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Rocket League’s mobile spinoff is now available worldwide

Rocket League Sideswipe, a mobile version of the popular car-based soccer game, is now available on iOS and Android. The game started rolling out on November 15th in Oceania, but is now available worldwide, albeit in a “pre-season” mode ahead of Season 1’s kickoff at an unannounced later date, according to 9to5Google.
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'Rocket League Sideswipe' rolls out globally on iOS and Android

After launching into pre-season earlier this month, the mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe is rolling out to iOS and Android users around the world, 9to5Mac has reported. The side-scrolling car soccer game was unveiled earlier this year as a mobile, 2D version of Rocket League that lets you play solo or team with friends for two vs. two matches.

Rocket League Sideswipe now available worldwide for iOS and Android

Rocket League Sideswipe from developer Psyonix (owned by Epic Games) is now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. The game is around 700MB-1GB in size depending on platform and device, and is available for free. Rocket League Sideswipe is the mobile version of the incredibly popular Rocket League for...

Rocket League ‘Sideswipe’ is now available on Android and iOS worldwide

After launching a beta test in recent weeks, Epic Games and Psyonix are now launching the mobile version of Rocket League, “Sideswipe,” on Android and iOS devices across the globe. Announced on Twitter tonight, Rocket League Sideswipe is a play on the game’s usual car soccer formula. The side-scrolling game...

Rocket League Sideswipe launches worldwide today

Rocket League Swideswipe has now launched worldwide for both iPhones and Android devices. This is the same football-in-cars Rocket League you know and have probably played before, but now retuned for mobile play. Matches are now two-minute-long 1v1 or 2v2 affairs, for instance, played out using touchscreen controls and a...

Rocket League Sideswipe is finally available in the US and EU, completing the global launch

Earlier in the month, we learned that Psyonix was planning to release its mobile sidescrolling interpretation of Rocket League on mobile across the globe. This rollout started with a few territories and has finally expanded to the US and EU, completing the worldwide launch for Rocket League Sideswipe. Amazingly, the game is great. I went hands-on with the title back in March when it was still in testing and came away pretty impressed, and I'm a diehard Rocket League player that plays on PC every night, so I'm not easily swayed. Not only does the core gameplay of hitting giant soccer balls into goals with cars hold up in its sidescrolling form, there's no monetization yet, which means the only way to earn in-game cosmetics is by playing the game. No matter how you slice it, Psyonix has hit this one out of the park.

Rocket League Sideswipe Mobile Game Out Now For Free

Rocket League spinoff Rocket League Sideswipe has arrived. The mobile game is out now across iOS and Android, and it's completely free. Use the links below to download it now. Sideswipe is a 2v2 version of Rocket League, the popular soccer-with-cars game from developer Psyonix, which is owned by Fortnite studio Epic Games. The game supports touch controls or you can use a controller.

Rocket League Sideswipe Is Out Now on iOS and Android Worldwide

Rocket League Sideswipe, Psyonix’s new mobile game, is officially out now on iOS and Android across the world. This is a 1v1 free-to-play game based on the company’s wildly successful car soccer game Rocket League. Sideswipe was announced earlier this year and began to roll out to a small number...

'Rocket League Sideswipe' for mobile has launched into pre-season

The new mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe has launched into pre-season starting in Oceania with a wider rollout coming soon, developer Psyonix has announced. The car soccer game for iOS and Android was revealed earlier in March as a mobile, 2D version of Rocket League that lets you play solo or team up with a friend for two vs. two matches.
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Rocket League is coming to Android and iOS with a spinoff called Sideswipe

If you have been looking to play Rocket League on the go but don’t own a Nintendo Switch, Psyonix’s massively popular vehicular soccer game is finally coming to mobile devices. The developer announced a new free-to-play version called Sideswipe that will arrive on iOS and Android later this year. Rocket...
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How to accept license agreement in Rocket League

Rocket League is an online multiplayer game, but before you can job into matches, you need to accept the license agreement. Unfortunately, this process can be glitchy and leave players locked out, so we’ve put together this guide to make sure you can complete this task. Rocket League is one...
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Rocket League Sideswipe – How To Download, Release Date, All You Need To Know

If you’ve arrived here after a long pursuit for Rocket League Sideswipe, then you’re probably looking for more details. It’s thrilling to think that you’ll be able to enjoy Rocket League on your mobile device. We’ve got all the information you need!. Rocket League Sideswipe. Soon this year, Sideswipe will...

Rocket League Spinoff ‘Sideswipe’ Releasing on Android & iOS This Year

There are those of us that think the Nintendo Switch is just perfect the way it is… and then there’s YouTuber/Engineer Michael Pick. Pick aka “The Casual Engineer” has created the world’s largest, fully-functional Nintendo Switch. In his video below, you can see the gargantuan process he had to go through to put it all together, as well as him struggling to reach all the buttons at once while playing Mario Kart and Fortnite. Could you imagine playing Breath of the Wild on it?

Rocket League Sideswipe Mobile Game Coming in 2021

I’m not one to dismiss mobile games. They offer a different experience that can achieve some wonderful things when done right. That said, some mobile games try too hard to emulate the console or PC experience. Super Mario Run got it right. If you want to make a game work for mobile, then use the mobile peripheral to your advantage. In short, it’s best to try something new in the spirit of what fans love. The newly announced Rocket League Sideswipe mobile game looks to be doing just that. A freshly announced game from Psyonix appears to be Rocket League built for an on-the-go experience. It won’t replace the internationally popular game, but it looks like a great alternative when you can’t play the full-fledged title.