Kitchen Cops find roaches & rat feces this week in Madison County

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There are certain phrases that just jump out at us when we’re pouring over the weekly inspection reports from the health department to produce the Kitchen Cops segment. “Roaches crawling up the walls” is one. “Rat feces throughout the kitchen” is another. This week, we had both.
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Reality Behind Skid Row Activist General Jeff’s Cause of Death

Many condolences have been shared, announcing that west coast veteran and skid row activist has passed away on October 21, 2021. General Jeff’s cause of death has been discussed. Stay to learn more. First of all, it needs to be mentioned that no reliable sources have neither shared nor confirmed...
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10 Best Methods to Eliminate Cockroaches from Your Property

Jackson, MS, has a population of around 166,000, and cockroaches are a common issue in the most densely populated places. Cockroaches can prove to be especially difficult to get rid of. This species is resilient and tough, difficult to kill, but it’s possible – with hard work and diligence. Experts...
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Bug Themed Treats for Halloween!

With Halloween right around the corner, we are preparing to make some spooky snacks. Being in the pest control industry, of course our focus is on the creepy crawlies of the harrowing holiday. Here are some of our top picks of spooky bug-themed Halloween treats:. Cobweb Cookies. Made with pancake...

Paraclimber Jesse Dufton brings home second Bronze

GB Paraclimbing has been on a roll lately. At the World Championships in Moscow in September they walked away with six medals. This tally included a bronze medal in the B1 (blind) lead category for Jesse Dufton. Jesse blew audiences away in the Alastair Lee film, Climbing Blind, where he...

5th Circuit Rules That Coppertree Village Tenants Can Request Relocation Assistance in Court

Houston, Texas – Tenants of Coppertree Village Apartment and Lone Star Legal Aid’s Fair Housing Team are celebrating a U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals win. In litigation that spanned over 3 years, Coppertree Tenants shared stories of the deplorable living conditions in the Section 8 Project where they lived. Unable to leave, for fear of losing their housing assistance, they desperately need to move. Now, it may be possible for that to happen.

Homeowners in Charlotte Prepare for Common Autumn Pests

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a beautiful place to live, especially in the fall. Like all cities, though, it suffers its share of pest problems. Local residents can read on to find out what they need to know about the most common autumn pests in the area so they can prepare their homes now instead of waiting until an infestation occurs.

Top 10 Best Roach Traps 2021

Combat Max 12 Month Roach Killing Bait, Small Roach Bait Station, Child-Resistant, 18 Count Check Price Now. Combat Roach Killing Bait, Large Roach Bait Station, Kills the Nest, Child-Resistant, 8 Count Check Price Now. 3. 4. 5. 6. Trapper Max Glue Traps 12 Glue Boards Trap Mouse Bugs Insects Bed...

Natural Roach Repellent: 3 Safe and Simple Ways to Push Pests Out of Your Home

Editor's Note: Products featured on Wide Open Eats are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. During the years I lived in New Orleans, local homeowners always had the same thing to say when it came to roach problems: creepy crawling critters are a fact of life in an old city, so get used to em'. Unfortunately, after my wife had one scamper across her face in the middle of the night, we were determined to turn that fact into an opinion. So, we started looking around for solutions in the form of natural roach repellents.
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Dale Roach, 1961-2021

Husband, dad, preacher, author and community leader with a servant’s heart and unshakably anchored by his faith, Dale Roach was a steady friend to everyone he met. The former pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Lancaster and director of missions for the Moriah Baptist Association died from COVID-19 complications Saturday, Oct. 9, at the Spartanburg Medical Center. Roach was 60.
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Flyby Ranks: Harvard's Urban Wildlife

When we talk about being watched at Harvard, we always pin the blame on the tourists. Yes, it’s awkward when you accidentally walk into a stranger’s vlog and they keep the camera directly on your face, but we’re forgetting our most dedicated audience: Harvard’s beloved urban wildlife. They saw your shame when you trudged through the Yard, drenched in rain because you forgot your umbrella. They were there when you were stood up in front of Lamont. And they were there when you took one step outside your dorm building and realized you’d left your keys in your room. So here’s Flyby’s ranking of the urban wildlife on campus. Because let’s be real: they’re ranking us, too.

Reader: Rents Keep Going Up, and Conditions Keep Going Down

After complaining about conditions for months, residents of the Mint Urban Infinity apartment complex at 1251 South Bellaire Street have joined in a class-action civil lawsuit filed by the Cadiz Law firm against the complex's property manager, Cardinal Group Management. While Mint Urban Infinity bills the complex as "current, hip,...

Three children lived in a home covered in feces, dangerous conditions — despite 11 previous calls to child services, police said

Three children were removed from a house in squalor that included animal feces “everywhere,” exposed nails and hanging wires, police said. Now, two adults face child abuse charges in connection to the case. Article continues below advertisement. Last week, Dyersburg police responded to a home for a welfare complaint by...

Walking routes from the November 2021 issue of Trail magazine

Here you’ll find all the routes featured in the most recent issue of Trail magazine. You can view the routes on the OS Maps website and, if you’re an OS Maps Premium subscriber, overlay them on 1:25,000 Explorer or 1:50,000 Landranger leisure mapping. Trail magazine subscribers can claim a half-price...