Riot’s League of Legends fighting game has a very deep tag system

Riot’s League of Legends fighting game, still currently codenamed Project L, got its longest showing ever on Monday. A new video shows off the game’s fighting mechanics with a special emphasis on the Tag and Assist systems, which are now the focus of the game. The video includes a few new moves from Champions like Darius, Ekko, Ahri, and Jinx, and an update on Illaoi, who is on her way to the game as well.
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Riot Blockchain produces record 521 Bitcoin in November; plans to change mining pool

Riot Blockchain Inc. (RIOT) has announced an increase in its Bitcoin (BTC) production for November, with unaudited reports revealing the production of 521 BTC. This represents an approximate increase of 12% compared to the company’s November 2021 production of 466 BTC. Riot held approximately 6,897 BTC – all produced...

Riot Blockchain Announces Record High Hash Rate Capacity

Riot Blockchain has released its unaudited production and operations updates for November 2022. According to the release, the company produced 521 BTC, a 12% increase on its November 2021 production of 466 BTC. It sold 450 BTC, generating net proceeds of $8.1 million, and had a deployed fleet of 72,428 miners with a hash rate capacity of 7.7 exahashes per second (EH/s) on November 30.

Project L in video: The free fight game Riot Games has no more secrets

After the confirmation of the free game nature of Project L, Riot Games updates us on the development of the combat game set in the League of Legends universe by a gameplay video and a karate revealing the secrets of the combat system. The new video allows us to examine...

Riot Blockchain stock edges lower after November bitcoin production report

Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ:RIOT) fell as much as 4.8% before paring losses on Monday after reporting November bitcoin production figures. The bitcoin miner produced 521 BTC, up ~12% Y/Y but below its expected production of ~660 BTC due to variance in the mining pool it participates in. However, it was the firm's highest monthly BTC production figure to date.

Bitcoin Miner Riot Switches Mining Pool After Falling Short in November

Riot Blockchain (RIOT), one of the world's largest publicly traded bitcoin miners, is switching its mining pool to ensure “more predictable results” for its operations, the company said after failing to produce expected monthly bitcoins. Riot said that it achieved record hashrate capacity in November with computing power...

Project L: Riot’s League of Legends takes up the road with New Gameplay

Riot Games promised another update to the League of Legends fighter Project L this year, and it’s coming up with new gameplay concepts. Since the film remarried in Riot’s official YouTube channel, this latest look at Project L is directed by l’executive producer Tom Cannon and game director Shaun Rivera. The developer diary analyzes the status of some previously revealed champions, like Illaoi, and explains its design philosophy behind the development of a fightable League fighter.

Ex-Natick Town Meeting member sentenced for role in Jan. 6 riot

An former Town Meeting member in Natick who was seen on surveillance video marching through the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was sentenced to 15 days in prison for her role in the riot carried out by supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump to stop the transfer of presidential power to Democrat Joe Biden. Suzanne ...

Valorant - List of all agent buffs and nerfs in Patch 5.12

Riot has decided to hit a lot of agents with a nerf hammer but also give some agents a little buff in Patch 5.12. The first on the chopping block was Chamber and the Valorant community is split between whether or not the nerfs are too harsh or just perfect.

Riot working on big Sage nerfs in major Valorant patch 5.12 shift

Riot Games are seemingly planning a pretty big nerf for Sage as their newest testing for Valorant indicates a major shift coming in Episode 6. With Episode 6 of Valorant on the horizon and coming in January, Riot Games have started tweaking their 5v5 shooter in some pretty big ways – but they’re not all to the liking of fans.

Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for December 5, 2022

$2.99 The Messy Lives of Book People by Phaedra Patrick. $2.99 Check, Please! Book 1: # Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu. $2.99 Monster, She Wrote by Lisa Kröger & Melanie R. Anderson.