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Broadcast industry bosses to call for more diversity within leadership roles

Broadcast executives are to call for more diverse representation within leadership roles to ensure an inclusive future for the industry.During Channel 4’s annual Inclusion Festival, on Wednesday, leaders from UK broadcasters including BBC, ITV and Channel 4 will discuss what they feel are the urgent issues facing the industry and how they can be addressed.Among the interviews and panel discussions at the Altogether Different: Live event, a range of topics including the issues facing disabled talent and the media portrayal of Muslims and the transgender community will also be explored.Don’t miss @Channel4’s Inclusion Festival on 30 Nov, bringing together brilliant...

Girls drop out of sports at 2x the rate of boys—but here’s what parents can do to help

As parents, we become very aware of how important the role of play is in our kids’ lives—everything from parenting philosophies like Montessori to our own childhood experiences support it. An iteration of play always exists as our kids grow: We want them to be outside, running around—in yards, in nature, and then as they get older, we explore organized, youth sports with them. The outcome we’re looking for isn’t necessarily for them to go pro—it’s getting them engaged in the world, moving their bodies.

First-generation college student is YVC's Transforming Lives nominee

YAKIMA, Wash.- Yakima Valley College (YVC) has nominated Esmeralda Diera for this year's Transforming Lives Award. A former farmworker and a first-generation college student, Diera is pursing her dream of becoming a dental hygienist at YVC. In June of 2022, Diera earned her Associate in Arts Degree and began a...

What pivoting into tech taught Chryssa Jones

In 2017, Chryssa Jones was working as a university administrator, focused on helping underrepresented students succeed in higher education. She wanted to move into tech, but she was working full-time, raising four kids and struggling to make ends meet, so she was apprehensive — plus, she didn’t see many role models like her in the industry.

Cadarah, Jaden, Jakei, Kaiden: 30 Days of Hope

There are more than 700 children who are ready for adoption in Virginia. They are ready to find a permanent and loving forever family. 10 News is profiling one child who needs a home every day during the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. in 30 Days of Hope. The children are all ages and races and were put into foster care due to no fault of their own. 2022 marks the sixth year 10 News is doing this series.
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Why promoting female teachers’ social-emotional learning matters

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, existing structural and socio-economic inequities in Nepal excluded most adolescent girls from schooling. More than 80 percent of girls who have left school did not find the support needed for systemic issues like forced marriage, excessive household work, menstruation, harassment, and trafficking. As gender remains the single strongest determinant of school participation among adolescents, it is important to understand the social-emotional needs of adolescent girls and how can they be addressed.

How Turkey Can Bring Its Brain Drain Back Home

But against this backdrop, many, especially the young, are disillusioned with the country and its entire political system. Young or old, people from every demographic, cultural group and class who worry about the future of Turkey are looking for something new. Relationships and dialogues between people from different political traditions and backgrounds are increasing. We all constantly feel the country's declining quality of life and worry about the prevalence of crime and lawlessness.