Covid vaccine and mask mandate bans in Florida and elsewhere raise cynical questions

On Tuesday, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis named Dr. Joseph Ladapo the state’s next surgeon general. Lapado shuns mask and vaccine mandates while pushing unproven treatments popular with the far right, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Across the country, Republican leaders seem increasingly comfortable amplifying anti-vaccine rhetoric and conspiracies while banning...
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The Complex Truth About ‘Junk DNA’

Imagine the human genome as a string stretching out for the length of a football field, with all the genes that encode proteins clustered at the end near your feet. Take two big steps forward; all the protein information is now behind you. The human genome has three billion base...
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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Moderna Stock?

Moderna's valuation is steep after the stock more than quadrupled this year. The company's pipeline is promising but unlikely to produce many big winners over the next five years. Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) has been a huge winner so far this year with its share price more than quadrupling. In this Motley...

Moderna seems to be most effective COVID vaccine

According to several different studies that have been published recently, Moderna’s mRNA vaccine is the most effective — but experts still don’t entirely understand why. To be clear, both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines are safe and effective at protecting against COVID. “It’s not appropriate for people who took Pfizer to be freaking out that they got an inferior vaccine,” Dr. John Moore, a virologist at Weill Cornell Medicine, told the New York Times. But while the difference is a minor one, it does seem to exist.

DNA helps solve 1977 slaying of Oregon teens

EUGENE, Oregon. (AP) — Authorities say DNA technology has allowed them to solve the 1977 slayings of two teens in Oregon. The culprit, the Lane County Sheriff's office said Thursday, was a man who killed himself in Arizona earlier this year. KOIN reports that North Eugene High School students Lliana...

The Complicated Reality About ‘Junk DNA’ – NEWPAPER24

Think about the human genome as a string stretching out for the size of a soccer subject, with all of the genes that encode proteins clustered on the finish close to your ft. Take two massive steps ahead; all of the protein data is now behind you. The human genome...

Zombie 5K raises money to send veterans to Washington, DC

“I thought it’d be super funny to have people running in zombie costumes,” said Krause. “You just see this hoard of zombies coming at you.” As for the zombie theme, Rivers Edge holds frequent Halloween nights in the fall season and Krause loved the idea of zombies. Copyright 2021 WSAW. All rights reserved.

DNA Sensor Can Spot When COVID Is Contagious

FRIDAY, Sept. 24, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- A new DNA sensor can detect viruses and tell if they are infectious or not in minutes, a new study finds. The sensor was developed by using DNA technology, and does not require the need to pretreat test samples. Researchers demonstrated this technique with the human adenovirus (which causes colds and flu) and the virus that causes COVID-19.

Modi invites vaccine manufacturers to set up shop in India in UNGA speech

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday (September 25), India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, invited the world’s drug manufacturers to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines in his country. “Today. I also extend an invitation to vaccine manufacturers from across the world, come, come, make vaccine in India,” Modi...

Remdesivir and Lessons in Pandemic Drug Approvals

Call it the result of the Covid pandemic attitude of “Do something, anything!” That’s alongside the lockdowns, exhortations to wear ever more masks at one time, bizarre travel restrictions, and all sorts of goofy alleged remedies like wearing face shields on top of the head, alcohol mats to prevent transmission through shoe soles, and “air purifiers” that somehow through dangling around the neck kill the virus before it can enter olfactory orifices. (The blue LED seems the crucial component.)

Remarkable Keeneland September Sale Wraps With Records

A record-breaking edition of the Keeneland September Yearling Sale drew to a close Sept. 24 in Lexington, leaving the storied sales company, breeders, consignors, and buyers alike marveling at a market that has gone from strength to strength all season. Keeneland reported a $130,698 average, a $65,000 median, and an...

Researchers describe a novel role for hnRNP E1 protein in binding DNA in the nucleus

Cancer is a devastating disease and is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. One of the hallmarks of cancer is genomic instability, or the tendency to accumulate mutations and damage to the DNA that leads to genome alterations during cell division. DNA mutations can arise from exposure to ultraviolet or X-ray radiation or from certain chemicals known as carcinogens; however, our cells have developed mechanisms to monitor and repair damaged DNA.

Covid Test Maker Cue Health Goes Public At $2.3 Billion Valuation As Demand Surges

Covid-19 test maker Cue Health went public on Friday at a valuation of nearly $2.3 billion. Shares opened above the $16 price set the night before and closed at $20—a 25% increase in the first day of trading. The San Diego, California-based company’s Covid-19 test—which consists of a swab, test cartridge and battery-operated reusable reader about the size of a smartphone—delivers test results in around 20 minutes and automatically uploads them to a mobile app. It’s used by a wide array of customers, including the Mayo Clinic, the Pentagon and even the Iditarod race in Alaska.

A new oral antiviral drug for COVID is being tested in humans

Despite the effectiveness of vaccines, we still need drugs to treat COVID. Even people who have been double vaccinated stand a small chance of getting COVID and ending up moderately or even severely ill. There are drugs to treat COVID, but they have to be given in hospital. One promising...