Sculpting robots chisel art out of marble

Italian company Robotor is inspiring artists to pick up marble as a medium — by delegating the laborious carving process to sculpting robots. Carrara marble: People have been creating sculptures out of marble for thousands of years, and some of the best known works of art — including Michelangelo’s David — are made from it.
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Monowheel Balancing Robot Can’t Turn (Yet)

Self-balancing robots have become a common hobby project, and they usually require two wheels to work. [James Bruton] has managed to single wheel balancing robot by adding gyroscopic stabilization. [James] has done other self-balancing robots, like his Sonic robot, but recently started experimenting with gyroscopic stabilization. In that project, he...

Better gripping with intelligent picking robots

Production, warehouse, shipping - where goods are produced, stored, sorted or packed, picking also takes place. This means that several individual goods are removed from storage units such as boxes or cartons and reassembled. With the FLAIROP (Federated Learning for Robot Picking) project Festo and researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), together with partners from Canada, want to make picking robots smarter using distributed AI methods. To do this, they are investigating how to use training data from multiple stations, from multiple plants, or even companies without requiring participants to hand over sensitive company data.

Rehabilitation Robots Market Predicts Rise In Demand By 2026

“Global Rehabilitation Robots Market” report includes the world’s crucial region market share, size (volume), recent trends including the product profit, value (revenue), price, production, supply/demand, capability utilization, and industry growth rate. The “Global Rehabilitation Robots Market” 2019-2026 Research Report offers extended insights on requisite forecasts of the Rehabilitation Robots market...
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CMU launches project showcasing the history of robotics at the University

Carnegie Mellon University recently launched its first online exhibition in The Robotics Project, an archival presentation that preserves and promotes the University’s contributions in the field of robotics. CMU’s first digital exhibition open to the public is “Building the Robot Archive,” which is a historical presentation of CMU’s projects in...
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Alphabet’s Intrinsic breaks cover to teach old robots new tricks

Alphabet has started up a new robotics company, Intrinsic, with Google’s parent firm looking to make smarter industrial ‘bots. The announcement comes shortly after Alphabet sold Boston Dynamics – known for its attention-grabbing human and animal inspired robots – to Hyundai, but it seems Intrinsic will focus on a very different area of the field.

AI Weekly: OpenAI’s pivot from robotics acknowledges the power of simulation

Late last week, OpenAI confirmed it shuttered its robotics division in part due to difficulties in collecting the data necessary to break through technical barriers. After years of research into machines that can learn to perform tasks like solving a Rubik’s Cube, company cofounder Wojciech Zaremba said it makes sense for OpenAI to shift its focus to other domains, where training data is more readily available.

Alphabet’s Intrinsic aims to unlock industrial robotics’ economic potential

Google parent Alphabet has spun out a new industrial robotics company called Intrinsic. Led by Wendy Tan-White, a veteran entrepreneur and investor who has served as VP of “moonshots” at Alphabet’s R&D business X since 2019, Intrinsic is setting out to “unlock the creative and economic potential” of the $42 billion industrial robotics market. The company said it’s creating “software tools” to make industrial robots more affordable and easier to use, extending their utility beyond big businesses and to more people — 70% of the world’s manufacturing currently takes place in just 10 countries.
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A Little Robot That Cleans the Beach, One Butt at a Time

No, it's not Wall-E. Its name is BeachBot, and it's on a mission to make beaches cleaner, one butt at a time. Cigarette butt, that is. The BeachBot robot, or BB for short, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to focus its artificial eyes on one thing—cigarette butts. The beach rover, measuring about 2.5 feet wide, plucks cigarette butts out of the sand with its two gripper arms and deposits them into an on-board storage compartment for a fellow human to dispose of later. The with its oversized puffy tires, battery-powered BB beach-cleaning rig looks like it belongs on Mars—and who knows, maybe one day it will.
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Eat your heart out, NASA

One small step for a minifigure, one giant leap for minifigure-kind. Builder Centuri Chan has created a fantastic spaceship to get the first two minifigures to Mars by 2028. Nostalgia certainly is a powerful force and the new buildable figures provided a perfect template for Centuri Chan to project their love for the Classic Space theme. This Minifigure Launch System, as dubbed by the builder, is a playful spin on the brick-built mega-figures that LEGO has begun to release. Littered with astronauts and robots, this crawler is on its way to the launch pad for further testing of this minifigure-inspired spacecraft. Two yellow pilots sit in the helmet, just above a wonderful, brick-built Classic Space logo while the rest of the crew tends their various assignments. I love the nod to Classic City sets and Octan with the white, red, and green tanks.