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Rick and Morty season 5 premiere free to watch on YouTube now

Rejoice, Rick and Morty fans, the season 5 premiere is on YouTube now. That means you can meet Rick's watery nemesis Mr. Nimbus without an HBO Max or Hulu subscription. The new season began Sunday on Adult Swim. Season 5 episode 1, titled Mort Dinner Rick Andre, guest stars Jim Gaffigan, and you can see it on the Adult Swim YouTube channel.
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Rick and Morty: Season 5 Premiere - "Mort Dinner Rick Andre" Review

Note: this is a spoiler-free review of the Season 5 premiere of Rick and Morty, which debuts on Adult Swim on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET. Rick and Morty deserves a lot of credit for going out of its way to portray Rick Sanchez as a toxic, deeply unhappy person. As much as some misguided fans like to prop him up as an edgy, nihilistic, Szechuan Sauce-addicted role model, at the end of the day Rick is kind of a loser. He’s certainly the architect of his own misery. Season 5 gets off to a strong start by once again poking holes in Rick’s carefree facade and allowing Morty to shine outside his grandfather’s shadow.
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'Rick and Morty' Season 5 premieres

(CNN) — One year after Season 4, "Rick and Morty" is back with Season 5. Rick's nemesis Mr. Nimbus has returned in "Mort Dinner Rick Andre," a take on "My Dinner With Andre." Morty had crash-landed Rick's ship in the ocean, and Mr. Nimbus comes over in an attempt to...
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In Rick and Morty's Season 5 Premiere, a Greasy Clone of Marvel's Namor Stood Tall

Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez has made a number of enemies during his travels across the multiverse, and while many of them have fancied themselves his intellectual equal, he’s usually found a way to disabuse them of that notion before the end of each episode. But with Mr. Nimbus, a new character introduced in Rick and Morty’s season five premiere, things are different.
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How to Watch the ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Premiere

Today truly is a holiday. After months spent wondering when new episodes of Rick and Morty will premiere, we’re finally getting Season 5. And the best news? That premiere is happening only a year after Season 4. Rick and Morty following an annual schedule should be a sigh of relief...