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Friday Finds #58: MidSummer Dreaming

Although MidSummer Day is officially celebrated on June 24th, I like to think of late July and early August as midsummer. Our summer weather will extend through September and often lasts through mid-October. Right now is about the time I start panicking that I haven’t done enough to enjoy the long, warm days so I do more planning to take advantage of sunshine and nature.
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Can You Guess Which Rockford Attractions Made the ‘Best Things To Do In IL’ List?

There are a lot of options for things to do in Illinois, that is a given. (Chicago, duh.) But Rockford has a lot to offer too. It's hard to argue Chicago landing on a "Best Things To Do In Illinois" list multiple times. It's an international tourist stop and one of the biggest cities in the United States. Restaurants, shopping, sports, adventures, concerts, museums, zoos, there is a TON to do in the Windy City.
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Rock Cut Cabin Offers Unique Experience For 50 Bucks

Looking for something different to do this summer? Try Eagle Cabin out at Rock Cut State Park. Rock Cut Park is one of those underappreciated locations in the area. I know I never gave it its proper due in the past. I think it was because it was so close. There's some dumb thing in my mind that says really great things have to be far away. It doesn't make sense.

New Style of Yoga Involving a Paddleboard

On Sunday, residents in the area got together for a new style of yoga, which involves a paddleboat. The yoga session was held at Rock Cut State Park and hosted by Rocktown Adventures and Namaste Studio. If you missed the Paddleboard Yoga session this past Sunday, there will be another...