Archaeologists In Turkey Just Unearthed A 2,000-Year-Old Roman Sewer System In The Ancient City Of Tripolis

The Ancient Roman sewage system was constructed during the Roman Empire's control of Tripolis during the second century A.D., and it remains fully intact to this day. The ancient city of Tripolis on the Meander in western Turkey has provided historians with invaluable ruins to study. Also known as Neapolis or Apollonia, the town dates back to the third century B.C. and is located in the Buldan district of the Denizli province. Remarkably, it has just yielded a 2,000-year-old Roman sewer system.
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Desiring God

God Never Makes a Mistake

God never makes a mistake. I vividly remember those words, a chapter title in Evelyn Christenson’s book What Happens When Women Pray. Honestly, when I first read them, I was cynical. They sounded trite and naive. I arrogantly assumed that the author hadn’t struggled much in her life, or else she wouldn’t have made such a bold claim. In my mind, God was good and all-powerful, but to say that he never made mistakes had sweeping implications that seemed inconsistent with the massive evil and suffering in the world. Christenson’s statement so annoyed me I was tempted to stop reading.
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Fox 2021-2022 Fall TV Lineup: New Shows and Trailers

A new Fox schedule means you can be guaranteed of one thing: a new season of The Simpsons. The animated series returns for its 33rd season this fall, once again the stabilizing block of Fox's Sunday nights on Fox's 2021-2022 primetime television schedule. But what about the stuff you didn't already know?

Here's How The Ancient Egyptians Would Store Wine

Just as we tip our hats to the ancient Romans for their many inventions and ideas we use in modern-day society, so too do we give thanks to the ancient Egyptians for their contributions. From what might well be the world's first version of toothpaste (per Realm of History), ancient bowling (via Bowling), and of course, the countless ruins and preserved structures just waiting to be unearthed, the ancient Egyptians have left quite a mark on life today.

‘Roundup’ offers forum for civil discussion of critical issues

The latest in a free series of informal discussions, focused on respectfully dissecting emotionally charged topics, will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 29, in Penn’s Inn. “One of the most important elements of an open society is its capacity for open and honest debate,” said moderator Craig A....

Living sacrifice

Steven, an under-shepherd over the Church of God, called by the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. To the Church that dwells at Athens. Grace and peace unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, despite the impediment of Satan, I have given...
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VIDEO: FAITH: Obedience without expectation of benefits

My wife and I continue to thoroughly enjoy the journey of raising children. It truly is the joy of our lives, but it also commands the best of ourselves in maneuvering the challenge of guiding a child on the path of following the Lord and becoming contributing adult. One of the facets of rearing kids we have found is discovering what motivates a child, especially early on in life. The motivating factors in a young person’s life are often the toolbox by which parents and other influential adults use to set the course for maturing behavior and defining of success. Lately though, I have been exploring what motivates my life, especially when it comes to being obedient to God.

The Limes Africanus – The Southern Borders of the Roman Empire

The Limes Africanus refers to a series of fortifications and defensive lines that delineated the southern border of the Roman Empire in Northern Africa. There is no supporting text to propose that each of the Limes operated as a singular or coordinated defensive line, nor was the North African Limes ever referred to as Limes Africanus by the Romans (modern invention).

Reno’s Cargo Concert Hall resumes shows in October

Cargo Concert Hall, the event space on the ground floor of downtown Reno’s Whitney Peak Hotel, has announced a slew of shows spanning the musical grid after a year-and-a-half shutdown due to the pandemic. All ticket holders will need to present either a valid vaccination card proving they are fully...
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Bright Spot: Seek out The Blessing from God

On the actual day in 2001, firefighters, EMTs, police officers and ordinary citizens rushed in when others were rushing out. A few days later armies of rescuers showed up to work in “the pit,” or Ground Zero. The long term physical toll this took on them from breathing the foul air there has been told in many stories of sacrifice.

Did Witch-Hunters Only Kill Women?

You might associate witch hunts with medieval Europe and the Inquisition, but the truth is that the fear of magic has been around for thousands of years. Witch-hunts are universal and appear throughout history in many cultures around the world. Both the Romans and the Greeks had laws against evil spells and incantations. Around 338 B.C. in ancient Greece, Theoris of Lemnos and her children were executed for using incantations (via People Pill).

5 things I’ve learned about children’s ministry and volunteers

Children’s ministry is difficult in a lot of ways. It’s not even working with kids that makes it so challenging. Instead, having enough people ready and able to serve is the most difficult part. I have often wondered if this is a unique problem to my local church context, but having talked with dozens of churches – big, small, rural and urban – I’ve discovered that we all seem to struggle with the same difficulty: finding great volunteers!

Litton talks crises, stewardship of suffering at SWBTS

In a conversation during chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) Sept. 14, Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President Ed Litton addressed topics ranging from God’s work through suffering, racial reconciliation, the crisis facing the SBC Executive Committee (EC)and the accusations of plagiarism that have dogged him since early in his presidency.

Prayer for Hope and Refuge in Jesus Christ

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” - Romans 15:13. Subscribe and click the 🔔 for notifications of new prayer videos!. My Hope and Refuge. Oh, Lord God, Holy...

6 Innovative Technologies Invented by Ancient Civilizations

It's easy to think of ancient civilizations as fairly primitive. After all, it wasn't long ago that we didn't have cars, phones, or even televisions, so ancient societies must have been pretty basic, right?. Well, believe it or not, these civilizations were actually responsible for inventing a number of technologies...