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How to Fix Valorant FPS Drops or Low FPS on Windows PC

Are you facing the FPS drops issue while playing on Valorant? Does Valorant FPS drop to 0 or 1 or a low figure? Here is a full guide to fix the issue of low FPS or FPS drops in Valorant on your Windows 11/10 PC. Valorant is a popular first-person...
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Juan ‘Dimitry’ Hernández, the Dominican gamer who triumphs in video games

Dominican Juan ‘Dimitry’ Hernández, winner of the new year’s prize in the Latin American League of League of Legends (LLA), assured that the ‘gamers’ of his country lack the confidence to triumph in video games. “Dominicans lack confidence in themselves to triumph as professionals in the League of Legends. The...

Valorant: How Can I Download and Install The Game? (Complete Guide)

Valorant is one of the fastest-growing FPS titles on the PC market, but how do you download and install the Riot Games release?. Downloading and starting the free-to-play title is a simple process, and we've put together a complete guide so that you can get started with this ever-popular eSports leviathan.

Valorant: Who Is The Voice Actor for Jett?

Jett is one of the most popular Agents in Valorant, but who exactly is the voice actor behind one of the most characters in the game?. Fans have made sure that Jett is one of the most picked Agents in the history of the popular FPS shooter, and the voice behind the character is also a well-known streamer in her own right.

Final TFT Set 5.5 patch buffs Kayle, nerfs Zyra and Akshan

Riot Games revealed several notable buffs and nerfs for the final Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 update today, buffing Kayle and the Mystic trait while nerfing a total of four overperformers. Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets drops on the Teamfight Tactics PBE in just a few days while players will have...