Yes, Italy's new prime minister is really a fascist: The old-fashioned kind

BOLOGNA, Italy — The first woman to hold the office of prime minister in Italy is a fascist. This is not hyperbole or metaphor, or some headline-grabbing device used to smear a conservative. No. The fact is that Giorgia Meloni, leader of the largest party after Italy's recent elections, is fascist to her core. The old-fashioned, last-century, Roman salute-in-public kind of fascist.
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Detailing a disastrous autumn day in ancient Italy

Volcanic eruptions evoke images of lava, fire, and destruction; however, this is not always the case. The Plinian eruption of Mount Vesuvius around 4,000 years ago—2,000 years before the one that buried the Roman city of Pompeii— left a remarkably intact glimpse into Early Bronze Age village life in the Campania region of Southern Italy.
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'Lonely' man turned rental flat into imperfect palace of the ancient world: Late artist's family discover he had turned home in secret world of myth and legend - as Jarvis Cocker is among fans trying to preserve it

The family of a 'lonely' artist were 'totally awestruck' to discover he had secretly transformed his rented flat into a magical world of myth and legend following his death. 'Eccentric' artist Ron Gittins, lived in Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula in his rented flat of 33 years until he died in September 2019, aged 80.

Population: Unknown

The history of Texas is marked by booms and busts. The booms brought droves of people from all over the world. The busts caused those same people to abandon the towns they had built, creating hundreds of ghost towns around the state. Visitors to a ghost town tour the dashed dreams of idealistic founders of the past, not unlike visitors to Italy taking photos of Roman ruins.

Boyden boy spends week at STEM program

BOYDEN—Ten-year-old Roman De Wit of Boyden spent a week of his summer building robots and solving crimes when he attended the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Pathways to STEM program in Minneapolis. Roman is going into the fifth grade at Boyden-Hull Elementary in Boyden. He was nominated to go...

Indianapolis Zoo Mourns the Death of Four-Month-Old Tiger Cub: 'We Are Heartbroken'

The tiger cub was born with a congenital heart defect which caused health issues throughout his short life On Wednesday, the Indianapolis Zoo announced the death of a four-month-old tiger cub named Roman. According to the Indiana zoo's Facebook post about the loss, Roman, the baby tiger, was "born with a congenital defect that caused numerous health concerns" throughout his short life.  Despite surgery to correct the defect, the young animal's health did not improve.  "Our veterinary team worked tirelessly to try and save him, but his medical challenges...
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Jean-Georges' Glitzy New Marketplace Is an Over-the-Top Culinary Destination

As a New York native, I haven't always thought of Manhattan's Seaport as a destination for excellent dining. Sure, it has some good bites and plenty of old-New York charm, but over the past few years, the dining scene has seriously leveled up. This week, legendary chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten brought even more buzz to the Seaport, celebrating the grand-opening of his latest venture, the Tin Building: an opulent 53,000-square-foot marketplace with savvy design, thoughtful merchandising, and some seriously delicious food. It was nothing short of magic.

DOOL's Josh Taylor Reveals Whether Kate Would Have Loved Chris Kositchek The Way She Loves Roman

"Days of Our Lives" fans know actor Josh Taylor as Roman Brady. The character is the oldest of the Brady siblings and a former police officer turned Brady Pub manager. When the character was first introduced to fans, actor Wayne Northrop held the role. Roman met Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) when he was assigned to protect her from a serial killer called the Salem Strangler (via Soap Hub). The couple began to develop feelings for each other and eventually fell head over heels in love. Roman and Marlena later welcomed twins, Sami and Eric, and lived happily until Roman was presumed dead.

Joyce Reynolds obituary

Joyce Reynolds, who has died aged 103, was an honorary fellow at Newnham College, Cambridge, a classicist specialising in Roman historical epigraphy and the first woman to be awarded the Kenyon medal by the British Academy in 2017. The high noon of a stellar academic career that saw Joyce actively...

School hosts 50th year of volleyball for cancer aid

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Fifty years is a lot of time to play volleyball. That’s the anniversary coming up for a high school volleyball team’s annual event to support cancer research. Fifty years is a long time to do that, too. The 50th annual Power of Pink...

My 7 Favorite Experiences Visiting Lebanon — A Blend Of Culture, Traditions, And History

The first time I went to Lebanon was by pure chance. I was working for an airline and had booked a staff ticket to Syria. Getting to the airport, I was bumped off the flight to Syria, but the check-in staff put me on the next flight to Beirut, leaving at roughly the same time, instead. So, I found myself in Lebanon, without accommodation, no clue as to where to go, and had to work fast to make my long weekend worthwhile.

Shoe Designer Julia Toledano Wore Dior For Her Wedding Celebrations In Paris And Kaplankaya

Julia Toledano, founder and designer of the popular shoe brand Nodaleto, and soccer agent and manager Roman Ichbia met when they were just six-years-old, quickly becoming childhood friends. “When we turned 14, our love story began,” Julia remembers. “We had our ups and downs and got separated by a break-up for a couple of years, but timing brought us back together when we eventually found each other again, six years ago at the birthday of a mutual friend.” Since then, they’ve barely left each other’s sides.

'Barbarians' Season 2 Trailer Reveals Laurence Rupp's War Against the Tyrannical Roman Empire

History is full of mighty empires on every side of the globe. So mighty were these empires that they blessed their men and women with more privileges in life as compared to their conquered foes. None had arguably as much of an effect on present-day life as the Roman Empire. Season 1 of Barbarians showed off the brutality of the Roman legions and the eventual rebellion by the Germanic tribes of the Germania Magna – called barbarians by the Romans – against Rome. Centered around Arminius (Laurence Rupp), a former barbarian in service of Rome who would eventually rise to inflict one of the empire’s most famous defeats at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest with the ambush of three Roman legions. Now once again, new legions are coming. Rome is coming.