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Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 10-16

Rank System Title Publisher Release Date Weekly Copies Total Copies. 1 NSw Mario Party Superstars Nintendo October 29, 2021 22,108 793,683. 2 NSw Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl Nintendo November 19, 2021 19,129 2,454,455. 3 NSw Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Nintendo December 7, 2018 18,505 4,713,464.
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This quick Ring Fit Nintendo quiz is a fun thing to do before the weekend

Ring Fit Nintendo quiz? It’s short, and reminds us that someone up there is thinking of Ring Fit Adventure. This roughly minute-and-a-half video is actually a really fun way to kick the weekend off. Nintendo will run you through a quick clip of the game, then ask you to remember one specific thing. In other words, if there were five enemies on screen, or what a certain piece of text says: kind of like that Mario Party “memory” minigame.
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Can Ring Fit Adventure help me run a faster 5K?

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is a revelation, turning otherwise bland and gruelling workouts into fun and fully customisable play sessions. Unsurprisingly, copies of the Nintendo Switch game and its intuitive peripheral were impossible to find during the height of the 2020 lockdown. Cut off from our usual exercise routines, many of us looked for an alternate way of staying fit. Ring Fit Adventure was waiting with a well-timed one-two punch, balancing interactive entertainment with its tailored workouts.
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Hit your New Year fitness goals with this price drop on Ring Fit Adventure

If you’ve earmarked 2022 as the year for some major fitness goals then this impressive offer on Ring Fit Adventure is the perfect place to start. Make sure your daily workout never feels like work again with this amazing Ring Fit Adventure deal, which brings the price down to just £49.99 – a huge price drop when you consider that the game has an initial RRP of £69.99.
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Random: Reviews For This Hopeful Ring Fit Competitor Are Not Good

When Ring Fit Adventure was first announced, some of us were unconvinced. Wii Sports was great, but we fell off it hard in the end, and having all that extra equipment was a bit of a pain. But we were wrong. Ring Fit Adventure is very good — good enough to spawn competition.

You can grab Ring Fit Adventure for only £50 right now

Hitting the gym in the new year isn't for everybody and you needn't feel pressured to buy a gym membership that you probably won't use. If you want to get more active this year and don't want the hassle or expense of monthly gym payments (or joining fees), the Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch is a great alternative.

Daily Deals: Save on Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, Nintendo Switch Online Membership, Ring Fit, and PS5 SSD

We're finally into 2022 and guess what... some things haven't changed. COVID is still as rampant as ever and we're still advised to stay close to home. That makes it harder for us to stick to some of our New Years Resolutions, like working out or having more fun. We've listed some deals that will hopefully make you a bit more productive, or at least make your life more enjoyable, while we're all trying to stay safe.