A monthly surface pCO2 product for the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem

To calculate the direction and rate of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) exchange between the ocean and atmosphere, it is critical to know the partial pressure of CO2 in surface seawater (pCO2(sw)). Over the last decade, a variety of data products of global monthly pCO2(sw) have been produced, primarily for the open ocean on 1° latitude by 1° longitude grids. More recently, monthly products of pCO2(sw) that are more finely spatially resolved in the coastal ocean have been made available. A remaining challenge in the development of pCO2(sw) products is the robust characterization of seasonal variability, especially in nearshore coastal environments. Here we present a monthly data product of pCO2(sw) at 0.25° latitude by 0.25° longitude resolution in the Northeast Pacific Ocean, centered around the California Current System (CCS). The data product (RFR-CCS; Sharp et al., 2021; was created using the most recent (2021) version of the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (Bakker et al., 2016) from which pCO2(sw) observations were extracted and fit against a variety of satellite- and model-derived surface variables using a random forest regression (RFR) model. We validate RFR-CCS in multiple ways, including direct comparisons with observations from moored autonomous surface platforms, and find that the data product effectively captures seasonal pCO2(sw) cycles at nearshore mooring sites. This result is notable because alternative global products for the coastal ocean do not capture local variability effectively in this region. We briefly review the physical and biological processes — acting across a variety of spatial and temporal scales — that are responsible for the latitudinal and nearshore-to-offshore pCO2(sw) gradients seen in RFR-CCS reconstructions of pCO2(sw).
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ISDA Responds To BoE Consultation On RFR Clearing Obligation

In July 2021, ISDA responded to a Bank of England (BoE) consultation on the inclusion of transactions referencing certain risk-free rates (RFRs) into the clearing obligation. In addition, the BoE released a supplementary consultation on the inclusion of swaps referencing TONA in September, which ISDA responded to on October 26, 2021.

Roush Fenway Racing Teases Upcoming Changes

Roush Fenway Racing has just teased a significant change for the future. The NASCAR Cup Series organization said that it would legally change its name, hinting at a future involving Brad Keselowski. RFR provided the tease while responding to partner Oscar Mayer. The food company tweeted that it is legally...
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Rights for Residents

I cannot help but reflect that this time last year, after months of the care home blanket visiting ban / restricted visiting, my younger sister disabled by stroke and dementia, with no voice of her own, gave up on life / stopped accepting nutrition. Through Oct / Nov my only contact was a 20 minute weekly ‘visit’ – watching her slowly die through her care home window, only allowed inside in her final days. Despite having an exceptional Social Worker on side, pleas for ‘exceptional circumstance’ access, to encourage my sister to accept nutrition, were denied.

Rebel Force Radio: Is RANGERS OF THE NEW REPUBLIC Still Happening?

With the announcement of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT premiering on December 29, we analyze new hints revealed in the Hollywood trades about Disney’s plans to air 11 Star Wars series in the next several years, including info about RANGERS OF THE NEW REPUBLIC. We check out new stories about the making of the sequel trilogy via fresh interviews with Andy Serkis (Snoke) and Dominic Monaghan (Resistance officer Beaumont Kin). ALADDIN actor Mena Massoud recently spoke about his desire to score a role in a STAR WARS production, specifically the role of Ezra Bridger and we listen to what he had to say. We review the all-new Halloween special STAR WARS LEGO: TERRIFYING TALES. Plus, more STAR WARS references in THE GOLDBERGS and an RFR family member jumps out of an airplane. Brought to you by SHOPIFY: Grow your business with Shopify today.

Met Police purchase new retrospective facial-recognition system | #itsecurity | #infosec

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is deploying a new retrospective facial-recognition (RFR) technology in the next three months, allowing the force to process biometric information contained in historic images from CCTV, social media and other sources. Unlike live facial-recognition (LFR) technology, which the MPS began deploying operationally in January 2020,...

FCC refuses to budge on calls to update its radio frequency radiation and health impact guidelines

Numerous studies outline the dangers of radiofrequency radiation (RFR), especially 5G frequencies, on humans. Thus, a group of individuals and organizations has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asking the agency to act on the dangers of RFR. The petitioners seek to have the court mandate the FCC to update its exposure guidelines for RFR coming from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, 5G and other wireless communication devices.

Did You Notice?: Winless NASCAR Drivers Seeking Talladega Breakthrough

Did You Notice? … Talladega Superspeedway has always been labeled the best track for winless NASCAR drivers to pull an upset? The 2.66-mile oval has a history of pulling off one-hit wonders, from Richard Brickhouse winning his first and only NASCAR Cup Series race there in 1969 to Ron Bouchard pulling off this three-wide thriller in 1981.

London Police to Rollout “Retrospective Facial Recognition,” Scanning Old Footage With New Invasive Face Recognition Tech

One of the most surveilled cities in the world is increasing its surveillance. London’s Metropolitan Police is about to significantly expand its facial recognition capabilities, with the purchase of Retrospective Facial Recognition (RFR) tools before the end of the year. RFR allows the processing of old images from CCTV feeds and other sources like social media.
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London is buying heaps of facial recognition tech

The UK’s biggest police force is set to significantly expand its facial recognition capabilities before the end of this year. New technology will enable London’s Metropolitan Police to process historic images from CCTV feeds, social media and other sources in a bid to track down suspects. But critics warn the technology has “eye-watering possibilities for abuse” and may entrench discriminatory policing.

UK Met Police upgrades ‘massively invasive’ face recognition tech net over London, but data watchdog warns of ‘public trust’ cost

Scotland Yard is set to expand its controversial facial recognition surveillance dragnet across London in a £3 million deal that allows the UK’s largest police force to track suspects using older images from CCTV and social media. Last month, the Mayor of London’s office quietly signed off on the purchase...