit

The market debut of Universal Music Group was a hit with investors Tuesday with optimism about the future of steaming music running high. Shares jumped nearly 40% to almost $26 per share in trading on the Euronext Amsterdam exchange. Universal has a huge roster of stars including Taylor Swift, Billie...

Latest bout over North Dakota royalties goes to oil industry

FARGO, N.D. – The latest bout of legal wrangling over the collection of North Dakota oil and gas royalties has been won by the energy industry, over a bill it promoted and was passed by the 2021 state Legislature. A state judge last week ruled in favor of the law...
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How To Create Your Own NFT In 5 Easy Steps

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are stand-out resources that can’t be exchanged or traded, dissimilar to bitcoin, since each NFT has its own special advanced mark (making it non-fungible). In recent years, NFTs have grown in popularity, allowing many artists and designers to produce their own NFT masterpieces. NFTs tend to...

Marketed: Multistate Royalties Operated by XTO, EQT, More

The following information is provided by EnergyNet. All inquiries on the following listings should be directed to EnergyNet. Hart Energy is not a brokerage firm and does not endorse or facilitate any transactions. Thomas L. Taylor, as receiver for Breitling Royalties, retained EnergyNet for the sale of royalty interest and...

George Harrison Was Found Guilty of Plagiarizing One of His Biggest Hits and Is Still Paying for It

Like most musicians, George Harrison used his own experiences to write songs. If he had a bad breakup, he’d write about it. If someone close to him died, he’d turn it into a song. One of the topics George loved to write about the most was spirituality. His friendship with Ravi Shankar turned him on to a whole new way of life, and it was reflected in his music. But subconsciously, George reflected another song into one of his own, which turned out to be one of his biggest hits. However, even though the song gained massive success, it caused more problems than anything else.

NFTs are disrupting the Supply Chain

Non fungibe tokens can create digital assets that are unique and are solely owned by the party with copyrights. NFTs make it possible for companies to remove counterfeits and trace assets along the supply chain. Non-fungible tokens in business. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs can create digital assets that are unique...

Investors React To Conformis' Annual Sales Guidance Update

Conformis Inc (NASDAQ: CFMS) stock is down after the Q3 revenue update ahead of the Oppenheimer Fall Healthcare Life Sciences & MedTech Summit. Related Link: Conformis Q2 Earnings Surpass Estimates On Higher Volumes And Royalties, License Revenue. The Company has experienced higher than expected levels of deferred and rescheduled knee...